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Business English Phrasal Verbs

This article contains a list of some of the most common Business English Phrasal Verbsand Collocations.

Business English Phrasal Verbs

  • to back /someone/ up – to support someone
  • branch out – to expand, to grow /for example – into new markets/
  • to call /someone/ back – to return someone a phone call
  • to call off – to cancel an event /to cancel a meeting for example/
  • to carry something out – to do something that needs to be organized
  • to close down – stop operating mostly because of financial problems
  • to cut in – to interrupt someone
  • to deal with – to resolve / handle a problem. One of the most used business English phrasal verbs.
  • to drop in – to visit
  • to note down – to write
  • to join in – to participate
  • to run out of – have no more of something
  • to fill out – to complete /a form or a paper/
  • to figure /something/ out – to find the answer or understand something
  • to get /something/ back – to get something again
  • get on – to make progress
  • to give in – agree to do or accept something that you had at first opposed
  • to go after something/somebody – to follow someone or try to achieve something
  • to hand something – to give something to someone in authority
  • to hand something out – to distribute something to a group of people
  • to keep something up – to continue doing something
  • to let someone down – to to disappoint someone – to not do something that someone expects you to do
  • to let someone in – to allow to enter
  • to look into – to try to find out the reason about a problem in order to solve it
  • to look /something/ over – to check something quickly
  • to pass /something/ out – to give something, such as documents or papers, to everyone in a group of people
  • to put /something/ off – to postpone
  • to set /something/ up – to organize an event/ to start /a business/
  • to sort /something/ out – to resolve a problem, to organize something that is mixed up
  • to think /something/ over – to consider something carefully. One of the most used business English phrasal verbs.
  • to take on – to employ /staff/.

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