5 Free Email Marketing Tools That Are Good For Small Businesses


Okay, so you are an SMB, and you’re here to know about the oldest trick in the book of digital marketing- emails! It is the top-performing channel with an ROI benchmark of 42 USD returned on every buck spent while being a consent-based form of marketing which makes it future-proof, given the recent rise in privacy concerns. Email has the power to put your small business in a position to enter the next level, given its universal usage and simplicity.

And the good news is you don’t need to cross a huge entry barrier if you want to get started with email marketing. You can actually start your email marketing journey for free as many tools offer a freemium subscription model that small businesses can take full advantage of. Tools like HubSpot allow you to send bulk marketing emails, while you can also get free HubSpot email templates to give your messages a professional touch. So let us explore the top five free email marketing tools that can put your small business on the way to make big profits:

#1 HubSpot

Anybody tipping their toes in digital marketing would definitely come across HubSpot as it is one of the most prominent martech tools. It also came up with an email tool recently, and it is a perfect choice for taking care of your transactional emails. One of the aspects that make it excellent for SMBs is the fact that HubSpot has an entire ecosystem of CRM-focused tools.

Therefore, you can provide a cutting-edge email experience to your subscribers and build upon features like its WYSIWYG editor to create beautiful HubSpot email templates. It provides you with pretty much everything you would expect from an ESP ranging from sending triggered emails to using email analytics data to optimize your future campaigns.

#2 Sendinblue

Whenever we talk about transactional emails, Sendinblue is definitely going to top the list. On top of its transactional emailing capabilities, it also offers a CRM suite, landing page builder, and an extensive free email template library. It is highly user-friendly, and be it setting automation workflows or conducting A/B Split tests, Sendinblue requires a minimal learning curve. The templates in its library are aesthetically very attractive, and all of them are responsive.

Thus, we can say that small businesses that lean more towards the need for transactional emails should definitely check out Sendinblue. Also, you would be charged on the basis of total email sends as opposed to contacts in your mailing list, making Sendinblue quite affordable even when your business grows in the future.

#3 Mailchimp

Here comes the marketing champion of ESPs- Mailchimp. It has the highest market share, and it is definitely the best choice for any small business that wants to send beautiful sales-focused emails. Its freemium pricing strategy has been well received, and given its experience of serving clients for such a long duration, Mailchimp has evolved into a highly mature email marketing tool.

It has many value additions, including smart recommendations, which can be extremely helpful to small businesses. It helps you curate your campaigns around the reader journey and their evolving purchase intent, giving you an upper hand even if you aren’t technically very sound when it comes to running email outreach campaigns. They recently introduced transactional emails, too, trying to bring the best of both worlds.

#4 MailerLite

If you are looking for a free email marketing tool that provides you with top-of-the-line features and full control over how your email campaigns are executed, it’s MailerLite. And it can be quite useful for SMBs as they can benefit from features like a photo editor that works perfectly well with its drag and drop email editor, decimating your dependence on multiple tools.

It provides you with a comprehensive set of data in email analytics while you can benefit from its features like landing page builder, A/B split testing, email courses, and drip campaigns. If you have a sound technical understanding of software solutions and email marketing, MailerLite can be the perfect email marketing tool for you.

#5 Malijet

If MailerLite feels too advanced, there’s another free email tool that can provide you with tons of features minus the fuzz. Malijet is one such email marketing tool that extends a feature-rich yet easy-to-use interface. Also, it comes with a decent library of ready-to-use email templates that you can customize for your email outreach campaigns. On top of that, Malijet also allows your team to collaborate in real-time, something that can be a priceless addition for your team.

Also, it can be easily integrated into your CRM, and you can use advanced features like dynamic content blocks to make your campaigns truly personalized for your subscribers. This is an extremely useful feature for small businesses since their mailing list often contains their high-paying clients in the initial days.

Summing Up

Throughout the article, I have tried to cover a wide variety of tools so that each section of our audience can benefit from them. The choice shouldn’t be too difficult as each of these email marketing tools focuses on catering to users with a specific set of expectations. However, you may also consider the cost of using these tools once you cross the free threshold. I hope this blog helps you find the right free email marketing tool for your small business and helps you grow it in 2022 and beyond.

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