10 most common reason why students opt for online learning programs

Some students don’t have the financial support to enroll themselves in a college. While others can’t quit their full-time job. In countries like the UK and the US, online education has gained a lot of popularity. In online learning, students join virtual lectures, chat with fellow students, ask questions to their professor, give virtual exams, and more.… Continue reading 10 most common reason why students opt for online learning programs

Leadership Styles in Business

What are different types of leadership styles in business? Which are the most effective leadership theories that provide best results? By nature, every good leader aims to find this answers but the answer will never be simple! In the real business life, there are many examples that show the effectiveness depends on many factors: situations,… Continue reading Leadership Styles in Business

Financial Analyst Skills & Qualifications

How to be a good financial analyst? The answer is clear – you need a long list of financial analyst skills and qualifications. No matter if you are a junior, entry level, senior, chartered or certified financial analyst, there are core skills that are required. Financial analyst profession is one of the most attractive. Оne of the main reasons is the… Continue reading Financial Analyst Skills & Qualifications

Marketing Manager Skills, Qualifications & Responsibilities

The answer to the question “How to be a marketing manager?” requires a long list of marketing manager skills and qualifications.  A good job description (or cover letter and CV) includes a wide range of responsibilities, abilities, qualities, requirements and attributes. One of the most desirable professions in this business area is online/digital marketing manager. The reasons are high… Continue reading Marketing Manager Skills, Qualifications & Responsibilities

Numeracy Skills: List, Definition & Examples

What are the main numeracy skills you need to be more effective at your work and business? Have you ever ask yourself this question? Do you know that numeracy skills are very important math skills that are useful not only for children in the school and for your job application and a resume? If you want to be a successful businessman, worker,… Continue reading Numeracy Skills: List, Definition & Examples

Effective Listening Skills & Communication Techniques

Here you will learn what are effective listening skills and will learn effective communication techniques that can help you in many areas of social and business life. Good listening has a crucial role for every manager, leader and employee. Effective Listening Skills And Techniques What is effective listening? Believe or not, an effective listener has… Continue reading Effective Listening Skills & Communication Techniques

Job Interview Skills & Techniques To Help You Get A Job

Here you will find a list of job interview skills and qualities that help to get the job you want. When an employer wants to hire people, he actually wants to use their skills for the company’s and business growth. During a job interview, you have to show you can provide value to the company. There are so… Continue reading Job Interview Skills & Techniques To Help You Get A Job

Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict resolution skills and styles are needed everywhere in our life: in the workplace; at home; for interview questions and resume; for negotiations; in customer communications; every other business area. Good and effective conflict management and dispute resolution skills are a must for every manager, leader, and employee. It is a must for every successful team building process… Continue reading Conflict Resolution Skills

Marketing Skills List

If you are searching a way to be a more effective marketing manager / specialist or if you are going to write a resume and a job application, this marketing skills list will help you. What marketing skills are needed to succeed? We are sure, you know that in our high-competitive and high-tech ages the more skills you… Continue reading Marketing Skills List

Job Interview Phrases to Avoid

Are you looking for Job Interview Phrases to Avoid? When meeting with a recruiter or an interviewer you should take extra care to avoid using certain harmful words and expressions. Here is a list of the most common mistakes and irritating phrases. Job Interview Phrases to Avoid in Business English I’m not willing to work overtime I don’t… Continue reading Job Interview Phrases to Avoid