Business Phrases and Language


Here you will learn useful and essential business phrases in English. Business language is a combination of vocabulary, words, and expressions that are used in all business communication areas such as: negotiations, presentations, meetings, job interviews, telephoning, sales, emails, customer service, marketing and more.

Learning and using business phrases and language is a must for successful and effective conversations and communications.

Key Business Phrases in English. Business Language And Words.

Negotiation phrases in Business English

Welcoming and Establishing a Rapport

  • It’s my pleasure to welcome you to …
  • I would like to welcome you to …
  • Is this your first visit to …?
  • Did you have a good journey?

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Business Meeting Phrases 

Opening a Business Meeting Phrases

  • Good morning/afternoon, everyone.
  • Let’s begin, shall we?
  • Shall we make a start?
  • Let’s get down to business

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Business Presentation Phrases and Business Language

Starting the Presentation

  • Good morning (good afternoon) ladies and gentlemen.
  • I’d like to thank you all for coming here today.
  • My name is………and I work for………
  • My talk is called…….
  • The topic of my presentation today is …

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Telephone Phrases And Language. Business Phrases For Phone Communications.

Answer the Phone Phrases

  • Hello/Good morning/Good afternoon
  • How can I help you?
  • Who would you like to speak to?

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Business Email Phrases and Expressions

Make a Request in a Business Email / Letter

  • I would appreciate if you could …
  • Would you please send me…
  • We are interested in receiving…
  • We would appreciate it if you could send us more information about…
  • Could you please let me know if you can……

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Cover Letter Phrases

Start a Cover Letter Phrases

  • I noticed with interest your advertisement for …
  • I am writing in response to your advertisement posted on…
  • I am very interested in applying for the position of …
  • I am applying for the position of ….., which was advertised in …..
  • I was interested to see your advertisement for …

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CV Word and Phrases

  • Responsible
  • Talented
  • Enthusiastic
  • Hardworking
  • Open
  • Optimistic
  • Outgoing
  • Dynamic

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Customer Service Phrases. Business Language For Sales.

  • Hi, Mr./Mrs. _____. It’s great to see you again.
  • How may I help you?
  • May I help you with that?
  • I apologize. I didn’t hear/understand what you said.
  • I will take responsibility.
  • I completely understand your situation.

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Describing Product Phrases

  • This is our new product.
  • I would like to demonstrate.
  • I am really excited about showing you …
  • I am going to show you …
  • This is one of our latest designs.
  • It is made of . . .

Business Language for Making Appointments

Business phrases for requesting an appointment

  • Can we arrange an appointment/ a meeting?
  • Could I meet with you about this?
  • If possible, I would like to come by and see you [om Monday]?
  • Would it be useful to meet up soon?
  • Could I visit you [later today]?

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Job Interview Answers and Business Language

Phrases for Describing Yourself

  • I was born and raised in …
  • I attended the University of …
  • I’ve just graduated from the University of …
  • I have worked for 5 years as a …

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Job Interview Phrases to Avoid

  • I’m not willing to work overtime
  • I don’t have any experience
  • I’m looking for a position that is less stressful
  • I left my old job because my boss was a jerk
  • My current boss is horrendous

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Marketing Phrases and Slogans

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Save money
  • Prices cut in half
  • Pay nothing
  • Try before You Buy

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Active Listening Phrases and and Business Phrases in English

Business phrases to show attention

  • I get the impression that …
  • Correct me if I’m wrong …
  • Let me see if I understand …
  • Would you say more about that?
  • Let me make sure I understand you …

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Describing Graphs Phrases and Business Language

Phrases for introducing graphs

  • To illustrate my point let’s look at some diagrams…
  • If you look at this bar chart you’ll appreciate…
  • If you look at this histogram you’ll notice …
  • If you look at this flow chart you’ll understand …
  • I’d like you to look at this graph…

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Apologising Phrases in Business English

  • Please accept my apologies.
  • I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to . . .
  • (I’m) sorry. I didn’t realize that . . . .
  • I made a mistake.

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Offering and Invitation Phrases And Business Language

  • If you have time, I’d like to invite you …
  • Would you like to join us for … ?
  • We’d be delighted/honored to have you as our guest at …
  • Would you be so kind to join me …
  • It would be my pleasure if you would …

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Asking for Help Phrases

  • Could you help me for a second?
  • Would you please . . . ?
  • Could you possibly . . . ?
  • I wonder if you could help me with this?
  • I can’t manage. Can you help?

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Bank Phrases and Business Phrases

Phrases for Making Bank Transactions

  • I want to make a withdrawal
  • How would you like the money?
  • I’d like to pay this in, please
  • I’d like to pay in a cheque
  • Have you got ID?

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Apologising Phrases and Letters

Business apologising phrases

  • Please accept my apologies.
  • I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to . . .
  • (I’m) sorry. I didn’t realize that . . . .
  • I made a mistake.

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Business English Phrasal Verbs and Business Language

  • to back /someone/ up – to support someone
  • branch out – to expand, to grow /for example – into new markets/
  • to call /someone/ back – to return someone a phone call
  • to call off – to cancel an event /to cancel a meeting for example/
  • to carry something out – to do something that needs to be organized

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The listed business phrases are key and essential parts of business language and successful business communications.

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