Technical Skills List, Definition & Examples

Technical skills list is needed for job applications, resumes, cover letters, or interview questions. Each type of technical specialist possesses a range of required skills that depends on the business field and job description.

In our information and high technology era, good technical skills and knowledge are a must for all level of management and job positions. You have to be able to work effectively with a wide range of software programs, applications, hardware, and devices.

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Technical Skills List, Definition, and Examples.

What are technical skills? 

Technical skills listThe definition includes the knowledge and abilities that are used to accomplish specific tasks and duties.

The types of these tasks and duties may be very different such as engineering, mechanical, laboratory, scientific, cooking or tasks related to computers. All of these tasks required a variety of specific skills and abilities. They are acquired by your education and degrees or / and by work experience.

All of these tasks required a variety of specific skills and abilities. They are acquired by your education and degrees or/and by work experience.

Specific Technical Skills

Specific technical skills examples: a laboratory worker needs abilities to maintain and calibrate specific technical equipment and to write technical reports; a car mechanic use a variety of technical tools to diagnose and address a wide variety of vehicular problems; a software developer have to be able to use tools and technologies to deliver software; a business analyst use specific software such as business process management software, process mapping tools, UML diagrams and etc.

Nowadays, when people mention technical skills, they mean mainly computer skills. But there is a difference between technical skills and computer skills. Computer skills are just a type of technical skills. As we mentioned above technical skills include a wide range of different specific abilities.
As a technical specialist, you have to possess a lot of skills that are specific to your field and specialism, but there are some skills that are helpful for all technical specialists:

  • IT and Computer skills

General IT and computer skills are important for any type of job and career. As a technical specialist, you might also work with more specialist software related to your field. Full guide in software skills here!

  • math skillsNumeracy Skills

Numeracy Skills are basic mathematical skills that include a range of abilities to understand and analyze numerical information and to make the right conclusions and decisions. Mathematics is a science with a key role for the career of the people who deal with technology.

  • Attention to Detail Skills

Attention to detail skills is crucial for many technical related professions and jobs. People who have this ability perform better at their jobs than those who do not. Detail-oriented strengths give you the ability to work better, to be more effective and to minimize the risk of errors.

  • Teamwork Skills

Teamwork skills give you the ability to be an effective group member. Effective team working has a crucial role in the success of every technical project. It’s very important to you to be able to communicate effectively with the people you work with. And it is very important to be able to use different types of software such as team task management software, project collaboration software for teams and etc.

  • Organisation and Time Management Skills

The technical specialist job can be very intensive and is likely to involve big projects that require you to manage your own time effectively. Time management skills include abilities to set goals, prioritize your goals, create schedules, use optimization tools and software (time management tools, scheduling software), make lists, break large tasks into smaller tasks and more.

Top Technical Skills in IT Area

IT area is one of the fastest growing and rapidly changing career paths nowadays. It is also a very lucrative job area with significant earnings and stability.

However, the job recruiters in IT field are very rigorous and strict. They are searching for well-educated specialists with a list of skills, competencies, and knowledge.

If you are in the IT tech field, you have to know that you have an additional challenge of constantly keeping up with the industry’s demands, trends, and changes.

IT field covers a wide list of professions and specialists such as programmers, developers, project managers, data analyst, business analyst, and more.

What are the top technical skills in IT area that the hiring managers, executives and tech experts looking for?

Here is a list of them:

  • Application Development and Programming

Application Development and ProgrammingPlease, do not think that these skills are only for programmers and developers. If you are an IT team member (such as project manager for example), you need to have at least basic knowledge about coding and development

Any type of specialist working in IT area is much more attractive having some basic coding and programming skills. They are among the most valuable technical skills in IT field that employers and job recruiters looking for.

If you are a programmer or a developer, crucial point for you is to stay up to date and even add additional skills and abilities.

Try to take as many courses and certificates for programming languages as you can. This will give you the opportunity to work on different projects.


  • Project Management

project managementProject Management (PM) is crucial for any type of technical projects.

Project management combines these tools, skills, and techniques that allow you to manage a project and to bring it to a successful ending in time.

PM knowledge provides a range of guidelines and techniques to manage the work and increases the odds of being successful and therefore provides a significant value to the company.

Project management work relates to defining the goals, resources and schedule of each project.

Some of the top benefits of PM for the organization are: finishing projects more quickly and cheaply, making the project is more predictable, saving cost with proactive scope management, quick problem-solving, seeing future risks, improving the work environment and more.

So, you see how important is to have a basic project management skills even if you are not a project manager.

That is why PM has a rapid and constantly growing demand in the IT area worldwide.

Project managers do their job with the help of special software such as workflow management software, project collaboration software, risk management tools, Gantt Chart software and more.

  • Big Data Analytics

Nowadays, vital role in the management has the understanding how businesses can harness big data analytics to shape their competitive advantages.

Employers really need specialists who can capture real value through data analytics!

Big Data Analytics Importance

Big data analytics is very valuable knowledge because it is the process of examining large data sets to understand and see hidden patterns, correlations, trends, and other important business information.

Effective big data analytics lead to high revenue opportunities, more effective marketing and sales, improved operational efficiency, and much more other business benefits.

We can definitely say, that big data analytics has a crucial role in the overall business process for many companies. That is why do not underestimate this technical skills!

The organizations can rely on their own for gathering or managing data or they can outsource this tasks in specialized big data companies.

  • Help Desk/Technical Support

Help Desk and Technical SupportAn organization in IT or other technical areas, not only need people to build different systems but also need tech support to help employees or clients use them.

Help Desk/Technical Support include an area of services that provide assistance to users of different technology products such as mobile phones, software products or other informatic, or mechanical goods.

Also, technical support services address specific problems and issues with a tech product.

Nowadays, the help desk is a very important advantage for many companies that brings them a range of benefits such as high levels of customer satisfaction. That is why help desk is among the top technical skills in the IT area.

Larger companies even provide technical support available 24 hours / 7 days a week.

  • Business Intelligence/Analytics

Business Intelligence is for sure one of the most used words in the modern business world.

Getting the right people to analyze all the big data information, is one of the most challenging business tasks. And the right people are these ones that have strong business intelligence skills.

Business intelligence (BI) is a process that includes analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help managers of different levels and workers to make informed business decisions.

Business Intelligence skills are technical skills that combine a range of tools and methodologies to collect data from internal and external sources and analysis it, to create data visualizations and reports available to different types of decision makers.

Why is business intelligence among the most important IT skills?

Business intelligence helps a business in many ways such as identifying its most profitable customers, problem spots, its return on investment and more.

Business intelligence analysists do their job with the help of special software such as data visualization software, business process management software and etc.

Knowing to work with some kind of BI software is a great advantage for your CV.
Newer BI systems and programs are easier to use with user-friendly interfaces and can significantly simplify the overall BI process.

Also, there is a wide range of certified courses for BI such as Oracle Business Intelligence Certifications.

  • Information Security 

Information SecurityIn IT area, the word “security” relates to the protection of information with the help of technology.

The demand for information security managers is on the rise.

A wide range of enterprises in different industries increasingly expect their IS and IT professionals to have “security” knowledge.

Why are security management skills important?

Because security specialists are able to identify critical problems and customize practices to support the management of information. And information systems security management is in a strong relationship to organizational success.

The task of safeguarding information systems and data is one of the most complex and important IT tasks.

Opportunities for information security professionals are growing in all areas of security, from the Chief Security Officer (CSO) to IT employees responsible for operational security.

Also, there is a range of opportunities for certifications and learning courses with the help of many private and government initiatives.

Knowledge in different security tools like network diagram software ca be very useful.

  • Cloud/Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud computing and SaaS are also constantly growing fields with many opportunities.

It is obvious that in recent years there has been a significant move by traditional software vendors to solutions such as SaaS.

What is SaaS?

In simple words, we can say that SaaS is a software that is deployed over the internet. With SaaS, a provider licenses an application to users through a subscription.

What is the most important here, is that SaaS is a rapidly growing market. Many IT experts think that SaaS will become commonplace within every organization.

So, it is obvious that knowledge and skills in this area are becoming some of the most valuable IT and technical skills.

Also, it is valuable for the IT experts to obtain knowledge about the top cloud computing companies and their services.

  • Database Administration

Database AdministrationEmployers and IT job recruiters searching for people with knowledge in database administration and the ability to use and understand data reporting technologies and tools such as SQL, Oracle, DB2, and Hadoop.

In the field of data administration, SQL is one of the most important technical skills because of its ability to work with almost all databases.

Companies that operates with a lot of amount of data crucially need people who use SQL and generate reports that help managers to make better business decisions.

Among the skills that you need to be good in the field of database administration are: designing, implementing, and maintaining the database system, use of the database management system, training workers to use database systems and much more.

If you need a proof of your ability to design, and manage SQL databases, you may get certificates such as Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA).

  • Networking

There is a huge need for experienced networking specialists who understand the wired and wireless hardware.

In information technology, networking is the construction, and use of different types of network, such cabling, switch, router, hub, bridge, and etc.,

Also, the word “networking” includes the selection and use of special software for using the network, and the establishment of different procedures in relation to the network.

In our ages, there is a generation of networking technology specialists who can design, and build up advanced technology networks able to connect everyone and everywhere.

In addition to this, networking skills give you the opportunity to make a good career in almost any business including finance, transportation, manufacturing, education, health care, retail… and….etc.

And the best part here is that networking starts with basic logic and some connections. You do not need to be a math guru!

One of the most popular opportunities for learning and building your ICT skills is Cisco Networking Academy — with over 9,000 locations across the world.

  • Web development

It is not a surprise that web development is among the top IT technical skills in demand nowadays.

It is known that the business widely use Web / Internet as one of the main channels for communication with customers, clients, partners, and etc.

Knowing how to work with  HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Adobe Creative
Suite provide a range of career opportunities.

Any company wants its website to be easy to use, mobile friendly, SEO optimized, with easy to use shopping cart and etc. It means this is a big IT area with a huge potential for development and growing.

Other important IT technical skills:

  • Virtualization
  • Mobile Development And  Device Management
  • IT architecture
  • Quality Assurance
  • Social Media Experience
  • Technical Writing
  • DevOps skills
  • Agile Methodology
  • Compiling Statistics and Statistical Analysis
  • Planning
  • Quantitative Research
  • Systems Analysis

Download IT Technical Skills Infographic in PDF for Free.

it technical skills list infographic



Competition among talented job seekers is huge, so learning new technical skills and getting certificates always provide advantages for you.

Also, if you want a tech job you have to keep in mind that you have to stay up to date because tech area is among the most changeable and constantly growing areas.

While tech skills are the most important for jobs in information technology (IT) and other science areas, a lot of other business fields also need workers with at least some levels of tech skills.

Technical skills and technology drive so much of what business does! So, companies are investing in that and planning to hire tech professionals to do that.


About the Author Marin Valchev

Marin Valchev, PMP is an IT Project Manager with more than 10 years of experience. He implements cutting-edge technology in a wide-range of Financial and TELCO companies in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Marin shares his knowledge of software, analysis, project management and other business areas.

Marin Valchev
Marin Valchev
Marin Valchev, PMP is an IT Project Manager with more than 10 years of experience. He implements cutting-edge technology in a wide-range of Financial and TELCO companies in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Marin shares his knowledge of software, analysis, project management and other business areas.