Apologising phrases


How to apologise in Business English ? Here you can learn helpful business apologising phrases and expressions that can use in Business apology letters.

Business apologising phrases and Apology Letters

Business apologising phrases

  • Please accept my apologies.
  • I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to . . .
  • (I’m) sorry. I didn’t realize that . . . .
  • I made a mistake.

Business apology letters

  • Please accept my deepest apologies for my mistake
  • Please accept our sincere apologies for …..
  • Please accept this letter as my formal apology for…
  • Please allow me to apologize for what I said …
  • I would like to express my deep regrets for
  • I would like to make an apology on behalf of our company
  • Please accept my apology for the series of misunderstandings
  • I apologize for my failure to coordinate our efforts
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