Air Travel Phrases


Here you will learn useful Air Travel Phrases for buying a ticket, checking in, arrival and getting your luggage. Expressions that are used in the departure lounge and on the airplane.

Useful Air Travel Phrases in English

Buying a Ticket Phrases

  • I’d like to reserve two seats to Paris.
  • I’d like four tickets for …
  • How much are the tickets?
  • It’s $921. Will you pay by check or by credit card?
  • How would you like to pay?
  • Can I pay by card?
  • Is there a discount for students?
  • Here’s my Visa Card. Can we get an aisle seat please?

Air Travel Phrases for Checking In

  • May I see your ticket, please?
  • Ticket please.
  • I booked on the internet.
  • Here they are.
  • How many bags are you checking?
  • Could I see your hand baggage, please?
  • Do you have any liquids in your hand baggage?
  • Do you have a carry-on bag?
  • Can I get a window seat?
  • Where is the boarding gate?
  • Go to Gate A10, straight ahead then turn right.

In the Departure Lounge

  • What’s the flight number?
  • The flight’s been delayed/cancelled.
  • Could I see your passport and boarding card, please?

Phrases on the Airplane

  • What’s your seat number?
  • Would you like any food or drinks?
  • Could I have an orange juice?
  • Please turn off all mobile phones.
  • How long does the flight take?

Arrival and Getting Your Luggage

  • Thank you for flying YYY Airlines.
  • Thanks for your help.
  • Do you have anything to declare?
  • At which carrousel will our luggage be?
  • Can you tell me where can I get a taxi?

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