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Bank Phrases

This article contains a list of the most common Bank Phrases in English. Making Bank Transactions, Opening and Closing a Bank Account, Money Exchange Phrases, Withdraw Money From Bank Accounts and more expressions.

Bank Phrases in English

Phrases for Making Bank Transactions

  • I want to make a withdrawal
  • How would you like the money?
  • I’d like to pay this in, please
  • I’d like to pay in a cheque
  • Have you got ID?
  • I’d like to transfer some money to this account.

Expressions for Operating with Bank Accounts

  • I’d like to open a personal account
  • I’d like to open a business account
  • I’d like to open a savings account
  • I would like to close my bank account
  • What do I need to open an bank account?
  • What’s the interest rate on this account?
  • What interest rates do you offer on saving accounts?
  • What is my account balance?
  • We’ve got a joint account
  • I would like to withdraw £500 from my bank account
  • Could you transfer £500 from my current account to my deposit account?
  • Which investment account offers the best rate?

Bank Phrases for Money Exchange

  • I would like to exchange money
  • Could I change this money please
  • Could I change £100 into Euros please
  • I’d like to order some foreign currency
  • What is the exchange rate?
  • We can change that into Euros for you
  • What commission do you charge to exchange currency?

Other Bank Phrases in English

  • I would like to take out a loan
  • May I speak to someone about a business loan?
  • Who would I talk to ( … about a car loan)?
  • I would like to make a deposit
  • Can I have multiple bank accounts?
  • Can I pay all my bills online with this account?
  • I would like to rent a safe deposit box.
  • My credit card has been stolen
  • I’ve lost my credit card
  • I’d like to cash this cheque
  • I’d like to pay in a cheque
  • I’d like to cancel a cheque
  • How do I access my bank account online?
  • Can I pay all my bills online with this account?
  • I’d like to speak to someone about a mortgage
  • What are the hours at this branch?
  • How many branches do you have

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