Gantt Chart Software & Creators: Best List


If you are in the field of the project management, you clearly know that the best Gantt Chart software / maker (especially online one) can bring your planning and scheduling to new levels.

Nowadays, there is a quite good range of Gantt Chart tools and creators – online, cloud-based, mobile, for Mac, simple for small business, and etc.

They provide powerful features that allow you to create interactive Gantt charts, visualize your plans in real time, easily share and update project schedules, adjust task dependencies, add milestones, and etc.

Furthermore, now there are so advanced Gantt Chart programs and apps that not only have an Automatic and Dynamic Gantt Chart creation but also a prediction function. Not to mention that some of them are so simple that even a person who is not a project manager can work with them seamlessly.

Even though, it is not an easy task to choose the best PM and Gant Chart Software for your needs, especially if you run a large enterprise, who needs a program to cover resource allocation, team collaboration, and much more.

Considering the fact that Gantt chart is the cornerstone of the project planning, I select some software options because of their powerful Gantt functionality.

Here you will see:

  • A list of some of the top PM software with modern and advanced Gantt Chart features.
  • Online simple Gantt Chart creators and makers.

Gantt Chart Software and Makers. Some of the Best.


  •  When it comes to tools that combine powerful PM system with advanced Gantt Chart software, Wrike is definitely one of the best.
  •  Wrike’s Gantt chart maker allows you to create interactive Gantt charts, easily update project schedules, to achieve precision project planning, and visualize your plans in real time.
  •  Gantt chart that automatically populates tasks – once you schedule the dates of the project in the task view, the Gantt chart automatically populates your tasks, so you can see and adjust your project timeline instantly.
  •  Very easy task dependencies and changing settings – simple dragging and dropping tasks on the Gantt chart.
  •  Wrike’s online simple Gantt chart software creator allows you to add milestones, rescheduling tasks and adjust dependencies.
  •  Get updates immediately.
  •  Any part of the Gantt Chart can be easily shared with your team, clients or colleagues.
  •  Import files from MS Project – all your tasks (with their dates, dependencies and etc.) are imported to Wrike and neatly organized in Gantt Chart.
  •  You can create online Gantt charts from anywhere – the web application can be accessed from any web browser and system (PC and Mac, or Chrome, Safari and etc.). No software to download.
  •  Great for all size of businesses – from mid-range and small business to large enterprises.

Liquid Planner

  •  Liquid Planner is a powerful project management software with a Gantt Chart maker build in a revolutionary way.
  •  Automatic and Dynamic Gantt Chart creation – In LiquidPlanner, not only are Gantt charts automatically created from the information in your project plan, but they’re also dynamic.
  •  Evolved Gantt Chart program – Gantt Chart tools that are automatically updated with every schedule change ( such as hours logged, priority changes, estimation and completion date updates and more). The expected finish date is easily recalculated and reflects a lot of factors and information.
  •  Patented Algorithm to Predict when your tasks (and projects) are mostly likely to be completed. The system automatically calculates an expected ended date for all projects and tasks you have to manage and finish.
  •  Integrated Scheduling Engine – with the help of prediction functionality, the schedule is instantly updated in real time with each update and change. That is why, any time you check your project plan, it’s up to date. Moreover, it gives you a predictive range of when projects and their tasks will finish.
  •  No doubt that LP is among the top PM systems with one of the most advanced Gantt Chart creator tools.


  •  Ig your goal is to find one of the simplest online Gantt chart software and tools Team Gantt can suit your needs.
  •  Super easy to use simple Gantt chart maker that allows you to invite your team members and friends to view and edit your Gantt chart!
  •  Very fast Drag and Drop scheduling. In fact, this is a project planning software that makes planning things easier.
  •  Suitable for both – project managers and non-project managers. Extremely intuitive Gantt chart creator. Even those who have never used a Gantt chart can use it.
  •  Simple dependencies – simply click on the dot at the end of your bar and drag it to the start of the next bar.
  •  Multiple projects view – no need to switch between projects.
  •  Reusable Gantt chart templates – You can save any project as a template.
  •  Multiple Gantt baselines – allows you to see how your project has changed from your original plan over time.
  •  Import Spreadsheets – you can import it as a CSV to build out your project.
  •  Export & embed your Gantt charts.

Gantt Diva

  •  If you are searching for a Free Gant Chart Maker and you love Excel, consider Gantt Diva. It is an easy to use and very simple Excel Project management tool and Gant Chart Creator.
  •  You are able to create a project schedule and Gantt Chart with full support for schedule logic, including the display of all logical relationships.
  •  You can seamlessly create a Gantt chart in Excel and also create a full project plan and use its built-in analytics to update and monitor project progress.
  •  You also have all the capability of Excel including the ability to enter formulas, comments, and formatting information into almost all GanttDiva fields.
  •  Very easy to configure using its Options Dialog, and can support projects with up to 3000 activities.
  •  GanttDiva calculates your resource needs based on your latest status updates and its auto filtering support lets you easily drill down into your project.
  •  Besides free one, Gantt Diva offers also a full-featured version on one of the most affordable prices.
  •  Other features: Extensive reporting capabilities; Commands to create and clear a project baseline; An extensive help system; All tasks, and milestones are drawn using vector graphics and more.

Easy Projects

  •  If you have a small business but with tons of outside clients, Easy Projects PM and Gantt chart software can provide you with unlimited guest accounts.
  •  One of the most important parts of that software is that it is really easy to use Gantt chart creator.
  •  Full-screen interactive Gantt chart that gives you an overview of how the project is performing and allows you to create and edit tasks plus assign activities. Interactivity is a major advantage of this Gantt software.
  •  Serious Planning –  allows you to plan your project in the comfort of a visual interface.It gives you an accurate sense of the timeline to be expected and also highlights dependencies that will prove to be critical throughout your project.
  •  A simple drag-and-drop system and you can easily track and edit tasks, dependencies between them and schedules.
  •  The things you can do with Easy Projects online Gantt Chart include: viewing critical path and tracking project and task progress.
  •  So simple to use that no matter how project management experience you have.
  •  Actually, Easy Projects provides a high number of project management tools at very affordable prices.


  •  This comprehensive project management software for enterprises has interactive Gantt that can seamlessly handle thousands of tasks.
  •  Advanced Scheduling and Fully interactive Gantt chart – one of the swiftest in the industry and can handle 10,000 tasks with ease. Just like that!
  •  Celoxis provides very easy to use drag and drop that allows you to edit and move tasks, add milestones, assign resources, create dependencies, push them out and much more.
  •  Inter-project dependencies – you can manage multiple projects with ease. Link your tasks from different projects, even with lead and lag times.
  •  Task Worksheet mode – you can make multiple in-line edits at one go and save them all at any point. The intuitive interface lets you enter tasks quickly and reorganize them seamlessly.
  •  Keyboard shortcuts –  interactive Gantt keyboard shortcuts allow you to do most common operations with simple key strokes.
  •  One of the advanced PM and Gantt Chart Software, Celoxis is great for large and global companies.


All of the mentioned above project management and Gantt Chart software tools and makers have strengths that can cover a wide specter of project management and planning needs.

When you make a choice of Gantt Chart maker, think about if the program can completely suit your requirements and needs. Think do you need just a fast online Gant Chart creator with simple project planning for your small business needs or you are a large entrepreneur with a wide specter of requirements.

Also, always aim for simplicity and easiness to use. After all, every busy project manager (and business man) know that time-saving software tools are also money-saving options.

What is your experience with PM and Gantt Chart Software?

Which ones are among the best?

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