Data Visualization Software: Best List For BI & PM


Finding the best data visualization software and programs is one of the important tasks for business units.

Nowadays, data visualization tools go far beyond simple charts and graphs that are well-known to every one of us.

There are powerful data visualization programs such as web-based interactive 3d visualization software, that allows you to create with ease geographic maps, infographics, sparklines, detailed bar, pie, fever charts and etc.

No matter if you work in the field of project management, business intelligence, business analysis, big data (or other business areas where data has a crucial role), the software for data visualization allows decision makers to see the situations visually. And more important they allow people to experiment with alternatives and possibilities and to clarify the big picture.

Here you will find some of the top data visualization software tools with many positive reviews on major software blogs and sites.

Some of the best data visualization software and programs


From its drag & drop interface to its interactive dashboards, Informer provides you with many features you need to get the most from your data. Entrinsik Informer is an agile, award-winning reporting and business intelligence software used by tens of thousands around the world. This data visualization software provides ad-hoc reporting and self-service data analysis in a very user-friendly environment. The program Architecture supports multiple data sources including Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle®, IBM DB2®, Google Docs, Excel, and data warehouses and more. Also, it provides super fast web-based implementation and no extensive training. Minimal resources required to get going.


Sisense provides one of the simplest ways to analyze and visualize complex data. This Business Intelligence and Data visualization software allow you to create and manage complex data models from multiple sources in a simple drag & drop environment anyone can understand. You are able to see your data come to life in interactive web dashboards with a host of stunning visualization options. Work in real time – this business intelligence tool lets you instantly analyze and visualize both big and disparate datasets. Also, you can empower your team members with valuable insights. Sisense is a web-based data visualization program so everyone can access, monitor, and interact with the same report–without downloading any files.

Dundas BI

This data visualization software offers easy to use self-service, single BI program that let you connecting, interacting and visualizing reports and advanced data analytics for any data, on any device.  You can quickly connect and integrate whatever data sources (OLAP, Excel, relational databases, Big Data sources, web services, simple text file) – yourself. No IT required. You are able also to  interact and analyze your data on any mobile device including tablets and smartphones,  iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry. Dundas BI is famous for its visualizations. It provides a wide range of visualizations and layout options for pixel perfect dashboards. In addition, you can easily and quickly perform on-the-fly or in-memory data analysis. The platform provides also powerful analytics that allows you to easily blend different data sources by automatically identifying relationships and finding hierarchies in your data.


Exaco is a full-featured BI software solution with four distinct report designers that can be enabled in any combination to accommodate end users with different levels of expertise. The platform is designed to be embedded in your application and tailored to meet your unique requirements. It is with  100% web-based user interface, can be accessed through REST, SOAP or .NET, and can directly access SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2 and Informix. End users can easily build and format different types of reports – Express Reports, Standard Reports, Crosstab Reports and more. Also, the system provides different types of visualization tools – Charting and graphing, Geographical maps, Linked reports and drilldowns, Pixel-perfect templates. Other features are User-defined formulas, Multi-language and localization support, Mobile device support, PDF, RTF, Excel, HTML, CSV report output and more.


It is all-in-one decision-making software that helps the business reach a single vision of its performance in a simple way. Main points in this program are: analyzing, simulating, planning and predicting in a single platform. BOARD is a software platform that seamlessly unifies Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Analytics and Data Discovery in a single product. Very easy to use program – a self-service data discovery environment enables users to easily search for information, interact intuitively with their data, and perform in-depth analyses with the utmost simplicity. Business users can rapidly develop and maintain sophisticated analytical and planning applications with minimal IT Support. Every BOARD component has been designed to ensure maximum speed of development and high performance.


One of the best software for data visualization – suitable for everyone. This is a full-featured Business Intelligence system that focuses on simplicity. Chartio makes quick work of building and sharing engaging charts and dashboards. Its visual query language allows you to grab data from anywhere without the need to know SQL or other model languages. The program provides pipeline that enables you to run sophisticated calculations in a single step, creating a new data model or metric with a click of the mouse. You can use Chartio to turn data into stories, giving your audience a simple and transparent view into what’s going on. Some of the features are: Instant Data Models, Immediate Answers, Optimized SQL, Fully Customizable Queries, Standardized Data Vocabulary, Complex Formulas – Simplified, Agile Analytics Environment, Complex Ideas Conveyed in a Single Image, Great Collaboration with the Entire Company,  and more.


Pentaho is a data visualization software and business intelligence program that helps companies from any industry in decision -making. Its platform for data integration and analytics includes: big data integration and analytics, ETL, visualizations, reporting, data mining and predictive analytics, dashboards, and more. Pentaho simplifies preparing and blending any data and includes a spectrum of tools to easily analyze, visualize, explore, report and predict. Each member of your team — from developers to business users — can easily translate data into value.  You can use Pentaho for to accelerate value with Hadoop, NoSQL, and other big data; to access, manage and blend any data from any source; for embedding analytics; for business analytics and more. Pentaho is able to address the barriers that block your organization’s ability to get value from all your data.

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