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Telephone Phrases

Here is a list of the most common Business English Telephone Phrases for: Answering the Phone, Connecting someone, Introducing yourself, Taking and Leaving a message for someone, Putting somebody on hold, Leaving Messages on voice mail and more.

Most Common Business English Telephone Phrases

Answer the Phone Phrases

  • Hello/Good morning/Good afternoon
  • How can I help you?
  • Who would you like to speak to?

Telephone Phrases for Connecting someone – you answer the phone but it is for somebody else.

  • Hold the line, I’ll put you through.
  • One minute, I’ll transfer you now.
  • Let me see if Ms…… is available.
  • One moment, please.

Introducing yourself – when you are calling.

  • This is Jima
  • Jim speaking
  • This is … /company/, … /name/ speaking.
  • Could I speak to …, please?
  • Could you put me through to …, please?
  • I’m calling about …

Taking a message for someone

  • I’m afraid, Jim is not available at the moment. Can I take a message?
  • Jim is in a meeting at the moment. May I ask who’s calling?
  • Would you like to leave a message?
  • If you give me your phone number, Jim will call you back.
  • Could I have your name, please?

Telephone phrases for Leaving a message for someone

  • Please tell him that…..
  • Could you please tell Jim I phoned?
  • Could you give Jim a message, please?
  • When do you expect him back in the office?
  • Do you know when … will be back?
  • Could you ask Jim to call me back?
  • I’ll try again later / tomorrow.
  • Maybe you could help me?

Don’t understand the caller

  • Sorry? / Pardon?
  • Could you repeat that, please?
  • I can hardly hear you.
  • I didn’t get that.
  • I’m sorry, I didn’t catch what you just said.
  • Could you speak more slowly, please?
  • Could you speak louder, please?
  • The line is bad.
  • My English isn’t very good.
  • Can you please spell that for me?
  • How do you spell your last name?
  • Let me repeat your information to make sure I got it right.

English Telephone Phrases for Putting somebody on hold

  • Would you like to hold?
  • I’m sorry, I have a call on my other line. Can you please hold?

Telling person you will call them back

  • Will it be ok if I call you back in about 15 minutes?
  • Can I call you back in about 30 minutes?

Asking for the caller’s name

  • Could I take your name, please?
  • Who’s calling, please?

Asking for someone

  • I’d like to speak to Jim Smith, please.
  • Could I speak to Jim Smith, please?
  • Could I speak to someone who …

Business English Phrases for Redirecting

  • What is the best way to contact Jim Smith?
  • Can you redirect me to Jim Smith?
  • What is the best way to contact him?
  • Can you direct me to someone who can help?

Telephone Phrases for Leaving Messages on voice mail

  • Can you give me a call back when you have time? My number is …………. Thank you.
  • Can you call me when you are free? Just in case, my number is ………
  • Can you call me at 555-4444-555 when you get a chance? Thank you

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