What Does In Transit Mean? Exploring The Delivery Process


You may have tried online shopping many times and getting your parcel on time through different courier services. And you may know a little about how dropshipping works. But have you ever heard about in transit? In transit is a process of online delivery that you can see on the portal in the status section of your product.

Moreover, when you ask the seller about the product you ordered, the seller says that your product is in transit and will be delivered to you on time. But sometimes the products get stuck in transit, and people often ask what does in transit means.

In this article, we will explore what does it mean if my package is in transit process in detail. We’ll also uncover the reasons behind what does package delayed in transit means, how to track in transit items, why is the package in transit for so long, logistics and couriers process, and more.

What Does in Transit Mean?

When you order something from an online store, the seller packs your product and handovers to the courier company where the seller has the account. When the pick-up vehicle of the distributor company collects the parcel from the seller and goes back to the company, the process is called in transit.

In simple words, in transit is when your order has left the seller’s store and is on the way to the distribution company. In this process, the product is in the hands of the product collectors of the delivery company. If your product’s status is in transit, your product is in the company’s hands and moving.

Why Do Packages Get Stuck in Transit?

What does in transit mean when your package gets stuck, and why in transit status is taking so long? There are some reasons behind the shipping delay, which you can overcome by selecting the right distribution company. The reasons behind the package getting stuck in transit are mentioned below:

Customs Delays

International shipments have to go through customs clearance, which causes shipping delays. This process ensures that all the packages follow the rules and regulations of import/export, which vary by region and country. If your package does not adhere to import/export laws and regulations, then you will have to wait for a long time until the distributor company provides the documents.

However, you can avoid these waiting days of long transit process by selecting the right delivery provider company that provides the required documentation and saves time in customs clearance. Moreover, the right third party ensures that the documentation meets international shipping laws and regulations.

Delivery Exception Delays

What does in transit mean by delivery exception delays? It is another cause of shipment delays due to several circumstances. The products cannot be delivered at the right time in these circumstances. These unforeseen events can affect the delivery process and take a long time. The most common sudden events of exception delays are:

  • Damaged, missing, or incomplete labels
  • National or Federal holidays
  • Traffic jams
  • Route length
  • Weather delays

However, some of these conditions can be avoided if the retailer contacts the customer for detailed and complete shipping information. Moreover, some popular services can deliver the stuff sooner by acknowledging the upcoming weather and holidays.

All these conditions can also create difficulties for trusted 3PL provider organizations. But they know how to manage their credibility in tough situations. They use various methods for transportation to deliver the product on time. These types of actions praise the company for efficient work.

But if the package is in transit for a long time, it is probably lost by the company or on the route to the wrong destination. It is also possible that the seller made a mistake by writing the wrong address or the label is misplaced.

Package Dimension Delays

If you see in transit status of the product for a long, it may be possible that your package has a large size and the distribution company is arranging the right vehicle for your product to transport. That’s why your order is stuck in transit. Your product will be loaded when the right vehicle arrives, but it will take time.

However, the right 3PL provider can package your shipment into multiple boxes and avoid the time-consuming process. Moreover, a good delivery provider company has all the solutions to resolve these issues. You can also track your shipment through their advanced tracking, which allows you to monitor each process of your shipment until it gets delivered.

How Long in Transit Take for the Final Destination?

Some people ask, “Why is the package in transit for so long?” Well, the reasons behind this have already been mentioned above. However, if the delivery provider company damages or misses your product, you’ll have to wait until they figure out how to deal with the issue. There are some options the 3PL provider will apply:

  1. Full payment claim for you
  2. Buy the same product for you
  3. Deliver the damaged product to you without informing you
  4. Or never cooperate with you if your product goes missing

If the company is not trusted, then the 3rd and 4th options you are going to face. And even if the 3PL provider agrees to pay you the full amount of the product or buy a new one for you, it means you will have to wait for ages, and if luck is on your side, you will get your claim soon.

Moreover, choosing the right 3PL provider can save you from all these problems. If, by any chance, your product is damaged by a trusted distribution company, they will make the process quick and ask you if you want to claim the payment or the same product.

Logistics and Transportation Process

Logistics and transportation are the main reasons behind all the delivery and in transit methods. If you have selected one of the best logistics companies, you will be able to track your shipment movement and status, which will update as the product moves hand in hand.

Moreover, you can contact customer service for more information and ask about the product delivery time, route length, and other details. Also, if your product is sensitive, they will put a fragile logo on the shipment and write handle with care, so the employees should carry the product with full care.

However, the process of logistics and transportation has several steps, including:

Shipping Initiation

When you open an online store, you need to open an account in a logistics and courier company that delivers your product or stuff to the customer who ordered it. If you are a customer and you ordered a product, it will be delivered to you through a logistics and transportation company.

The seller will add the information about the person and the address on a label on the product, and then the company will send a vehicle to pick up the shipment. After picking up the shipment, the vehicle will move to its facility or distribution center, where the company will sort out all the products by destination.

Carrier Handoff

If the shipment is international, the product will be handed over to the carriers to transport the shipment to other countries or cities with all the required import/export documents.

Then, the vehicle or plane will transport all the delivery items from one place to another. They handle all the products carefully, especially the sensitive and fragile items. 

Route Status

The 3PL provider companies always select the best and safest route to deliver the product safely and on time. On the route, the companies have many hubs where the carriers must stop to deliver the products to that destination and upload the items for the following regional hub.

If you have ordered a product from the nearest city, your product journey won’t be long. But if your address is far away, your product will take a long journey by stopping at different regional hubs of that 3PL provider. Moreover, each hub processes all the packages and uses various transportation methods.

Tracking in Transit Items

If you are a trusted seller, the delivery provider company gives you a portal where you can track and monitor all your shipments by entering your item tracking number. You can analyze your product’s movement and status and how long it will take to deliver the product to the customer.

If you are the one who ordered the product, you can also go to that company’s portal and enter the tracking number of your shipment to get information about your product. Through this method, you can stay updated on your item and product.

Some ask, what does in transit mean in the status? It means that your shipment has left the seller’s place and is now being moved from one place to another. It will be delivered to you soon. Moreover, you can track your item as many times as you want.

Interpreting Tracking Information

Through interpreting tracking information, customer service analyzes and collects data about the product by using various methods and informs the customer with relevant conclusions. It helps customer service satisfy clients by informing them about the product. 

Sometimes, due to mislabel or wrong information, the product cannot be delivered, or the item is sent to the wrong destination or is on the wrong route. An interpretive tracking system helps to track the product and deliver it to the right destination.

Factors Affecting Transit Times

Sometimes, the order or the product you ordered is not ready, and the seller gives the item late to the 3PL provider. On the other hand, the pick-up vehicle is late for some reason, such as vehicle maintenance, traffic jams, or the inability to find the seller’s address.

However, when the vehicle loads up the item, the product’s in transit journey begins. Several factors can affect transit time, such as weather conditions, traffic jams, vehicle problems, damage while off-loading, lost, wrong routed, holidays, high volume shipments, large sized products, or it is also possible that the company’s servers are down.

Moreover, you can avoid these issues by selecting the right 3PL provider company for your cargo shipment. Another factor affecting the transit time is the category you or the seller selected for the shipment, such as standard shipping, expedited shipping, and same-day or next-day.

In domestic shipments, standard shipping typically takes 2 to 5 business days, expedited shipping takes 1 to 3 business days, and the same-day or next-day takes 24 hours for eligible areas. Standard shipping takes 7 to 21 days for international shipments, depending on the 3PL provider service, and expedited shipping takes 3 to 7 days.

What Does in Transit Mean for Different Services?

There are several famous logistics and courier companies that have made a name around the globe through their significant delivery and transporting services. However, each company has unique ways and various product transportation and delivery methods. All the companies have portals with a unique user-friendly interface, allowing customers to monitor their shipments easily.

Each company applies its own methods to satisfy customers by showcasing speed and safety. Moreover, in America, the time is important. The customers can pay extra for the shipment to be delivered to the destination as soon as possible. So, speed is the first priority for all logistics and courier companies.

If you offer the delivery as fast as possible, you will be considered the best among the customers. However, each company has a transit time, which they manage effectively to maintain their service in the market. Some companies are mentioned below:

What Does in Transit Mean FedEx?

FedEx is one of the largest organizations in the world known for its logistics and courier services. The company has made its name internationally and is the first choice of many customers. FedEx delivers the parcels to the customers as fast and safely as possible. 

When you track your item or product’s tracking number in the portal and see the status of in transit, it means that your product has been collected by the FedEx pick-up vehicle and is now on the way to the company’s regional hub. The product will be sorted out as fast as possible through the regional hub and will be delivered to you in the meantime.

The process is called in transit in the FedEx. You can track every movement of the product and contact FedEx customer service for further information about the product.

What Does in Transit Mean Usps?

United States Postal Service is also among the best delivery providers and transportation companies nationwide. Moreover, the organization also offers international logistics and courier services. It is considered one of the safest transportation organizations in the country.

Weather conditions, traffic jams, and other factors are equal for local and international logistics and courier companies. However, famous companies like USPS use various methods to tackle these types of issues and deliver products safely, on time, and as quickly as possible.

What Does in Transit Mean Dhl?

DHL has made its name in the industry through its high-class transportation and delivery services. The company was established on September 25, 1969, and is one of the organizations of the DHL group. DHL is a worldwide multinational company that offers international shipments of all types, from small to large.

Moreover, the company offers fast delivery service and cares about all sensitive products. If your product is on the way to your destination, the DHL portal will showcase in transit its status. In transit in DHL, your package is moving from one place to another and will soon be delivered to the destination.

Does in Transit Mean My Package is Moving?

It may be, or it may not be! If your package has been in transit for so long, it is lost, misplaced, or on the wrong route, or maybe other conditions affect the delivery. On the other hand, if the status is in transit and changes to en route, your items are on the delivery route.

However, in transit means your package has left the seller’s store and is on the way to the distribution centre or 3PL provider regional hub, where it will go to the operation department and be sorted by destination. After sorting, the package will be delivered to the customer immediately.


To answer, “What does in transit mean?” It means that the seller has handed the parcel to the 3PL provider. The in transit status will be shown on the portal until the product moves on to the next step. However, due to some reasons that are mentioned above, in transit can take a long time.

Selecting a trusted and international company is always the best way to transport your products from one place to another. Moreover, some popular services can offer faster delivery than other logistics and courier companies.

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