What is Online Time Tracking Software? 4 Benefits of Using Timesheet System For Your Business


In this highly technological world, an online timesheet system that is also referred to as time tracking software plays a very important role in the advancement of the efficiency of startups and companies. Currently, there are many companies and businesses that are managing traditional timesheets using paper & pen, excel sheets, and Google spreadsheets.

These sheets are filled manually with the tasks and data of all the employees and keep updating it on the regular basis. Not only this, many companies have a manual way of managing project time that each employee spends on it. These manual ways of managing and updating data become outdated in this technologically advanced world. Thanks to online timesheet software that is a boon for IT companies, businesses, and small scale startups to help them to keep track of employees.

Before moving ahead and discussing the benefits of such a software solution, let’s know what it is in simple language and then discuss its advantages.

What is Online Time Tracking Software?

In simple language, online time tracking software is nothing but a software solution that is mainly used to track the total time spent on the projects or overall assigned tasks. Employees of the company just need to enter the start and end-time of tasks as it will give a detailed breakdown of time spent on different tasks/projects. This information can be used for various purposes like project costing, time tracking, payroll, client billing, and job estimation.

With different options in the online timesheet software, it is a must that you choose one that fits in your requirements, budget, and companies’ needs. Moreover, the software will be used for analyzing the overall performance of the team, knowing who is working hard and who is not. Further, such information helps companies to know the success rate of projects.

Moving ahead, let’s discuss what are the main benefits of using a timesheet system and it helps your business to expand and grow.

1. Keep Track Of All the Employees & Their Timesheet

Being an owner of the business, you might find it difficult to track all the employees with their timesheet and total time spent on a particular task or the project. Not only this but they are also confused with their next tasks to do as per the priority. So, it is better to adopt an online timesheet software solution that will not only track your employees but check their current working project, its deadline, urgency and make them understand to complete it before time.

The software also allows your team members to take complete ownership of their tasks as they can enter the start time & end time of all the tasks and check themselves how they are doing. By tracking, they can also set the goal to complete tasks before time and keep improving. If your team or all the employees get engaged with their own productivity, the chances are high that they will take complete responsibility for their work and schedules.

2. Task & Client Management Become Easier

Another main benefit of using online timesheet software is – task and client management becomes much easier and smoother than before. Currently, you might be facing a lot of problems when it comes to managing all the tasks and clients with their projects. You might have to keep track of all the things manually and make a sheet that you keep updating on a daily basis.

So, it is better to choose the best time tracking solution that makes it easier for you to define who can view, check, and edit the clients. As you know that clients have a number of projects and tasks to log time under. Every project and client has different needs like how to perform each task, how to bill, and other settings that are available to adhere to your business scenario. With this solution, it becomes quite easier to manage all the tasks and clients with their different projects and requirements.

3. Improves Billing & Invoicing

Currently, there are many businesses, companies, and startups that are manually preparing the bills and invoices for their clients, so it is a time taking process that wastes almost the entire day to prepare bills and invoices for clients. But with a timesheet system, you can produce accurate bills, invoices, and quotes for your clients.

Generating accurate bills and invoices is much important because a single mistake in it can destroy the relations with your clients. But the time tracking software will have accurate records on how long each type of job takes and helps you to create reports on it so that you can create bills that have an accurate amount.

4. Generating Real-time Reports on Clients & Projects

Using online time tracking software, you can create real-time reports on your clients, their projects, and progress. With just one single click on the screen, you can generate detailed reports that have almost all the data and information that you are looking for. Based on your permission, settings will determine what type of report and data you want and check.

Apart from creating reports, you can also receive reports from your employees and get notified of them. Once your employees share their reports and timesheets with you, you will get real-time notifications about it so that you can take a look instantly and reply to your employees, saving them time. For more details about software development, check out this website https://mysqmclub.com/ for more information.

On a Concluding Note

In this blog post, we checked what is time tracking software and how it benefits your business in different ways. No matter what type of business you are running, you can adopt one online timesheet system with different features & functionalities and ditch your problematic & time-consuming tasks.

You can select one of the best cloud-based software that makes time-tracking easier like never before. In any case, if you still have any confusion or queries related to such a software solution, then you can comment below. We will answer your queries as soon as possible.

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