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Here you will learn what includes a basic computer skills list. Every one of us clearly knows that computer skills are a must for every type of job position that is related to work at an office. IT and computer skills are an important part of every good resume, job application, CV, or cover letter.

There are many types of specific computer skills required for different jobs.

For example, an accountant has to be able to work with ERP systems, a web designer has to work with Adobe Photoshop, and etc. When you are applying for a job, you have to list your computer skills that are related to this job position.

This page contains a list of basic computer skills and qualifications needed for basic computer literacy and abilities to work with the most common software currently being used for office work.

Computer Skills List

Computer skills are some of the most popular technical skills. Some of the most typical interview questions are “What computer programs are you working with? ”, “What is the level of your computer or IT skills?” and etc. In your CV or resume, you have to list your IT skills in detail.

Here are listed basic computer abilities suitable for job positions that require lighter computer skills:

  • Windows (XP, Windows 7, 8 and etc.). The ability to work with Windows is a must because it is the most used operating system all over the world. Actually, nowadays the most popular is Windows 10. If you are able to work with other operating systems (such as UNIX, Linux, Mac) list it in your CV.
  • Microsoft Word. It is a widely used commercial word processor that almost everyone (from managers to administrative personal) uses in a company. The ability to work with Word involve a range of skills such as: – Formatting skills. These Word skills not only significantly save your time but also help you create a professional looking document. They include using styles, using numbered headlines, inserting a table of content, adjusting margins and line spacing, inserting page and section breaks, inserting page numbers, using headers and footers, bullets and numbering and etc. – SmartArt. Despite the fact that Word is a world leading word processing program, you can use it for graphics and flyers. SmartArt allows you to present information with graphics instead of words and text. The ability to work with it involves: inserting a SmartArt graphic, adding text and shapes to the graphic, promoting or demoting shapes, customizing and etc. Once you learn these skills, they will make a difference to your Word performance.
  • Microsoft Excel. This software allows you to organize, format and calculate data with formulas. Working with Excel is an important ability for managers, sales and marketing department, office administrator, accountants and for long lists of other professionals. Actually Microsoft Excel is a whole planet with so many opportunities in different areas. Here are some of the top Excel abilities that will strengthen your basic computer skills: – Formulas and functions. It is not a surprise! When it comes to Excel, these types of computer skills are crucial. You know that Excel allows you to perform calculations automatically. You can create budgets, timesheets, spreadsheets and etc. In addition to that, there are a hell of a lot of formulas if you’re really into statistical analysis. If you seriously want a professional resume, including these skills can be a real help. – Conditional formatting. They are a great tool for creating reports. Your manager wants to see reports with highlights. Here conditional formatting comes in to help. Want to highlight in green crucial points? Conditional formatting is the key. – Filters. Another great tool you can use to make data analysis. Applying a simple autofilter to your spreadsheets will enable you to view an important peace of information! – Text manipulation. – Protecting spreadsheets. – Using fonts, shading and borders. – Labels and names. – Printing Excel pages and page setup.
  • PowerPoint. This slide show presentation program gives you everything you need to produce a professional-looking presentation. PowerPoint is a great tool for business and personal use. Working with it, includes a variety of must have abilities such as: – Working with slides and templates. It involves applying and managing slides and templates. – Presenting a slide show. – Working with text – making lists, indents and line spacing, inserting and formatting pictures, shapes, aligning, ordering and grouping objects. – Animating text and objects. – Working with additional objects: inserting videos, tables, charts, SmartArt graphics and etc. – Sharing you presentation online.
  • Outlook Express or another email program. Business correspondence via email is an essential part of everyday business life. There are several email programs available (Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Eudora and more). Outlook Express is probably the most popular of them all. What does working with Outlook Express include? – Sending and receiving Email. – Organizing and managing Email – Once you start using Outlook on a daily basis, it can be tough to maintain all of your messages. There is where your skill to manage and organize your messages come. – Managing contacts. – Managing and collaborating with calendars.
  • Windows Share Folders or other programs for sharing information. Windows Share Folders allows you to share your files and folders with other colleagues and business partners—either locally or over the network.

If you have other IT and computer skills list them on your resume. If you have any certificates refer to these skills attach them to your resume.

Besides basic computer abilities, it is very important to mention the ability to work with other specialized software (if you can) such as inventory management software, time tracking, and billing tools, payroll software, simple project management software, online brochure makers and etc.

Here you can find more information about software skills!

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