How Does Soc-As-A-Service Work And What Are The Benefits?


Cyber security is a huge problem today. The number of security breaches happening every year keeps increasing. It is for this reason that you have to prioritize security in your company. According to research by UnderDefense, there were about 1802 cases of cyber attacks in 2022 in the United States alone. So companies are at constant risk. The best solution is to invest in security measures that will prevent this from happening. A good option is soc-as-a-service.

Soc-as-a-service is a system where a third party provides security for another company. A security operations center serves to provide real-time feeds on the networks of a company. It also identifies and rectifies any potential threats. The provider is responsible for all the people who have access to the network. It also provides support. So how does a soc-as-a-service work and what are its main benefits?


There are so many benefits of using a soc-as-a-service. Let’s check the main advantages and see the profit for businesses:

1. Quick detection of threats

One of the things that make soc-as-a-service stand out is the speed it offers. It works with automation which allows for fast detection of security threats. When this is combined with human skills, it leads to fast and accurate results.

Even though the services are fast, monitoring is done properly to make sure nothing is overlooked. There is also a system that prioritizes threats from the most immediate. Should there be any breach, the issue is removed fast. The most important things are investigated to avoid wasting time on the least threats. Any attacks that could pose an immediate threat to your organization are dealt with first.

2. More secure

SOCaaS operates 24/7. This puts customers at an advantage. There is constant monitoring of networks throughout the day. It doesn’t end with monitoring. The tools are constantly monitored to detect and remove any cyber threats.

This constant surveillance ensures that any threat is neutralized before causing any damage. This will reduce the break-out time significantly. This is the period an intruder breaks into a system.

Another way they provide more security is through access to specialists. You can work with the best specialists in the business without having to hire them full-time. Leverage the skills of professionals during special events. Such skills are rare on the market thus hiring is expensive.

Another thing that promotes cyber attacks is outdated software or equipment. Replacing old equipment or updating to the latest software on the market can be expensive. Without this, hackers will find it easier to break into an organization. With a SOCaaS, you will have access to the latest technology and keep your company safe.

3. Easy to scale

Another thing that attracts SaaS companies to this solution is how scalable it can be. It can be easily adapted to suit a customer’s requirements. Providers can either scale upwards or downwards depending on the needs of a customer.

When you subscribe to certain services, it is easy to change later on should the need arise. Also, you may need to scale up during special events. That is why soc-as-a-service works well for large organizations. Scalability makes sure that you retain the same level of security even when needs change.

4. It is cheaper

A soc-as-a-service is a cost-effective option for many firms. When it comes to security, there is the option of hiring an in-house team to take care of everything. However, this is quite expensive. First of all, you need to hire staff. The second problem is the equipment. Professional tools are quite expensive. Other expenses according to UnderDefense can come from:

  • software
  • maintenance services
  • licenses

Because of this, an organization will end up spending thousands. So a soc-as-a-service is a great alternative. These services are cheaper because of the shared cost among customers. Also, you only pay for the required services. This will significantly lower costs.

5. 24/7 monitoring

Cybercriminals are always coming up with new ways to break through your security defense. So it is important to have a system that is working at all times. This will help you eliminate any threats before they reach your organization’s network.

The provider will help you keep your network safe even during weekends and holidays. You can remain calm knowing that all your data is kept safe.

How it works

A SOC is a company that provides a security team to monitor and provide solutions against cyber-attacks for businesses. It makes use of a team of IT specialists that includes analytics. They are responsible for providing 24/7 monitoring of a business network.

The team uses various specialized tools to achieve this. The team is also composed of expert professional cyber analysts. They can detect threats and stop them before it happens.

Hiring a dedicated soc-as-a-service team will help you save on expenses. Instead of hiring a separate team, you can outsource the specific services. Other members of a team that provides soc-as-a-service include:

  • manager
  • data analyst
  • security analyst
  • threat hunter
  • auditor
  • security architect
  • coordinator

Most services are tailored to the specific needs of customers. That is because every customer has specific needs and a one fits all solution may not be ideal. Before choosing a provider, make sure the company complies with standard security requirements.

Companies offer packages at different prices. For the most part, you can select the services that your organization needs. This helps you cut expenses. The cost will depend on the desired services. You can pay on a monthly or yearly basis depending on your preference.

Final thoughts

It’s crucial to get the necessary security. Also, you will have experts who can detect threats before any attacks. With the ever-growing rate of cyber attacks, security is something you have to invest in. Instead of spending a lot of revenue on hiring an in-house team of experts to take care of this, a soc-as-a-service is a cheaper alternative. You can save a lot while still maintaining tight security at your firm.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of soc-as-a-service. It is something you won’t regret investing in. Professionals will monitor your network 24/7. If any threats are detected, they will be eliminated immediately before causing any havoc!

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