Project Manager Requirements and Certifications


There are some basic project manager requirements and certifications needed especially for highly paid job positions and required in a job description. No matter whether you are an IT project manager, engineering, construction (building) project manager, or you are a junior or senior project manager, there are some basic requirements and certifications that you have to be familiar, especially if you want to be good and effective in your work and business area.

Here you will find a list of main project management certifications, requirements and tasks.

Project manager requirements and certifications. Job description.

Requirements and tasks for a job description:

  • Excellent or very good education and background (in the field you are working – IT, engineering, construction, building, trade or other business area). This includes also solid technical background in one of these areas.
  • Working experience in related sector (construction, building, IT, science etc.).  This is one of the most important project manager requirements mainly for senior and highly professional project managers.
  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and body language).
  • Qualification and certifications in Project Management.
  • Good knowledge of project management tools and techniques.
  • Theorithical knowledge and experience in people management, change and risk management.
  • Strong planning and analitical skills and abilities.
  • Experience in project management software.
  • Banchlor or Master Degree in a specific area: construction, IT, engineering, etc.
  • Other important skills and requirements are: problem solving, analytical and critical thinking, leadership skills, team – working and team – building skills, time management and international skills.

Besides requirements, there are many project manager certifications. Here is a list of the most popular of them.

PM Certifications:

  • PMP (Project Management Professional);
  • CPM (Certified Project Manager);
  • CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management);
  • CSM (Certified ScrumMaster);
  • MPM (Master Project Manager).

Project manager requirements and certifications listed above present in many job descriptions. They are an excellent basic for every good and effective project manager

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