10 Popular Majors for Business Students to Pursue In 2023


No amount of progress or revolution will ever be able to dim the light that surrounds business studies. A business degree is, after all, one of the most popular and sought-after degrees worldwide, as it empowers students with the necessary skills and knowledge to do just about anything. That includes starting an enterprise of their own.

Another great thing about this discipline is that it boasts a variety of equally unique and opportunistic majors. What’s more, some schools offer as many as 20 majors, so it is essential to research and pick something that offers spectacular value.

However, choosing a major to specialize in can be confusing. It is also conceivable for majors to overlap with one another. Therefore, it’s critical to pick one that fits your aims and compensates well in the now and beyond. To help you get started, let’s go over some of the most popular majors to consider if you are a business student in 2023:

1. Business Administration

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is undoubtedly one of the most adaptable but less focused programs in the corporate world. Management, planning, and organizational theory and practice are examined in such programs.

Students can anticipate taking classes in pertinent subjects. For instance, if you’re keen on advancing your business and product development horizons, you can opt to do a bachelor’s in business administration with a marketing specialization. To further upskill yourself, you can enroll in an MBA program in marketing online.

Depending on your choice, you can also study other subjects. Furthermore, you might discover that a degree in this field might help you acquire a career in many different fields due to the depth of knowledge attained.

2. Accounting

Accounting includes many areas of business mathematics, such as preparing financial statements and directing corporate choices by tax regulations. While some students choose to focus on a particular area of accounting, such as auditing, allocation, or taxation, the majority concentrate on learning the fundamental ideas needed for a career in accounting.

A bachelor’s degree is usually required for accounting employment. Still, you’ll discover that earning a graduate degree will boost your salary potential in many circumstances. One benefit of having an accounting degree is the ability to comprehend how firms operate and make strategic financial decisions. After graduating, individuals with an accounting background can frequently work as accountants or audits.

3. Healthcare Administration

Students who are enthusiastic about health and fitness should choose a career in healthcare management—by pursuing this degree, you will learn how to manage, fund, and administer healthcare. You can even pursue further specialization in particular healthcare fields.

For instance, a master’s degree and even training under a specialist might provide you with more specialized knowledge and awareness of the subject overall if you want to build specific competence in one area of the healthcare sector.

4. Communication management

A communication management degree shapes students into influential leaders, helping to develop the real-world leaders of tomorrow. This degree introduces students to various topics, including communication techniques crucial in business.

Since good written and vocal communication abilities and active listening are essential for a job in business, a degree in communications may unquestionably lead to lucrative opportunities. An effective leader can convey ideas and information with assurance through good communication.

After earning this degree, you can inspire passion, offer inspiration, and develop a successful incentive system. It should come as no surprise that business aficionados find communication management to be an appealing field.

5. Marketing

Marketing is one of the best majors to choose as a business student. This degree allows students to learn how to market their offerings to potential consumers.

Everything from social media to building a brand image to producing targeted commercials might be included. Additionally, many marketing degrees allow you to work on particular tasks with actual clients so that you may hone your abilities in a real-world setting.

6. eCommerce

eCommerce is a dynamic, quickly expanding sector that supports contemporary business practices. Business-to-consumer, consumer-to-business, and business-to-business are all key market areas in which this business model is used. eCommerce-focused students are better equipped to handle the complexity of business and management data systems.

Graduates with an eCommerce degree are qualified for jobs in customer support, advertising, and the development of store websites, among other fields. As the popularity of online shopping grows daily, methods for a hassle-free shopping experience are continuously evolving and call for qualified professionals to carry out marketing initiatives and train staff in the best customer care techniques.

7. Entrepreneurship

Do you intend to start your own business someday? If so, majoring in entrepreneurship can help you. By studying entrepreneurship, you can anticipate learning how to create a business plan, boost earnings, prepare for new business ventures, and introduce new items. With this education, you could pursue various alternatives, such as starting your own company or working for a venture capital firm. According to CareerExplorer, an American entrepreneur makes an average salary of $43,240. However, the earning potential is theoretically endless if you can build a successful firm.

8. Human Resources (HR)

The care of employees and the administration of pay and benefits are under the purview of human resources (HR) specialists.

Students in this degree program will learn about labor laws, payroll management, and human capital development and training, to name a few. HR majors that possess this knowledge can pursue careers as directors or specialists in human resources.

9. Organizational leadership

Organizational leadership aids in influencing businesses or organizations and managing change in workplaces that undergo rapid transformation. By obtaining a degree in organizational leadership, you can thoroughly understand the leadership techniques that contribute to an organization’s success.

Group dynamics, facilitation, evidence-based decision-making, and organizational change are just some of the courses covered in this degree. You can pursue careers in management analysis, corporate communications, project management, strategic planning, business consultancy, human resource management, and employee training.

10. Industrial production

Manufacturing products is the main emphasis of the industrial production sector. Employees in industrial production create and maintain efficient operations and provide a strictly regulated, safe work environment.

If you enroll in this degree program, you’ll take supply procurement and management classes, production and planning, and logistics management. After completing the program, you can pursue employment as a transport manager, storage and distribution manager, or industrial production manager.


So, that concludes our list of popular majors for business students. As you can see, the options are unlimited. Business students have several career paths and options, no matter which one they pick. Simultaneously, studying for business degrees requires a lot of sacrifice and effort, so before you make a decision, reflect on your goals, interests, and strengths. Depending on your choices and availability, you can pick the perfect major and move forward accordingly.

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