Team Leader Skills For Effective Team Building


Team leader skills and team building skills are basic qualities and attributes of a good leader and manager.

How to be a good team leader? What are team leader skills?

This page contains a team leadership skills list that aims to answer this question.

One of the main goals of every manager is to build an effective and high-performance team. To achieve this, he needs an array of abilities, responsibilities, techniques, attributes and qualities.

Here we will show you a list of the most important of them.

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Team Leader Skills For Team Building. List of Skills.

The previous post contains a full leadership skills list. This post contains a list of skills that are specifically for a good team leader.

Effective communication skills

If there isn’t communication, there is no team at all. Effective communication abilities are basic team building and team leader skills and qualities for a high-performance team.

Examples of good communication skills are verbal and non-verbal abilities, listening skills, feedback, and much more. As a good leader, you have to be a great communicator.

Setting goals

Every team members need to know where they are going. As a leader, you have to show the direction of your team.

Moreover, you have to show them how they are going to get there. That means not only goals are needed but plans too. Setting clear goals and plans are one of the crucial team leader skills and attributes.

Delegate and clarify roles and responsibility

As a good team leader and manager, you have to define clearly the roles and responsibilities for each member of the team.

Make sure that every one of your time clearly understands what have to do. This is a must for a high performance and effective team.

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are a whole science. As a good team leader, you have to be very familiar with this science. Where there is a team, there are different problems.

Effective problem-solving abilities are absolutely crucial team building skills. There are many tips and techniques that you can learn to develop problem-solving qualities and traits.


To be respectful is a must for every good team leader. How to be a good team leader if others don’t respect you?

Respect is something you have to earn, not to demand. To earn respect, respect the team members, their opinions, ideas, and points of view. Engage with the team and evolve your leadership style.


You have to show to your team that they can rely on you and can trust you. That means to be confident. Confidence is one of the best ability in the team leader skills list and one of the most important attributes of a good leader.

Create and maintain good and positive relationship among the members

A good relationship between members is one of the vital team building skills. To build a high-performance team, you have to maintain a good and positive relationship among the members.

For team members to work together effectively, they need positive relationships and social interactions.

The ability to motivate

The ability to motivate people is a basic team leader and team building skill too. If the members of a team aren’t motivated, it isn’t possible to create an effective and high-performance team. There are many tips and techniques how to motivate. Every good team leader has to know and use them.

Learning and developing the qualities of this team leader skills list are crucial for building a high-performance team. They will help you to answer one of the most important questions for every manager: How to be a good team leader?

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