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Vocabulary to Describe Graphs

Are you searching for useful vocabulary to describe graphs in English. Here are listed words for Going Up, Going down, Small Changes, Big Changes and Time expressions for Business Graphs.

Vocabulary to Describe Graphs in Business English

Graphs: Going Up

  • Went up
  • Climb
  • Rose
  • Increased
  • Grew

Graphs: Going down

  • Decreased
  • Declined
  • Went down
  • Dropped

Graphs: No Change

  • Remained constant
  • Stabilised
  • Stayed the same
  • Did not change
  • Levelled off

Graphs: Up and Down

  • Fluctuated
  • Undulated
  • Zig-zagged

Graphs: Small Changes

  • Slightly
  • Gently
  • Gradually
  • Steadily

Graphs: Big Changes

  • Dramatically
  • Suddenly
  • Steeply

Graphs: Time expressions

  • In February / In 2013
  • between 2003 and 2013
  • from 2003 until 2013
  • From February to March
  • Between February and March

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