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Any type of business has daily routine processes where tasks, information or files are passed from one team member to another for further actions. Coordinating tasks between people is among the toughest but crucial activities in every company.

This is where workflow management tool comes. It is a type of computer program that helps businesses automate and manage much better their routine business processes.

On this page, we collected some of the best free workflow software for those who lack the budget or just want to try the system for more than a month before deciding to purchase.

Additionally, the majority of workflow management tools are online solutions that offer tracking, diagram setting, project management, integration with other cloud-based apps such as email, databases, and much more.

10 Best Free Workflow Software Tools


Wrike is one of the best project management and real-time work software out there. Some of its key benefits are: quick setup, included time-tracking, customizable dashboards and reports, many ways to integrate with other apps and services and more.

With Wrike you can create your own custom workflows to match your team needs. They’re easy and simple to use. The program enables you to effortlessly have all your project information in one place and automate cross-platform workflow.

Wrike comes with a free plan and other 4 premium plans.

Free plan features and benefits:

  • A simple shared task list for small business and small teams.
  • Task Management
  • Basic integrations (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, MSFT Office 365, OneDrive and iCal).
  • File sharing
  • 2 Gb of storage space
  • Spreadsheet view
  • Real-time Activity Stream
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • Cloud storage integrations (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive)


Process Street

Process Street is an operating procedure & checklist SaaS platform that lets non-technical users create powerful and API-driven workflows. The system enables your business to create and automate workflows, forms, standard operating procedures and checklists. You can easily automate workflows and collaborate with your team.

Their Zapier integration allows you to connect with over 500+ apps, so you can automatically schedule workflows and update other apps. Also Process Street is one of the best free workflow software solution.

It comes with 3 plans: Free, Business and Enterprise

Their FREE Plan includes all these features:

  • 5 Active Templates
  • 5 Active Checklists
  • Unlimited Members
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Zapier Integration
  • Yammer Integration
  • User Groups
  • Granular Permissions Control
  • Unlimited Scheduled Checklists
  • Google Work Integration
  • Limited Email Support
  • Limited Phone Support
  • Limited API Support
  • Full Historical Audit Trail
  • Template Versioning
  • API Access



Flokzu is one of the best cloud-based workflow automation and management software that helps you optimizes your business workflows. No programming needed. You can create your own processes according to your organization’s needs, draw the workflow, define the fields that need to be completed, invite your team members and assign tasks.

In addition, you can import one of their Process Templates, manage your daily tasks from any device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet), complete each task in just one place, analyze your business and more.

When it comes to the best free workflow software, Flokzu has a lot to offer. They offer a Free plan without limiting the number of users or processes.

The Free plan includes:

  • Unlimited processes & forms
  • Up to 10 new process instances per month
  • Up to 100 MB of storage
  • Support via email
  • 1 Public Form
  • Full text search
  • Business Intelligence tools & reports (limited)
  • 1 Database with up to 100 records
  • Free process templates
  • Attachments of any kind
  • Email notifications during the process
  • Dashboard (your processes’ metrics)



WorkflowGen is a popular web-based business process management software that helps companies to streamline their workflows. It is a cloud-based and on-premise solution for businesses of all sizes and most industries.

Very easy to use. You can create a workflow effortlessly and quickly with low-code or no-code workflow automation.

The system also: allows process designers to visually create web forms and business rules; automates any type of human and system-based enterprise process; enables you to customize and integrate your workflow apps to fit your environment and more.

Free Plan features and benefits:

  • 1 version of 1 live process
  • 1 instance
  • All features included
  • Unlimited processes and associated versions in test mode.
  • Unlimited End-Users and Process Admins
  • Support available with Assistance Packs
  • On-premise or hosted in your own private cloud.
  • No credit card. No commitment. No questions asked.
  • Forever FREE



ezFlow is intuitive, easy to use tool for managing workflows. There are so many features to help automate your workflows in just a few minutes. No tech skills needed.

This software allows you to completely control your processes. All your workflow’s steps are set and clearly defined and no actions are left behind. You have also, a process based collaborative environment where you can set who’s responsible for each step or actions.

In addition, the software comes with a range of Workflow templates, like Innovation Management, Humena Resources, Task Management, Project Management, Sales/Marketing and many others that help you automate your workflows in no time.

Free Plan includes:

  • Up to 2 Users
  • 1 GB
  • 3 Workflows
  • 50 Cards/month



Pipefy is a cloud-based workflow management app that helps you organize and run business processes smoothly in an intuitive and powerful platform.

It’s very intuitive, easy to use and allows businesses of all sizes to centralize their processes. With this software, you can: control your process’s SLAs, integrate your processes and make sure your team work sync, centralize and store all your information, use automated emails.

In addition, you can integrate with more than 500 applications, identify cards according to your criteria, create public forms and more.

The free plan is for small teams and has all the fundamentals you need to begin workflow controls.

The free plan includes:

  • Up to 5 pipes
  • Up to 10 users
  • Pipe Templates
  • Email Templates
  • Public Forms
  • Mobile app
  • Database records: 500
  • Storage: 2 GB
  • Cards created: 100 per month
  • Pipe conections: 1
  • 1 automation rule
  • Automation jobs: 100 per job.



OrangeScrum is one of the best open source – absolutely FREE. The system allows you to communicate with different members – your in-house and freelance team members and easily manage workflows. OrangeScrum combines project management, task management, and collaboration.

This software is a great free workflow software solution for centralizing all your projects and tasks, managing resources, task planning, monitoring and control. The features like the Scrum board and an Activity stream, allows you to focus on what is important while having visibility and real-time information from all members.

Features and benefits:

  • No Tech Skill Required
  • 24/7 Online Help
  • Mobile App (ios & android)
  • Gantt Chart & Kanban Boards
  • Time log & Invoice
  • Resource Utilization
  • Recurring Tasks & Burndown charts
  • Slack Integration



Avaza is among the most powerful project and task management tools on the web. Avaza is a full featured cloud solution for professional services companies that you can start using today for free. It provides features for project management & collaboration, workflow management, expense management, time tracking, quoting & invoicing.

In addition, you can create integrated workflows, invite customers to contribute to your workflow, create tasks, expenses and invoices to automate your workflow and more.

The company offer simple Pricing for freelancers, small businesses and enterprises.

Free plan features and benefits:

  • Unlimited project collaborators
  • 1 User with Timesheet/ expense access
  • 1 User with admin/invoice access
  • 5 active projects
  • 10 Customers
  • 5 Invoices per Month
  • 100 MB Storage
  • Email & Chat Support


Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool is a smart online visual collaboration software that allows teams to visualize workflow, analyze and improve business processes in line with Kanban method. In addition, Kanban Tool provides information analysis tools that allow you to make intelligent business decisions and allows you to manage multiple projects.

Kanban Tool is known for its affordable prices. Plans vary from free to enterprise level.

Free plan features and benefits:

  • 2 boards
  • 2 users for free
  • No file attachments
  • Live board updates
  • Advanced Kanban board analytics and more.


Rethink Workflow

Rethink Workflow is a free workflow software that helps you to cut the cost, time, and frustration of manual paper-based processes. It is a well-featured cloud-based system that allows you to create forms, define processes quickly, easily and is accessible anytime.

The system comes with a good list of features and benefits covering every step of your business process automation. You can build forms, design workflows, set permissions, automate processes and track the progress and more.

Rethink Workflow provides two monthly subscription plans: Free and Premium. New business registration comes with 90 days free Premium trial. No credit card required. After 90 days, you can decide to continue the Premium subscription or go back to the Free plan.

Free plan features:

  • Drag & drop form builder
  • Commonly-used controls
  • Effective data validation
  • Graphical process designer
  • Internal vs. public workflows
  • Multiple variants
  • Powerful triggers
  • Automatic reminders
  • Dynamic users from Dropdown or Email
  • Field and action permissions
  • Flexible roles definitions
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Fast document search
  • Online support
  • See your workflow data in Table Format
  • Export data to CSV and JSON format

WEBSITE: is one of the most intuitive workflow builders for process automation on the market.

This is a tool that allows you easily build workflows and coordinate social collaboration activities. It provides an easy graphical user interface that helps you to create workflows with no need for technical expertise.

The tool combines a good range of features that allows you to build processes without programming skills, choose from a range of pre-built templates, assign users or user groups to a specific task, and more.

It comes with 4 pricing plans.

The free plan includes:

  • Up to 5 users
  • Workflows
  • Free process templates
  • Limit process per application: 50
  • External Web Forms



Worflow software is a simple but powerful automation tool for directing tasks to the team members and users in a business process for further actions. It gives you support and information for each step of the particular process and business cycle.

Workflow documentation is an important tool for successful business process management. If you lack the budget, the good news are that there is a good number of powerful free workflow software solutions.

Of course, before choosing the best system, you must carefully estimate your needs and requirements.

If you are searching for free business systems, then our previous posts: 6 best cheap payroll software and 7 best free document management software can be helpful.

What are your thoughts? Which system do you consider as a good free workflow software tool?

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