Key Features to Look For in a Warehouse Management System


Do you need to modernize your warehouse operations? Are you looking for the right Warehouse Management System (WMS)? Don’t just pick the first one you find – there are essential key features to look for in a WMS.

You know what you want out of your system: efficiency, cost savings, and accuracy. You need to explore the range of features available to make the best decisions for your business.

Here are some key elements to look for in a system. Read on to learn more.

Warehouse Automation

Search for a WMS that supports warehouse automation technologies. Features may include:

  • voice picking
  • pick-to-light
  • automated conveyor systems

Automated features can significantly improve pick accuracy and speed. It reduces labor costs and minimizes errors in order fulfillment.

Automated solutions can also help track and manage inventory levels. Click here for more information about warehouse automation solutions.

Mobile Functionality

Modern WMS should have mobile functionality. With mobile functionality, users have increased accessibility. They can take advantage of features such as real-time data, customization, and more.

This feature reduces manual data entry errors and increases productivity. Mobile functionality is a great feature to consider. This feature is ideal for businesses looking to stay updated in today’s changing market.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability allows the system to grow as business needs change. Flexibility allows the system to adapt to different business needs as they arise. This gives the business more control over its operations.

It should also be customizable to adapt to your specific business processes. With these features in a system, businesses can be better prepared to handle an array of tasks.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The user interface should be easy-to-use. This helps employees easily access the system’s features.

The interface should also allow users to access, search and retrieve inventory. The system should also have clear instructions and minimal training requirements. These features will help streamline operations for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Order Management

WMS should have order management capabilities. Features may include:

  • order allocation
  • order picking
  • shipping management capabilities

Order allocation gives users the ability to assign and track orders. Order picking helps to process picking tasks, assign waves, and check orders in flight. Lastly, shipping management allows users to track and monitor the entire shipment process.

Support and Updates

Consider the level of support and regular updates provided by the WMS vendor. Ensure that the vendor offers timely customer support. They should perform regular software updates to address any issues or bugs that may arise.

Having an up-to-date system can help you run your warehouse smoothly and save costs.

Quick Tips on Selecting a Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) should have robust inventory management. Other features to look for include reporting, order management, warehouse automation, and integration capabilities. These features help optimize warehouse operations and improve supply chain efficiency.

Take the time to check your options and find a WMS that best fits your business requirements.

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