Facts About Plastic Packaging And Its Drawbacks


Plastic packaging is everywhere. There are misconceptions stating that it is bad for the environment because of its non-biodegradable features. However, going to the market is never complete without plastic to easily carry a variety of stuff. It is more durable and can hold either solid or liquid goods for convenience. More experts also consented to the use of plastic around the world, so it is a matter that should be talked about.

Top Differences Between Plastic And Paper Packaging

Packaging plays a significant role in daily life. When you go to the grocery, it is more convenient to bring an eco-bag where you can place every product you buy. Paper and plastic are the two common materials used to produce packaging. This has been a subject of controversies of which one you can benefit most.

If the environment is the primary concern, it would be better off with paper than plastic packaging. It is more recyclable which would benefit the ecosystem compared to plastic. Some manufacturers also print texts and images on it making the packaging more impressive to consumers.

On the other hand, paper packaging cannot be a good choice in transporting heavier items. The production process is costly, requires 4x of fuel energy, and consumes more water. Paper not causing any pollution is also a lie, in fact, it contributes 70% of pollution according to studies. That is why manufacturers must evaluate the carbon footprint during the production of paper packaging for a better outcome. When it comes to pricing, paper packaging is way more expensive than plastic.

Plastic packaging is more versatile and durable. The material is lightweight making it suitable for shipping, unlike paper packaging. It can carry a lot of stuff without getting damaged and is reusable. This factor helps to manage waste in the long run. Plastic is also the best material where you can store food because of its waterproof feature. It will keep foodstuffs fresh for a long time.

What is Eco Sound Plastic Packaging?

Eco sound plastic packaging is a type of material that can be recycled into something useful. Most companies prefer this kind of packaging because of the benefits it has to offer to the environment. The most common example is plastic bottles made of renewable materials. Manufacturers might use these bottles to create new products, such as pipes, rugs, and many more.

This is also hygienic and safe for everyone. A lot of companies are now switching from paper to recycled plastic packaging because it promotes sustainability.

Other Benefits of Plastic Packaging

Here is a list of advantages in choosing plastic instead of paper packaging:

  • More Hygienic

Plastic is ideal to store medical commodities, like syringes. It helps to prevent contamination when properly sealed. It can protect the items from microorganisms, moisture, and changing temperature. Make sure the plastic is well-sanitized before putting in pieces of stuff.

  • Easy to Dispatch

Plastic packaging is often used for shipping purposes. It is easy to carry and very sturdy to contain delicate items without causing any damage. Products will be safe in transit and upon arrival, so with plastic packaging, there is nothing to worry about.

  • Use for Food Preservation

Some food businesses prefer to use plastic in preserving food items. It has a special power to make food last longer and fresher. Plastic also can absorb flavor that helps to maintain the taste of every food packed in it. It is unlike paper packaging that could disarray the food if it stayed there for a long time.

  • Minimize Waste

Although plastic is one of the causes of pollution, you can opt for renewable plastic not to hurt the ecosystem. This alternative has no huge difference from normal plastics but can contribute a lot of good things. As a result, many countries doubled the production of plastic packaging because of its positive impact on the environment.

  • More Secure

Among the drawbacks of paper packaging is its durability. Meaning, it cannot guarantee a second-time use because the material is subject to wear and tear. It could be a hassle to keep wet products in paper packaging. Nonetheless, plastic packaging is waterproof and shatter-resistant for wider usage.

Drawbacks of Plastic Packaging

Plastic may be a reliable sort of packaging in the market but it also has flaws that you should know. These include:

  • Cannot Be Readily Recycled

You read it right! Plastic is not that easy to recycle though it will be faster than paper packaging. Some types of plastic are also not reusable, while others are limited to up to three times of use.

  • Can Harm Wildlife

The issue of plastic against wildlife is not new. It is out of polyethylene and other toxic materials which can cause infections or even death to animals. Perhaps a proper way of disposal can deter this problem which must be taught to each individual.

Final Thoughts

Australia’s leading plastic manufacturers will provide a range of plastic packaging for your business. They come in different forms, such as plastic bottles, jars, cans, and even accessories suitable for production. The company has supplied various industries, such as pharmaceutical, automotive, and food businesses. It offers a complete service from plastic molding toward delivery of the finished product. All of the items are HACCP certified and so safe for consumers. Contact the staff to place an order of plastic packaging that best suits your business.

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