Making Appointments


Here you will learn Business English Phrases for Making Appointments. Useful Phrases for Suggesting an alternative time/date, Requesting an appointment, Rejecting a time/date, and more.

Making Appointments – Business English Phrases

Suggesting an Alternative Time/Date

  • How about next Friday, instead?
  • Can you make the afternoon, instead?
  • Could you do it at . . .
  • Can we put it off till Monday?
  • What about the following week?
  • Can we leave it open(decide not to fix a day) for the time being?

Requesting an Appointment

  • Can we arrange an appointment/ a meeting?
  • Could I meet with you about this?
  • If possible, I would like to come by and see you [om Monday]?
  • Would it be useful to meet up soon?
  • Could I visit you [later today]?

Making Appointments and Suggesting a Time/Date 

  • How about Monday?
  • What about Monday?
  • Shall we say Monday?
  • Would Thursday be suitable?
  • Would Thursday suit you?
  • Would Thursday be good for you?
  • Could we meet at 11AM on Monday the 3rd of February?

Agreeing to a Time and Date:

  • That’s fine.
  • That’s fine. I’ll see you then.
  • That sounds fine/good/great to me.

Rejecting a Time/Date:

  • I’m sorry, I’ve got another meeting then.
  • I can’t / won’t be able to make Monday. I’ve got to…..
  • I wish I could, but . . .
  • Monday is not good for me, I’m sorry.
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