A Beginners Guide To ‘Gamification’ And How Businesses Can Use It To Thrive


With so many companies all vying to get ahead of the competition, there is a growing need to find the edge over your competitors. There are many tried and tested ways to achieve this, but some companies are looking to other ways such as gamification to entice more customers to visit their websites and make purchases. Here is a beginner’s guide to gamification and how businesses can use it to thrive.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a way of adding the elements of gameplay into your business. You might think that this might be distracting to your employees and customers, but it has been proven to help boost engagement among both workers and customers.

For gamification to work effectively, you need to ensure that the elements that are added will excite the target audience and encourage them to participate.

You can use gamification to revitalise customer loyalty solutions or boost morale within the workplace.

Gamification in the Workplace

If you are seeing a slump in production or a drop in morale among your employees, then gamification techniques can help to revitalise your teams.

Many large corporations have used gamification techniques to boost morale or encourage training in a way that is fun and rewarding.

In customer service, you can use a points system for each agent so that you can award points for achieving certain goals. If they manage to successfully deal with a certain number of calls in a shift, then they get awarded points.

You can use these points on a leaderboard and the person with the highest each week can win a prize or other award. This is a great way to get your team motivated and ensure they are offering good customer service.

Gamification for Your Customers

Games are popular on smartphones, and they manage to keep people engaged with them over a long period.

Your company can utilise this engagement in your business to grab a customer’s attention and hold onto it.

One way you can do this is by offering an app to customers that gives them rewards for completing daily tasks or spending a certain amount.

It can be as simple as getting a coupon for recommending a friend or earning points for sharing content with their friends.

A Competitive Edge

No matter what you use gamification for, one of the key elements is to make it competitive. If you are awarding points or badges to someone, that will be an incentive, but if you then compare them to others at work or other customers, it adds a competitive element.

You have likely seen this in real games where they have a local or global leaderboard. You can use the same thing for your workers or customers.


This was a beginner’s guide to gamification and how businesses can use it to thrive. Although there are many loyalty programs on the market now, gamification can add another element and make it irresistible to customers and employees as well. It should help boost your worker’s morale, and help boost growth and sales.

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