Marketing Skills List


If you are searching for a way to be a more effective marketing manager / specialist or if you are going to write a resume and a job application, this marketing skills list will help you.

What marketing skills are needed to succeed?

We are sure, you know that in our high-competitive and high-tech ages the more skills you possess the more chances for success you have!

You need an excellent combination of digital marketing skills, social media marketing skills, sales qualities and other abilities to make you a good career in the business field you work in.

Marketing skills list for successful marketing managers and specialists.

  • Customer orientation

Customers are the center of every marketing campaign and strategy. There is marketing because there are customers.

No matter what you will do in the business, never forget that this is for the customers.

Customer centricity is a basic and absolutely crucial ability in the marketing skills list.

  • Customer segmentation

To segment the customers is an essential skill for every marketing manager, assistant and specialist. Customer segmentation helps you understand what your customers really want.

There are many tips and techniques for customer segmentation. Learn them and use them.

  • Marketing communications

If you are a marketing manager or specialist, there is a wide range of different people you have to communicate to ( customers, business partners, competitors, media, social media).

Effective communication skills are a must! There are many examples of good communication skills – listening skills, verbal and non-verbal communication abilities, being confident, patient and respectful.

  • Creativity

To be creative is an ability needed for every business area but in marketing, it has a special place.

You have to create effective and catchable advertising campaigns, have to make customers desire your products, have to find and develop ideas, have to motivate and inspire people to buy and so many things. All of these actions require creativity.

To be creative is in the top position in our marketing skills list.

  • Social media marketing

Nowadays if you want your business to grow then you have to use social media marketing effectively. Social media is a very powerful tool that allows you to reach more and more customers and to increase the sales. It is the main part of online and digital marketing.

You should learn, maintain and constantly develop your social media marketing skills because this area is very dynamic and changeable.

  • Mobile marketing

As a different area of digital marketing, mobile advertising and sales require a wide range of marketing skills too.

This area is one of the most dynamic, fast and constantly growing, and has an enormous potential for increasing sales.

Mobile marketing is the future of sales. As a good marketing manager and specialist, you should learn and develop different mobile advertising strategies, plans, tools, tips and techniques. Mobile marketing skills also are required for a resume and a job application / interview.

  • Email marketing

Email marketing has an important place in our marketing skills list too. Good email marketing knowledge is a must for a resume and a job application.

Sending newsletters, managing beautiful email campaigns, and keeping in touch with your customers are some of the greatest advertising tools.

  • Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is a basic part of online and digital marketing. You have to know how to optimize your website content for organic earned search.

Building and manage a successful website is a process that takes time, but the good online presence is a must and every marketing specialist and manager have to possess online marketing abilities.

  • Visual marketing

Your brand needs amazing graphics, videos and photos that sell. You have to be able to use visual aids to communicate with your customers.

  • Data analysis

It is a crucial ability in the marketing skills list. Data Analysis is an important part of the marketing research process.

Learn to use important business metrics, such as ROI, marketing attribution, and overall marketing effectiveness. They will help you not only to measure your performance but to make the right decisions.

Other important abilities in the marketing skills list are:

  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Speaking
  • Giving feedback
  • Persuasive
  • Building and maintaining public relationships
  • Manage projects
  • Team leader skills
  • Decision making
  • Testing
  • Positioning
  • Time management skills
  • Motivating
  • Customer service
  • Planning
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