How Fiber Internet Can Boost Your Small Business Efficiency


Ever since the pandemic, the World Wide Web has become more populated than ever. From ordering groceries online to socializing with folks across the border, people rely on the internet for practically everything.

Even the business world has sensed both the opportunity and need to rent a virtual space. No wonder thousands of small and mid-sized companies are crawling all over the internet. At least 175 new sites are up on the web every minute! 

Besides, business operations, such as market research and client video-conferencing, occur through the Internet. Most small businesses today have remote employees working behind the scenes for business growth. If you wish to stay abreast with contemporary times, you know you cannot do without an internet connection.

And not just any connection, but a robust and reliable one. If your business’ efficiency is suffering due to slow response time, unreachable cloud, lost work hours, and poor collaboration, it’s time to switch to Fiber.

This article explores all the ways in which Fiber internet can boost your morale and your business’ efficiency.

1. High Degree of Stability and Reliability

As your business enters the challenger stage, demand is usually more than supply, business processes become more well-defined, and customer count increases. There can be no room for internet lagging and buffering. 

You will be surprised to know that Fiber Internet has a reliability of over 99.99%! These numbers are true, and so are the reasons for such stability.

  • It is a scientific fact that electricity and light lose their intensity the longer they travel. Where traditional internet copper cables’ signal strength only lasts for 330 ft. or less (equivalent to a football field), fiber optic cables’ strength lasts for 25 miles. This is equivalent to 440 football fields!
  • Copper cables disturb radio signals. On the other hand, fiber optic cables are more insulated, which improves signal strength. 
  • Another reason for fiber’s reliability is its ability to withstand pressure. While copper cables succumb to 25 pounds of force, fiber optic cables can resist nearly 100 to 200 pounds. 

With a reliable internet connection, you can add more members to your team and stay on top of the market even during peak hours/seasons. Not to mention you can gradually build brand equity in the global market! 

2. Robust Security

Some business owners believe that only enterprise-level organizations must worry about internet security. This is a myth simply because even small businesses have huge volumes of private information (especially sensitive customer data). 

Hackers are waiting for their opportunity to violate customer privacy. Then there’s the problem of identity theft and financial damages in the case of hacked company bank accounts. When it comes to security, fiber scores higher than cable internet. 

Wired copper cables transmit electromagnetic waves from one spot to another for traditional internet services. However, fiber optic cables use light/laser pulses where data transfer nearly reaches the speed of light.

As a result, the system is so secure that hackers and those with malicious intent cannot break through. In a nutshell, you will never have to worry about data breaches and passcode hacking with fiber internet!

3. Faster Speed and Improved Bandwidth

Are your business operations limited to web browsing and emailing? Then, cable internet, with its low bandwidth of 100 to 500 Megabits per second (Mbps), should be enough. 

However, if your daily business involves regular video conferences with remote employees or clients, heavy file transfers, cloud computing, etc., you need speed that can match the speed of light! 

Yes, Fiber internet infrastructure can reach up to 940 Mbps. That’s over five times the traditional internet’s speed. This means multiple people can use fiber internet at the same time without any effect on its performance. 

4. Better Cloud Support

The cloud has made infrastructure-as-a-service accessible for small businesses everywhere. You may not have the resources to purchase and maintain hardware and network equipment. But with the cloud, robust data management and backup become affordable. 

But successful cloud computing requires internet with low latency, high bandwidth, and robust security. All three features are available with fiber internet. This will also help you keep up with the competitive business landscape – think about faster purchases and superior customer service. 

5. Cost-Efficiency

Many small business owners hold back from installing fiber internet because of cost concerns. However, fiber’s resiliency stands the test of time.

Just think about this – Faster response time and quicker uploads mean improved workplace productivity. Then there is the benefit of reliability and better uptime. Finally, fiber is also highly scalable.

Besides, there are ways to reduce the internet costs too. For instance, Wow! Business’s small business fiber internet plan includes the fiber flex option using which you can leverage your local fiber connection. Similarly, you can build your network around application needs right now to save on future internet costs. 

6. Highly Scalable

Currently, your business might be small, but it will gradually grow where its operations will expand, and so will storage needs. Fiber internet is designed to evolve with the cloud environment and data capacity requirements.

When compared to cable internet, fiber internet is 10x more scalable. As you can make large file transfers, you can also hire more remote teams. No matter the increase in numbers, rest assured that the internet performance will remain unaffected.

Wrapping Up

The worldwide fiber internet market is growing at a CAGR of 10.3%. It compounded to $8760.4 million in 2022 alone! Businesses of all sizes are leveraging the benefits of this future-ready technology.

If you want to enjoy its business benefits for cloud computing, video conference, and data recovery, start with your requirements. Then, observe the provider’s SLA (Service Level Agreement) provisions, quality of service, and price.

If the service provider is dependable and reputed, fiber internet will be the game-changer your business needs to reach new heights of success. 

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