Financial Analyst Skills & Qualifications


How to be a good financial analyst? The answer is clear – you need a long list of financial analyst skills and qualifications.

No matter if you are a junior, entry-level, senior, chartered, or certified financial analyst, there are core skills that are required. The financial analyst profession is one of the most attractive. Оne of the main reasons is the high salary, which is typical for this business area.

Here are listed basic qualifications and skills for every financial analyst needed for a job interview, CV, resume and in daily business life in the workplace for a successful career.

A list of core financial analyst skills and qualifications

  • Strong Analytical Skills. They are essential skills for every financial analyst. Analytical skills include ability to take a large volumes of data, gather information, analyze, solve problems, finding efficient way to complete tasks, and make decisions.
  • Numeracy Skills such as: understanding relationships between numbers, visual perception of information, interpreting mathematical information, understanding trends, calculation skills, working with graphical information, measurement, data analysis and more.
  • Ability to interpret financial, statistical and operational data.
  • Ability to prepare financial information to evaluate business performance and to support strategic business decisions. Financial acumen and ability to deliver forecasting and data interpretation of business impact and results.
  • Strong technical background, computer skills and knowledge of spreadsheet, word processing, and database applications.
  • Operational business understanding, including the potential impact of business decisions on various situations.
  • Ability to manage new ideas and creative solutions.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Attention to detail and ability to successfully manage multiple tasks, though never losing the big picture out of sight.
  • Positive attitude, motivated and driven to succeed, strong interpersonal skills. Good example of interpersonal skills are: problem-solving skills, self-control and self-confidence, time management skills.

The list above shows basic financial analyst skills, needed for a successful career.

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