Business Meeting Phrases


Are you searching for the most common Business Meeting Phrases and Vocabulary in English . Here is a list of the most used phrases for Opening a Meeting, Introducing the Meeting Agenda, Making your point, Commenting on Other Opinions, Agreeing and Disagreeing, Advising and Suggesting, Summarizing, and more.

Business Meeting Phrases and Vocabulary in English

Opening a Business Meeting Phrases

  • Good morning/afternoon, everyone.
  • Let’s begin, shall we?
  • Shall we make a start?
  • Let’s get down to business
  • declare the meeting closed.
  • The meeting is closed

Welcoming and Introducing Meeting Participants

  • We’re pleased to welcome ……. – names of participants
  • I’d like to introduce ……. – names of participants
  • It’s a pleasure to welcome ……. – names of participants

Introducing the Meeting Agenda

  • Have you all received a copy of the agenda?
  • Shall we take the points in this order?
  • There are three items on the agenda. First,…

Introducing the First Item on the Agenda

  • So, the first item on the agenda is….
  • Shall we start with. …
  • So, let’s start with…

Objectives of a Meeting

  • We’re here today to….
  • The purpose of this meeting is to…..
  • The main objective is to……
  • I’ve called this meeting in order to …

Inviting people to speak at business meeting

  • Would you like to open the discussion, Jim?
  • What about you, Keith?
  • What do you think about this, Jim
  • What are your views on this, Jim

Business Meeting Phrases for Making your point

  • Personally, I think ….
  • In my opinion…..
  • The way I see it…..
  • It’s clear to me that ….
  • Obviously….
  • As I see it…….
  • I believe…….

Moving Forward

  • So, if there is nothing else we need to discuss, let’s move on to today’s agenda
  • Shall we get down to business?

Meeting Agreeing

  • You’re perfectly right.
  • Exactly.
  • Precisely.
  • That’s true, I suppose.
  • I suppose so.

Commenting on Other Opinions

  • I see what you mean.
  • I get your point.

Meeting Disagreeing

  • I don’ t really agree
  • That’s not really how I see it.
  • I’m afraid I can’t agree with you there
  • Well, I don’t know.
  • Well, it depends

Business Meeting Phrases for Advising and Suggesting

  • How/What about…
  • I suggest/recommend that…
  • We should…

Asking for Repetition

  • I didn’t catch that. Could you repeat that, please?
  • I missed that. Could you say it again, please?

Correcting Information

  • I’m afraid you don’t understand what I’m saying.
  • That’s not what I meant.

Closing an Item

  • Shall we leave that item?
  • I think that covers the first item.

Next Item

  • The next item on the agenda is….
  • Let’s move onto the next item…

Keeping the Meeting on Time

  • I’m afraid we’ve run out of time.
  • That’s not really why we’re here today.
  • We’ll have to leave that to another time.
  • Keep to the point, please.
  • We’re beginning to lose sight of the main point.

Business Meeting Phrases for Summarizing

  • Before we close, let me just summarize the main points.
  • In brief,….
  • To sum up, …

Thanking Meeting Participants for Attending

  • Thank you all for coming.
  • Thank you all for attending.
  • Thanks for your participation.

Suggesting and Agreeing on Time and Place for the Next Meeting

  • So, the next meeting will be on … (day), the . . . (date) of.. . (month) at …
  • Can we set the date for the next meeting, please?
    Closing the Meeting
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