Marketing Phrases and Slogans

Do you need marketing phrasesand slogans? Do you know which are the advertising catch phrases that sell? Here you will see some of the most influential marketing phrases and best slogans for advertising that will help you to increase sales. Marketing is the art of finding buyers for the goods (products and services) that you sell. To do that you must communicate… Continue reading Marketing Phrases and Slogans

Investment Vocabulary

Are you searching for useful Investment Vocabulary. Here you will find the meaning of  the most common investment words such as: Assets, Bid, Bond, Bear and Bull market, Capital, Diversification, Dividend, Futures, Mutual fund, Shareholder, Stock market and more. The most common Investment Vocabulary and Words. Analyst – an expert who studies financial data. Agent – a securities firm – acts on behalf of its clients as buyer or… Continue reading Investment Vocabulary

Business Abbreviations

This article contains the essential Business Abbreviations,  Sales and Financial Abbreviations. The most common Business Abbreviations. Sales and Financial Abbreviations. General Business Abbreviations in English. a/c – account ADP – Automated Data Processing Approx – Approximately Attn – Attention BCC – Blind Copied BIMS – Business Information Management Suite BPC – Business Planning Cycle CC – Copy To CEO – Chief Executive Officer EXP – Export GDP – Gross Domestic Product IOU – I Owe You… Continue reading Business Abbreviations

Marketing Vocabulary

Are you searching for essential Marketing Vocabulary? Here is a list of marketing words for Buyers and Sellers, Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Marketing Vocabulary List Marketing Vocabulary for Buyers and Sellers Buyer – a person who buys something. Also buyer means someone in a company who is responsible for buying stocks for the company. Buying habit – Buying of the same brand over… Continue reading Marketing Vocabulary


This page contains a list of useful Resources for Learning Business English such as Books, Websites and Online Newspapers for Learning Business English. Useful Resources for Learning Business English Useful Sites for Business English Learning  BBC Learning English – Cambridge Business English Dictionary – Cambridge University Press – Professional English Online – Business English – Free Online Lessons – Business… Continue reading Resources