Why Carbon Footprint Calculation Is Important For Your Company


Climate change is more pronounced than ever. You have seen blistering heat in Europe and America, droughts, and the drying of rivers. You have also perceived nature’s wrath in America, China, and India in the form of extreme rain.

The world has indeed come to a point where it can no longer take things lightly. Carbon footprint calculation is indeed the need of the hour. This is the reason companies are investing in conducting green audits.

If you want to know more about carbon footprint, you can visit the website of diginex to learn more about carbon footprint calculation. Let’s open up a discussion on why Carbon footprinting is important for your company.

Importance Of Carbon Footprinting For Your Company

Prior to discussing carbon footprint, let us conduct a study on the source of Greenhouse gas emissions in the USA. According to a study, the greenhouse emissions amount to a massive 5,222 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide. These are massive figures, and therefore the calculation of carbon footprinting has gone on to gain pertinence. So let’s check this out here.

1. Reduction Of Operating Costs

If you conduct a carbon footprinting calculation, you will see how big your emission is in proportion to your size of business. You will be amazed to know that electric power contributes to a massive 25% of the emissions in America. So you are a part of it. Now in response, you will take initiatives like transitioning to alternative energy resources and reducing waste. This way, you automatically end up reducing your operating costs.

2. Increased Credibility Of The Brands

Brands always display their contribution towards society and the environment. For example, installing solar lights is part of the CSR initiatives. This denotes the companies are aware of environmental sustainability.

You must know that around 88% of consumers are buying eco-friendly products. Carbon-neutral products are trending. Now, if you take such initiatives, you will be able to increase the credibility of your brand, that’s for sure.

3. Meeting The Trading Regulations

Please know that the Paris Agreement 2015 jotted down certain initiatives and targets set by individual nations. The USA has also laid down its plan to reduce its Carbon footprint. Their policies aim to improve the industrial sector’s emission contribution (24%). Talks like Eco sound plastic packaging are hot on the market.

Now you are a part of the pledge; you will also have to take your own bitter pills. This will help meet the country’s trading regulations and ambitious targets.

4. Environment Preservation

It’s high time to make bold decisions on environmental preservation. The business needs to take the first stride, if not the first baby steps. Being a part of this, you need to come up with solutions of your own. You will have to take responsibility. The carbon footprint calculation is one first step for the large initiative.

5. Improved Commitment Of The Employees

According to a survey, around 40% of young employees want to get into a company that is environmentally responsible. Not only this, 70% of the employees agreed with the fact that they want to stay with companies that have some concrete plans and policies on environmental protection.

They want to be part of some companies that have robust plans and policies to reduce greenhouse gas. Therefore you ought to engage yourself in carbon footprint calculations to bring the best people into your organization. If you cannot manage it all alone, you could take the help of a professional like diginex. They have the expertise to deliver it for you.

Carbon Footprint Calculation Is Important

This can be drawn from the discussion that carbon footprinting has turned out to be a necessity and not something related to flashy showoffs.

Businesses, irrespective of size, need to take bold steps to ensure that they conduct carbon footprint calculations. If you take the initiative, you definitely get the benefits discussed above.

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