Applicant Tracking Systems & Software: Best List


Are you searching for a list of the best applicant tracking systems and software (ATS) to make a comparison?

Also called the candidate management system, it can help employers by efficient recruitment of employees, screen resumes, generating job interview requests, and much more.

There is a wide range of staff recruiting and hiring software and tools – online, web, or cloud-based, installed on PC, free and open-source, affordable to buy, and more.

Mostly used by large businesses, applicant management software is not an unusual tool for small companies to choose the best candidates for a particular job position.

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What is an applicant tracking system? Definition.


An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software that aims to help an enterprise find the right candidates for particular job positions. This system can make the recruitment process more efficient and easier.

Applicant tracking systems enable you to collect job applications, analyze resumes, identify best candidates, organize better review processes, easily post to major job boards, post job openings on your Web site and much more.

Other features may include automated resume and candidate ranking, creating questionnaires and customized forms, interacting and recruiting via social media, and multilingual capabilities.

ATS ( also called candidate management systems) are generally used by large businesses and HR agencies but nowadays more and more small companies are willing to use them. Furthermore, there is a wide range of software specially created for small business needs.

Benefits of candidate recruiting systems:

  • A faster and easier way to recruit and find new employees.
  • Helps all-size businesses better streamline their hiring process.
  • Save a lot of time and money – an ATS takes off much of the problems and encumbrances traditionally face.
  • The majority of the ATS can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device.
  • Significantly reduce administrative work and tasks.
  • Push the best candidates through.
  • Reduce the paperwork within the recruitment process.
  • Improve the hiring candidates decision-making process (based upon quality metrics). You are able to make more informed decisions.
  • Creates a useful database for present and future needs and more.

Applicant Tracking Systems and Software. Some of the Best List.


workable 1

Workable is everything you need to hire, in one place. From posting your job ad to managing candidates, it saves time on admin and creates time for people. Workable is affordable, online recruiting software. Get up and running in minutes, no downloads or training required. In less than 5 minutes post your job to all the major job boards and social networks. Candidate resumes are automatically organized for easy screening. No lost resumes, no missing feedback. You also can create your own branded careers site – no coding required.


A greenhouse is a software to optimize your entire recruiting process. Find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions. One of the most popular and top-rated applicant tracking systems. You can recruit with a consistent, scalable process that gives you the right data you need. Some of the features are planning, sourcing, accepting applications online, posting to social networks, creating and scheduling interviews, scoring candidates, and more.



iApplicants was designed for the sole purpose of helping small and mid-sized businesses and employers become more effective and efficient at managing their hiring process. It provides tools to employers that will help them reduce their costs and headaches while at the same time increasing the quality of their new hires.

We aren’t trying to be everything to everyone, and we honestly will not sell our system to you if we feel that it doesn’t fit your specific needs. We aren’t trying to build payroll or HRIS software, but are completely focused on helping our clients improve their hiring process. Our tools are based on the idea that the best hiring process maximizes the numbers of people who apply, and then provides tools and assessments to be used to quickly filter and screen out those people who are not qualified for the job. One of the best applicant tracking systems designed to fill your needs.


Redefining the standard for cutting edge technology and innovation, JobDiva is the leading global Applicant Tracking System and front-to-back Talent Management solution, serving 18,000 global staffing professionals who support Fortune 500 clients. A powerful cloud solution, JobDiva combines a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, synchronization with all major job boards and VMS providers, BI analytics, automated 24/7 resume aggregation, a Mobile App and the largest resume database in the world to deliver staffing solutions with unmatched speed and precision. Great for large businesses.

IBM Applicant Tracking System

cloud recruitment technology

IBM Applicant Tracking System is a global recruitment solution to attract, engage and hire top talent using responsive experiences on any device. Main benefits: Deliver Exceptional Candidate & Recruiter Experiences, Build a global talent acquisition environment, Meet your complex organizational needs, Engage candidates with mobile and social, Improve recruiting and hiring processes, and more. IBM Applicant Tracking System, powered by Kenexa® BrassRing. It’s simple, easy to use, engaging, and meets the needs of recruiters and candidates on the go – anytime, anywhere. One of the most popular applicant tracking systems.


Designed for both Corporate HR and Staffing Firms, this easy-to-use system doesn’t require any software installation and can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device. Users can create jobs online, recruit via social media sites, post to major job boards, create questionnaires, score applicants, and more. Create new hire checklists, track tasks, and provide a new hire portal for employees to quickly and easily complete required forms. Quickly filter and score applicants based on their resume/CV content, questionnaire answers and more, so you can find the right applicant faster.  100% cloud-based software so users can collaborate, communicate, and store applicant data that’s accessible anytime, anywhere – from any device.

The Applicant Manager (TAM)

The Applicant Manager TAM

By replacing manual spreadsheets, paper resumes, and inefficient technology, TAM streamlines your recruiting process. TAM is designed to be intuitive and easy to use so that you can concentrate on hiring quality applicants. Because TAM uses current cloud-based technology, you’ll use familiar tools to configure TAM to meet your needs. Starting with your company website, TAM integrates seamlessly with your brand and your recruiting practices. You can create custom workflows, email templates, and pre-screening questions, as well as add custom fields to track any data you want. There is no need for time-intensive training or long implementation periods.

CATS applicant tracking system

Easy to learn and incredibly powerful, CATS is the complete recruiting solution. Collect job applications, automatically sync your email communications, and boolean search inside resumes to filter down to the best candidates for each position. Publish your job postings to Indeed, SimplyHired, and other popular job boards and social media with one click. Collect applicants on your custom career portal. CATS works with popular tools like WordPress, MailChimp, Constant Contact and Slack. You can open documents directly from CATS into Microsoft Word and Google Drive. Access your CATS data from your mobile device to retrieve important information on the go. Because it’s web-based, your CATS data is always accessible wherever you have an internet connection.


Applicant tracking for companies, staffing agencies, and HR service providers. HiringThing makes each step in the hiring process simple, intuitive, and effective, resulting in calm colleagues, well-staffed teams, and happy clients. Some of the main features: Online Job Posting, Video Interviewing, Social Media Integration, Referral Programs, Form Builder, Communication, Calendaring and Scheduling, Resume Import, Offer Letter, Staffing and multi-site versions, Job Requisition Workflow, Analytic tools and much more. These features simplify the recruitment process so you can maximize your time. One of the greatest applicant tracking systems that save time and money.


Engage the right talent, faster with one of the world’s best collaborative applicant tracking systems. ATS meets CRM – Source, nurture, and track your talent in one place. Get results a traditional applicant tracking system can’t. Keep hiring managers and recruiters on the same page with features like two-way email sync, @-mentions, and more. View your company’s entire history with each candidate in a single record for the ultimate transparency and simplicity. Some of the main features are: Custom job site, Company-branded careers page, Mobile-responsive, Candidate sourcing on AngelList, GitHub, Twitter, and more, Forward a resume from your inbox, to Lever (even in bulk), Centralize communication with one-click email sync, Scheduling, Complete Gmail and Outlook calendar integration, Assign interview roles, Build skill-based scorecards, Create Reports, and much more.


Professional recruitment software. Integration with LinkedIn & some local job boards, suggestions of appropriate candidates, clients’ access to your account, and reports will make the recruitment process faster and more effective. The system has many features that allow: fast filling of your candidates’ database, fast searching of appropriate candidates, communicating with your customer easily, convenient working process, and much more.


Recruitment Technology for Everyone.Valuehire helps automate end to end hiring for recruitment agencies, executive search firms, and the HR teams of small-medium sized startups and companies. It is a cloud-based recruitment software with Applicant Tracking, Job Postings, Candidate Management, Employee Referrals, Interview Management, and Reporting. Small Businesses to Medium-sized Employers and Startups can use Valuehire to organize their end-end recruiting efforts so that they can identify and hire the best candidates quickly.

Top free applicant tracking system software


Fitzii Logo - one of the best free applicant tracking systemsFitzii is a free hiring platform providing easy access to expert tools and advice that increases the odds of making a great hire and saves time and money along the way. Unlimited use of free applicant tracking software to easily post jobs, better organize the hiring process, and save time at every step. The platform also provides access to a variety of add-ons to improve hiring success. Fitzii users can attract better applicants by having a compelling job ad created, or through special rates on premium job boards. The screening process is improved through the predictive Fitzii Assessment, or by using recorded video screening and reference surveys. The software also has premium options.


iKrut is the world’s first totally free applicant tracking system with enterprise-level functionality. iKrut has 3 versions: Free, Premium, Premium+. With the free system, you can add an unlimited number of both vacancies and users and get access to a basic range of recruiting functionality. All your vacancies appear on your iKrut powered careers site which has your logo and content ready to accept unlimited applications from candidates. Some of the features included in free options are: Post to social networks, Job and candidate management tools, Unlimited number of users, Basic reports, Online interview scheduler, Mass email rejection tool, Branded careers site, Unlimited number of applications, Telephone, and email support, Telephone and email support.


One of the leading free & open applicant tracking systems. OpenCATS is a free Applicant Tracking System (ATS). ..designed for Recruiters by the recruiting community who need to manage the recruitment process from job posting, candidate application, through to candidate selection and submission. This free and open application will install on Linux or Windows to manage your recruiting workflow. OpenCATS has all the basic features expected from an ATS.


By handling much of the administrative work and tasks, applicant tracking systems save your time and money and allow HR to focus on finding the best candidate for a particular job position.

A candidate management system ( or ATS) is the answer for many businesses (small and large) looking to improve their recruitment process.

To know what applicant tracking system is right for your business, you have to look at your needs. Review your current staff hiring processes, find out what gaps it has and determine what you will need and what you want an ATS to do.

Think what ATS functions you will need – a one with key features that streamline and organize your recruiting process, or you want market trend features such as mobile access, social media recruitment, detailed reporting, video technology, and more.

After that, you will be able to choose the best applicant management system that suits your business – free and open-source, online or cloud-based, with more features or simple but affordable to buy, etc.

What is your experience with ATS? Which one is easy to use for you and able to improve your recruitment process?

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