How Developers can Take Inspiration from Dating Apps to Improve their Designs


Everybody thinks to improve the design of their mobile app to enhance user experience but when it comes to implementation, it isn’t the easiest of activities. When it comes to users, right from speed and convenience to engaging them with true content, users expect a lot of things while using apps. But in reality, it isn’t that simple. Now, let’s consider dating applications. Earlier, dating apps used to be a taboo across the globe. But now people are showing great interest towards meeting new people via dating apps.

 Right from logging in through social networking platforms like Facebook to swiping left and right, there’s a lot of new things that are taking place in dating apps. Not only are these dating apps are fun but also they have proven to be quite successful. This case is true in both aspects of helping singletons to find their true love and also dating app developers are doing an impeccable job at building and engaging users so that they keep coming back on a daily basis.

 Now, what is the secret behind this?

I’ll continue this post discussing how dating app developers effectively utilizing what they know about the customers to improve User experience via design. If you really have been ignoring your competitor’s mobile apps for tips and hacks for enhancement of your own mobile app then you are doing it all wrong. There’s a lot that you can learn about improving the design of your mobile app by paying close attention to dating apps.

The value of editing app

Building a mobile app is one thing and getting people to download it on their smartphones is altogether another thing. Because the story just doesn’t end at downloading; you need to make sure that your users keep it installed and utilize it on a regular basis. According to a study that was conducted by Localytics on mobile app abandonment, nearly 24% of mobile app users utilize a mobile app only once before they uninstall it. Another 37% of mobile app users utilize a mobile app more than 10 times.

Let’s admit the fact that the users receive mobile apps concepts that are more sensible than others. And it is not easy to build one such mobile app that performs better than others. At the end, it is all about the value you deliver to your users and how well your mobile app’s design and functionalities add to that value.

If you consider mobile dating apps, they are so similar to the 90s  conventional type of dating websites whose goal was to help singles in finding their mate. Of course, there are mobile apps that completely have taken a form of a complete website while others have focused on the customers’ needs in the context of a smartphone. Just because of this user experience,  dating apps have been in the limelight for nearly half a decade.

The most happening app, tinder, gets around 1.5 billion swipes on a daily basis. This mobile dating app users spend an average of 30 minutes on the platform. Are you wondering what the hidden secret behind this kind of mobile dating app?

The reason behind any mobile dating app success is that the dating app developers very well understand that the value of the mobile app lies beyond what is in front of the user. There are many major elements that differentiate a website experience from a mobile experience. Especially, convenience and speed are the two most important aspects that which uses consider while searching for their mate on the platform.

Here are the top most lessons that web developers can take from the dating apps

If you really want to build an indeed high-value experience for your mobile application then you have to take a look at what these mobile dating apps have done.

  1. Make smartphone your priority

Unlike days a decade ago, now nearly 75 to 80% people across the globe are using smartphones. Regardless of what their purpose is, people are turning to a smartphone for any assistance. Whether it is to book a table at a restaurant or to book an appointment at a salon, everybody is pretty much using their smartphones for their daily routine. However, as I earlier mentioned, not all mobile apps will be well received by the users. And most of the time the reason is design.

Right from users profile to account settings, developers can make it easy for users just by providing a drop-down option instead of providing space for typing. Even for profile signing up, instead of asking users their information, developers can make it more convenient for the users to log in or sign up via social media networking platforms like Facebook.

  1. Select powerful colors

Colors are an important element of mobile app design. Because user interest in any mobile app will be decided based on the colors of the app. The most popular dating apps, Tinder and Bumble, both chose red and yellow as their main colors. Other than the fact that colors are bright, there is also psychological associations that lie with the colors. So you need to make sure that there is a reason for any color you choose.

  1. Easy the Navigation

Most of the smartphone users use their thumb finger while doing anything on their mobile phone. So unless your mobile app doesn’t come under gaming category, then there is no point in using the app if it requires more than 3 fingers to function. Of course, it is a major priority for any mobile app developer. But, if you take a close look at the dating apps then you will see that the navigation is bottom-aligned and is accessible whenever the user wants to interact with any part of the application.

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