The Ads On The Bus Go Round And Round – 6 Tips For Engaging Bus Stop Adverts


When you think about the world of advertising, you need to consider how you are going to expand your customer outreach through both physical and online marketing. Right now, a lot of marketers are focused on how they can enhance their brand through the internet. However, we would recommend that you don’t forget about advertising in the real world. You should consider investing in a bus stop advertisement to show off your products. But how do you make these types of advertisements engaging? Here are six tips to get you started.

1. Engineering work

Bus stop ads can come in many forms. In most cases, they are simple images that can be put across the side of a bus stop, however there can be alterations made to make the advertisement stand out. Don’t just blend into the background of the bus stop. Instead, get an engineer to spruce up the image. This could include flashing lights, bright neon colours and glow-in-the-dark features.

2. Distraction ads

Most of the time it is going to be pedestrians that will be looking at your bus stop advertisement. They may be waiting for buses of their own or could be caught in their own thoughts. However, your advertisements can offer a spontaneous moment for an audience to enjoy themselves. For instance, Lucozade offers a quick fitness routine for people to do whilst they are waiting for their buses. This not only makes the advertisement interactive but it will allow the brand to not just sell ‘at’ their customers. They are actually engaging with them!

3. Additional content

Bus stop advertising doesn’t have to be just made up of your brand. You can increase additional virtual content on your ads through QR codes and SnapChat filters. This is a great way to incorporate the online world, especially if you want to improve your social media marketing or include links to your updated website!

4. Involve your viewers

You can really get people to engage with your advertisements if they themselves are the ones creating the content. Let your public know that you are looking for the best pictures with your products to be placed on a bus stop advertisement. Not only will you receive free content, but your audience will be more responsive to you as a brand.

5. Use buses and bus stops

You don’t just have to stick to the bus stop itself when you think about engaging advertisements. You could actually have advertisements that can be on both buses and on the bus stops. For instance, one idea could be that your advertisement changes colour when it reaches a bus stop that has the same ad, or a digital video starts playing when the bus reaches a specific stop.

6. Local advertisements

A bus stop can be tailored to advertisements that are specifically designed to local areas. So, if you have a shop in a certain area, offer directions to it! If you appeal to a local demographic, it’s likely you will get more viewers from that area.

And there you have it – 6 innovative tips for creating engaging bus stop adverts as part of your next marketing campaign.

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