Customer Service Skills List


Here you will see a customer service skills list that can help you to improve your sales performance and achieve good customer service standards. If you want to be a successful salesman, you need excellent customer service skills.

As many other business skills, customer service abilities need experience, practice, and learning.

Good and excellent customer services are more important now than ever before.

They are becoming more and more important! They change in time! What’s more, the requirements for salesmen are growing constantly. So, if you are applying for a job, make sure to put the best customer service skills you possess in your resume and cover letter.

This customer service skills list contains some of the basic and most important abilities for every good salesman / trader.

Customer Service Skills List To Improve Sales Performance

Listen carefully your customers

This is one of the essential customer service abilities for all times and ages. The customers always have needs.

Understanding these needs is the key to offering them good service.

Listening carefully is the key to understanding and meet your customer’s needs. No matter how good your product is if clients believe they don’t need it.

Listening and knowing customer needs will help you to offer the right product and to persuade potential customers that you have the solution for their problems.

Analyze customer’s needs – ask questions

Being a good listener is to analyze what customers want. Ask questions and summarize the answers. This will show your customers that you care and sincerely want to help them.

The key to sales and business growth is to create more value for your current and potential clients. This will better satisfy their needs. So, ask questions to understand your customers better and to give them a more valuable product.

Be patient

This is one of the hardest sales skills but also is one of the basic abilities in the customer service skills list. The good salesman is patient and calm even when the customer is angry and annoying.

There are many techniques to deal with angry customers and other difficult sales situations. Many customers are not able to be patient, but a good salesman never loses his patience.

Be respectful of them. No matter how angry they are, they will appreciate your good attitude. Staying calm under pressure is one of the best customer service standards.

Be honest

The importance of being honest is widely discussed in the sales field. We think, to be honest in sales is a must, because the honesty will increase customer confidence in your products.

Honesty is becoming more and more valuable, especially in a highly competitive market. Nowadays there are so many products and so many promises by companies. Customers are confused and cautious. They want to buy valuable products, but they don’t know who to believe.

Cheated customer will not come back to you and will never buy your goods again. He will go to your competitors and will tell his friends. So always be honest.

Prove them you truly care about their needs. Winning customer’s trust is one of the most important abilities in the in the customer service skills list.

Be confident

Self-confidence promotes good customer service. If you sound confident, customer’s trust in your products will increase.

Be positive

Being positive will help you to create a good relationship and communication with the customers. Love what you sell and this will add value to the products. If you are positive, it would be a pleasure for customers to communicate with you.

Knowledge of the Product

It is a must too. You have to know every aspect of your products. If you want to satisfy customer needs, you have to know the quality of the products.

Knowing product advantages will help to resolve customer problems and will increase their confidence.

Persuasion Skills

They have a very important place in the customer service skills list too. To be good in sales means to be persuasive. There are many techniques to be persuasive. Learn and use them.

The skills above are basic.

Customer service skills list also includes:

  • Organizational skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Computer skills.
  • Languages knowledge.
  • Excellent body language.
  • Understanding of customer psychology.
  • Flexibility.

Download the following infographic in PDF.

Customer Service Skills and Tips. Infographic.

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