Salesforce Project Management: Software With The Best CRM Integration


Using Salesforce for project management has a range of benefits such as: easily sharing information between sales and project teams (including handover), more efficient communication and collaboration, real-time visibility into sales pipeline and project process and more.

Nowadays, creating successful client engagements requires project and resource management software that provide seamless Salesforce integration. And you know that Salesforce is the leading CRM solution.

To be efficient, your CRM software and apps needs to be not only great for managing customers, but also for managing project planning and scheduling tasks.

Your sales team have to close deals and support customers and at the same time to coordinate all the moving parts of the selling process.

On this page, you will find our list of the best Salesforce project management software and apps with their top features and benefits.

Salesforce Project Management Software and Apps Worth To Consider


If you in the field of project management, you surely know Wrike. It is one of the top online PM and team collaboration software for the business of any size – small business, middle-sized and large enterprise. Wrike also is the best class when it comes to CRM / salesforce project management apps and systems.

Wrike integration with Salesforce helps you manage your customers and your tasks all in one view. You can collaborate seamlessly without having to cross between tools or bombard each other with email.

Main Salesforce Features and Benefits:

  • Salesforce users can create and assign new Wrike tasks directly from Salesforce.
  • Check the latest status of all tasks you’ve associated with your Salesforce pages.
  • Any changes you make working in Wrike are instantly reflected in Salesforce.
  • Tap into your team – request support from a menu of pre-defined services.
  • Improve accountability by assigning tasks and owners for follow-up.
  • Get full visibility into the status of work being done for your clients, plus advanced reporting.
  • On The Go options with iPhone and Android apps.
  • Real Time Collaboration and much more.
  • Very easy to use with an incredibly user-friendly interface.



LiquidPlanner is also one of the most powerful online project management software tools with a huge range of business friendly integration options including Salesforce. LP is also one of the best workflow management software that can manage and track all types of work.

The system has features for project managers, IT teams and development teams, a huge range of services and marketing teams. It seamlessly covers the project planning needs of both small businesses and large enterprises.

The LiquidPlanner App for Salesforce bridges the communication gap between sales teams using Salesforce and project teams using LiquidPlanner.

Key Salesforce Features and Benefits:

  • Users can share important information seamlessly between sales and project teams.
  • Provides real-time visibility into the entire project process, including status, milestones, and delivery.
  • Key project data from LiquidPlanner will be fed back to Salesforce as projects change over time.
  • A Seamless collaboration that allows you to get visibility into what the team is working on, and collaborate at the task level.
  • Organize Your Work – organize and prioritize hundreds of IT projects and tasks in a single view and much more features and benefits.


Workflow Max

WorkflowMax is a project management software that fits great small business needs, including project tracking, reporting, invoicing, job costing and monitoring, timesheets, and more.

In other words, WorkflowMax offers you a complete, cloud-based solution to manage projects and jobs. They provide a very good range of features but if you need even more features, they integrate with more than 30 add-ons.

As a CRM solution, WorkflowMax connects to Salesforce, the most powerful CRM software in the world.

Salesforce Integration Benefits and Features

  • Quickly convert opportunities won into jobs and manage your entire sales and production process with a few click.
  • You can push contacts in Salesforce to clients in WorkflowMax – maintaining one global database of contacts for easy searching.
  • Create a job in WorkflowMax from an opportunity won in salesforce – no more double entry.
  • Completely customize the integration to suit your business requirements.
  • Powerful Custom Reporting and more.
  • As a SaaS product, you can reach WorkflowMax easily anytime and from anywhere.



Workfront is an online project management software that allows you to manage your work in one place. It eliminates extra work and simplifies everything from communication with real-time collaboration to project tracking and reporting. Workfront is among the most popular solutions for Marketing teams, IT teams, Services and Everyone!

As a Salesforce Project Management solution, Workfront Salesforce integration provides the seamless integration of data, workflow, and process between sales and delivery.

Salesforce Integration Benefits and Features:

  • Absolutely easy integration of data, workflow and process between sales and delivery.
  • Projects are automatically created, with real-time accurate native reporting across both systems.
  • The integration also provides a continuous workflow from sales into services, ensuring that your sales team gets visibility and collaboration opportunities with services projects.
  • Easy to setup and configure.



Clarizen is one of the easiest to use online project management services that centralize the tasks, communication, and scheduling that happen around project work. Clarizen is the project management choice of many Fortune 500 companies, and some of its most popular users include Cisco and Box.

Clarizen’s collaborative work management solution is integrated with Salesforce CRM to streamline the flow from sales opportunity to professional services delivery.

The solution also includes integration with Salesforce Chatter and Gainsight, a leading customer success platform.

Key Salesforce Integration App Features and Benefits:

  • Sales and professional services teams can connect from anywhere in real-time, in their preferred platform, to share information and collaborate in easy-to-use discussion threads.
  • Project tracking from anywhere using fully configurable rules and criteria, including the ability to trigger CRM data creation from Clarizen.
  • Collaboration: Integration with Salesforce Chatter provides full transparency by syncing conversations on any desktop or device.
  • Case tracking: Cases (such as support tickets and change requests) can be submitted and tracked in both the CRM system and Clarizen.
  • Dashboard reporting and more.



Smartsheet is one of the most popular collaboration and project management software. The tool handles everything from reporting, to resource management, task tracking, and budgeting.

Also, Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-based program that provides a combination of online project management and CRM. Smartsheet can be used like any other spreadsheet application, but it offers a lot of other important for the business features.

Key Salesforce Integration Features and Benefits:

  • Connecting Smartsheet with Salesforce allows you to organize, share and update customer information using Smartsheet’s intuitive spreadsheet interface.
  • You can export Salesforce data to Smartsheet, work with internal and external stakeholders, make bulk changes, and manage projects and processes.
  • You can adjust sales forecasts, edit opportunity records, and see project implementation status, all without having to click around.
  • Mobile app – Smartsheet mobile apps let you work from anywhere, anytime.



Maverlink Salesforce Integration

Mavenlink is an online project and collaboration management tool that centralizes tasks, communication, and work management. The product is designed for professional services, and it best suits those who need to collaborate on teams.

Mavenlink’s Salesforce integration connects the world’s leading CRM with Mavenlink’s cloud-based project delivery solution. Mavenlink is not only Salesforce project management software but also provide integration with many popular applications, such as Microsoft, Google, JIRA, Zendesk and much more.

Mavenlink is a good solution for different business fields but is an ideal solution for professional services businesses, such as advertising, marketing, public relations, IT services, architecture, engineering.

Salesforce App Integration Features and Benefits:

  • Improve visibility into your sales pipeline so you can forecast upcoming commitments and properly scope work.
  • Visibility into project progress.
  • Trigger new Mavenlink projects for delivering client engagements and tracking complex client pursuits via stage changes in Salesforce.
  • Eliminate duplicate project and communication updates with a two-way sync that includes support for Chatter.
  • Allows you to stay informed about the health of each engagement by monitoring communication, budget, status, and percent complete.



Taskfeed provides you with easy, repeatable, fast project management for Salesforce. They have hundreds of customers and teams tracking repeatable projects in Salesforce with Taskfeed.

Taskfeed is a modern and user-friendly project management tool that allows you to be organized in Salesforce. Actually, it is one of the simplest and easiest Salesforce project management software tool.

Features and Benefits:

  • Work together on tasks, projects or a complex process.
  • Seamlessly track, manage, and plan work in Salesforce.
  • Tasks, conversations and files all together in the context of your customer.
  • Simple and intuitive to use.
  • Flexible to fit the way you work now and in the future.
  • Taskfeed is built on top of Salesforce Chatter so you can follow tasks and updates.



Finding the right solution for Salesforce project management can be more or less challenging. But the integration between your PM system and Salesforce or other CRM helps you a lot to manage better the whole your selling process, communications with clients, and also easily to track the projects that drive your business forward.

It is crucial for every business to successfully organize, share and update customer information.

Nowadays, there are plenty of modern and user-friendly project management tools that allows you to be organized in Salesforce. Which one you will choose depends on your specific needs and requirements.

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