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At the ERA of digital disruption, a common topic for discussion is whether or not businesses can benefit from the use of the software.

While the majority stays positive about new technologies, there are those not convinced yet about software’s impact on daily operations and overall performance.

Back in 2004, when Comidor started its journey and entered this field, a huge gap was there to convince how technology can’t handle everything in a business.

This huge gap was spotted and the idea of Comidor started flourishing. The main idea about Comidor was to be an agile software, which can adapt in any situation depending on business needs, is easy to use and must manage to increase business productivity, through collaboration and automation.

We’ve also found that needs grow very fast, following the technology evolution (ie social media). From 2004 to date, Comidor team’s goal is to provide to its customers today, features that will be needed in the future.

Today, Comidor can be described as a low-code platform which can help businesses with their collaboration and automation.

What are Comidors solutions?

Whether you start your business right now, you belong in a small-medium or in a large enterprise, Comidor suits perfectly since there is a need to collaborate. There is also a government-educational package for schools, and of course, for the public sector too.

Collaboration will be the key to success

Whichever your team’s size is you need to use collaborations features. Do you want to communicate fast with your co-workers? Especially, to send quick emails to them one by one or to each group?

Comidor gives you the ability to do this quickly and without losing valuable time. But this is just the beginning, there is also chat rooms in which you can chat with one or more people at the same time or make video calls.

A notification system that keeps you informed about your tasks, processes, etc (which will be analysed forward), an interactive calendar with drag and drop functionality from where you can add, edit and monitor yours, your groups or supervised tasks and events which take place.

Moreover, in your calendar, you can add new tasks or change tasks stage and choose between different viewing options (daily, weekly, monthly, and grid). Collaboration is not only about communication but also about sharing.

So in Comidor, you will find a full Document Management System (DMS) with which you can manage your personal, shared, and public documents and a Content Management System (CMS) to share with your employees’ worthy knowledge.

The DMS allows you to customize access rights in all files and folders and integrate with a Google Drive account, Dropbox, and Box.

File versioning is also available along with the functionality of sharing content with embedded links and videos.

Continuing, an important functionality which Comidor has is the full approach on accounts, contacts and leads.

Create linkings with tasks, processes and emails, monitor customers life cycle and have full access to his history. Like in all units, there are access rights, tags, searchability, a variety of filters to add and the ability to create new ones.

There is also Workbench, which is a tool to monitor your activity. Quick processes approach along with email monitoring and finally, your tasks.

You can use filters, search tool, create smart linkings between emails, processes and tasks and monitor everything. Another functionality which is really useful is the organisational chart. Put users inside groups and assign team leaders.

Process automation have taken over business world

Automation is a key prerequisite in today’s business, considered necessary for business survival. This may stem from the fact that competitiveness had increased and so does the cost of a working hour.

Automation can help you achieve the best outcome in the minimum needed time. Comidor Business process automation (BPA) give to their users full workflow automation with Workflow Designer BPMN 2.0, along with different types of business processes like cases, issues, tickets, projects, opportunities and more.

Save time with Individual, Group and Public Templates to re-use for any type of Process, easy-to-trigger reminders upon specific scenarios and Process Scheduling with repetition options.

Either you are a small or a big company, you will need a control panel which you can manage everything. In Comidor, there is a process dashboard from which you can find the exact process you may need, monitor processes stage and generally, have a 360 view of each process with charts and metrics.

If you want to be more precise with your goals live, you will enjoy two more functionalities, process Accounting and KPIs, which provide complete financial management of processes including Income, Expenses, Cash flow and

Budgeting, and the capability to set up objectives, define goals and reward teams and people, accordingly.

Maybe all these functionalities seem too much so let’s see an example. A customer sends you an email for a new order, which triggers a new ticket.

Thereupon your communication, you set up the new order and start quickly a process from process templates which includes a workflow.

After orders delivery, you will add your incomes by using the accounting features inside the process and include this payment in your KPIs sales goal.

The whole system works united, helps you service your customer quickly and keep your goals in track.

The “P” in PM is as much about ‘People Management’ as it is about ‘Project Management’, Cornelius Fichtner

In the business world, planning is crucial for business success, but planning with a software can bring surprising good results. This is why 56% of project managers use a PM software every day.

Think how frustrating managing a project could be and how a software can help a project manager handle all these. Comidor Project Management help the user prioritise his work under any PM methodology with its work packages.

Use the portfolio management to manage current or upcoming projects with a wide range of applications like process prioritisation, RAG status and importance.

Create a Gantt Chart inside the project to follow the critical paths, add milestones, and avoid project bottlenecks! Furthermore, in the work packages, you can use the Kan Ban board to view the upcoming tasks, the one which runs at the moment, and finally all the completed ones!

All project managers know that each project has its deliverables and requirements. Comidor has this functionality too, along with much more like project accounting, work and progress reports, assets and resource management and finally, resources cost.

Book your resources and use people management functionalities like search by skills ability and pending task approvals inside the project.

Each user will have access to different units as one main functionality of People management is to assign roles and link them with different rights.

For example, the financial manager will have access to the accounting information inside the project, whatever it includes, like incomes, expenses, budgeting, forecasting and an analytical WIP (work in progress) worksheet.

Lastly, more and more managers request a way to observe their employees utilisation. This need is satisfied with time sheet and time cards.

Time cards display the actual and the estimated workload and time sheet the tasks depending on their work packages.

Sales success runs the day

Researchers had shown that adopters of sales force automation (SFA) software increased their deals by almost 27%. Automate time-consuming tasks and save time with Comidor SFA.

Starting with opportunities management, which begin from the moment users first approach and ends with a successful sale or a closed deal. Furthermore, check all the statistics results of your opportunities with won/ lost charts and reports.

In the sales world, the greatest advantage is to know the market, and with competition management, you have the ability to do this. Measure sales success versus your competitors. Moreover, create and manage your marketing campaigns, your products/services and your contacts.

If you are searching for a tool from which you can view your site analytics, incomes, expenses and your budgeting, you found it.

With Comidor you can track your website traffic, get valuable information from your visitor path and extract analytics.

In the top of that, there is debit/credit reporting, financial dashboard, budgeting and other CRM tools like charts, graphs, and cash flow analysis. Check out this website to get detailed information about business software.

The world of Business Intelligence

Despite the strong competition, Comidor manage firmly to stay on track and add every day new tools which will provide users with a competitive advantage and help them stand out from the crowd.

With lists, data management ability, pre-defined Reports and a Query Builder to create customised, an HTML editor, graphs, geolocation Maps, website Analytics and Widgets users have unlimited options.

Moreover, the is the quick add which let you create quickly a new process, task, leave application with the option to link it with the background screen entity, upload a file, create a memo, send an email and optionally link it with the background screen entity.

Last but not least from quick adds user can add a new contact or account with background email information and optionally link it with the background screen entity.

Programming with Comidor

Comidor runs on the Cirano platform which is a cloud integrated development environment that supports model-driven development.

It’s multilayer programming help users write apps with a simple code and provides them with the ability to manage data and communicate easily.

Starting with its main characteristics, which are independence with JAVA which offers the maximum level of autonomy, designing freedom which stems from the fact that provides solutions for both mobile and web applications and finally the Open Source Prototypes, which result from the absence of binary executable files renders the application readable on demand.

In addition, Cirano has a Modular and Object Oriented Programming, and the ability to comply with both Spiral and XP programming methodologies.

Furthermore, the Multi-Layer programming based on Cascading XML design offers an organisational pattern which can be clearly hierarchical, distributed and extendable.

Before the end, each unit is clearly divided in an internal structure, consisting of all the necessary data and business logic, and its external structure, consisting of the presentation of the data to the end user.

Lastly, with hierarchical access and change rights in terms of database records, secure authentication with encryption of passwords for users, the digital signature for objects and application modules and user/group/role based rights its security is game-changing.


To sum up, Comidor manages to include all business needs in one suite. The Business Process Management, Project Management, Collaboration, Sales Force Automation and the People Management environment give the user the opportunity to handle with one tool everything in its business; but of course, gives the user the ability to integrate other tools too.

Give your company the flexibility boost needed, increase performance, productivity, mobility and cut costs (and mistakes) through automation. With Comidor not only you can manage to expand customer satisfaction, but also to take real-time control of your projects, increase operational efficiency and lastly, transforming into a smart digitally collaborating company.

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