Examples of Interpersonal Skills


What are examples of interpersonal skills? As a basic part of communication skills, you can use your interpersonal abilities almost in every area of your life: in business, at work, in an interview to get a job, for a resume, in customer service, and in your personal relationships.

But what do interpersonal skills mean?

Let’s define interpersonal skills and find the meaning – the skills used by a person to communicate with others. They are basic abilities for all of us – whether we use them at work, business or in a social life. Getting on in life always requires an ability to communicate with people.

If you wish to influence people in a way that will be useful for you, you have to be a good communicator and should have effective skills.

What are interpersonal skills? Here you will see a list of good interpersonal skills that can use to build relationships.

Examples of interpersonal skills. List and definition.

  • Listening skills

Listening skills are one of the best examples of interpersonal skills. There isn’t a way to communicate without listening.

Listening can make or break a relationship or a business deal.

We are all familiar with the word “listening” but that doesn’t mean we understand the importance of this word for our business and everyday life.

People often think that to listen means just to hear what the others say. This is one of the reasons why they are not good communicators.

Your listening skills have to involve care, attention, and appropriate gestures and body signs!

Listening abilities are main abilities for all aspects of the business: negotiations, communications, presentations, meetings, customer care, sales, and more.

  • Ask questions

Both questioning and listening create good conversations and communications.

To ask questions means that you are not a passive listener!

It means that you listen carefully and pay attention to others’ words. Asking the right questions is the basis of effective communication.

Right questions will help you to gather better information and to learn more about your partner’s intent. There are many techniques and tips that are helpful for questioning.

  • Verbal interpersonal skills

Verbal skills also are essential examples of interpersonal skills. What is their meaning?

They include listening and questioning. They also combine word choice, clarity of speech, tone, and volume, being polite and following basic rules of etiquette.

Actually, when you speak to others, you are expressing your verbal interpersonal abilities. Verbal and non-verbal skills have to be in a good cooperation and balance to achieve effective communications.

  • Non-verbal communication

Good non-verbal communication skills are an integral part of any successful communication and have a top position in interpersonal skills list. What is the definition of a non-verbal communication?

When we use wordless signals, gestures, body signs, we use our non-verbal abilities.

They include a wide range of body language signs such as eye contact, the way we sit, how close we stand, even the way we eat.

There are so many things, intents, and thoughts that we can say without words, just with our body. Body language is a whole science, and one of the most important examples of interpersonal skills.

  • Problem-solving skills

We have to deal with a list of problems every day. There are always problems to solve, that is why problem-solving skills are some of the most important business skills we have to learn.

Good problem-solving skills have a huge impact on your career and your personal life. Whether you’re solving a problem at work or at home, you need good abilities and preparation.

There are many problem-solving tips and techniques and learning them is crucial to your success in all areas of life.

  • Self-control and self-confidence

These are great examples of interpersonal skills too. When you have self-confidence, you show people that they can trust you and can rely on you. Self-control is an endless topic and is one of the main reason for huge success.

  • Time management skills

Time management skills are some of the hardest abilities to learn, but also are one of the essential examples of interpersonal skills in business and communications.

In our hustle and busy lifestyle, time management abilities are becoming more and more important. Prioritization of tasks and scheduling are the key elements of good time management.

In order to improve your time management skills on a business level, you can use a wide range of tools such as time management tools, and etc.

Let’s summarize the skills in the next infographic.

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