Looking After Business Visitors

Business Visitor Care is a very important part of the business etiquette. Here we collect some helpful phrases for looking after business visitors. Learn expressions for greeting business guests, offering a business visitor something to eat or drink, taking the visitors to their hotel, and offering help.

Business Visitor Care. Phrases for Looking After Visitors.

Greeting Business Visitors

  • Hello, Ms Anderson
  • Nice to meet you
  • Good to see you again
  • It’s a pleasure to meet you
  • Welcome to our company.
  • Did you have any trouble finding us?
  • Was the driver there to meet you at the airport?
  • Thanks for coming down to meet us

Business Visitor Care : Offering a Business Visitor Something to Eat or Drink

  • Would you like something to drink? Tea, coffee, water…?
  • Can I get you something to drink?
  • How about a cup of tea?
  • Can I get you a coffee?
  • Shall we get some lunch?

Phrases for Taking the Visitors to Their Hotel

  • My car is parked over here.
  • We can get a taxi over there.
  • I’ll take you to your hotel.

Business Visitor Care : Phrases for Offering Help

  • Do you need a any help with that?
  • Can I help you with your bags?
  • Shall I take that for you?
  • Would you mind taking this?
  • Let me get that for you.

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Marin Valchev
Marin Valchev
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