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Active Listening Phrases

Are you searching for Active Listening Phrases in Business English. Here are a list of the most common of them.

Active Listening Phrases in English

  • I get the impression that …
  • I’m picking up that you …
  • Could it be that …
  • I understand the problem as …
  • Correct me if I’m wrong …
  • Let me see if I understand …
  • Can you tell me more…
  • Would you say more about that?
  • Let me make sure I understand you …
  • Have you considered..
  • From where you stand
  • You think
  • You mean
  • You believe
  • From your point of view
  • What I hear you saying
  • In your experience
  • Is there any chance that you
  • It seems that you
  • From where I stand you
  • Is it conceivable that
  • I’m not certain I understand
  • I get the impression that …

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