Best Process Mapping Software & Tools


Finding the best process mapping software and tools for your business can bring you a huge range of benefits.

What is a process mapping software tool and why is it so important?

It is software (mainly online or cloud-based) that allows you to illustrate visually (through graphs and charts) the steps needed to complete a particular business process.

The map shows flowchart things like descriptions of tasks, standard operating procedures, all process-related activities, including input/output, and much more.

Actually, the main goal of the software for business process mapping is to help companies become more efficient. These tools allow management to track workflows and to get a clear perspective on the entire company and its different processes.

Also, process mapping tools break down the complexity of any business process and improve the understanding of process flows. This allows you to define steps for process improvement.

As you see, the process mapping software can be an extremely valuable tool for your entire business because before you can improve a process, you must understand it. And that is what process mapping does – allows you to understand the core of processes.

Here you will see a list of the most popular and top process mapping software tools, selected by their high positive reviews and customer satisfaction in the majority of software comparison sites.

Best process mapping software tools for business needs


Highlights and FeaturesWho is using it?
Drives process improvement by simplifying process mapping.Makes it easy to create, share and change HR processes and more.Enable quality assurance, risk management, business continuity.Easy to use for the whole team.Process maps generated from text.Simple process map format.Drill down to detail, related documents.Change tracking for every change.An intuitive online process mapping tool with a central cloud-based process repository.One of the top business process mapping software with great process improvement tools.All size businesses and organizations. From global organizations to government departments to local manufacturers.Some of their clients: McDonald’s, Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Toyota Financial Services AU, Heartland Bank, Nutricia, Nelson City Council, Fuji Xerox and much more.Website:


Highlights and FeaturesWho is using it?
One of the best process mapping software tools to visualize your business processes and to identify necessary improvements.Drag-and-drop interface – anyone in a company can easily diagram business processes.A huge array of formatting capabilities to customize your flowcharts.Visio import/export.Integrated BPM tool with Google Apps, Confluence, JIRA, HipChat.Publish and share.BPM app to diagram on the go.Venn diagram maker, Mind mapping software, Data flow diagram software, and more.Small and Mid-Size Business, Freelancers, Large Enterprises,Non-Profit Organizations, Public Administrations and more.Some of their customers: Allianz, Accenture, Box, CBS Interactive, Dropbox, Entrepreneur Magazine, Ford and much more.Website:


Highlights and FeaturesWho is using it?
Lets anyone create professional-looking charts and diagrams with ease.Provides one of the best process mapping software that gives you the ease of use and a full array of features.It’s easy to use with an extremely intuitive design.Unique automated technology—just click to add new symbols and type in text.Huge range of  features – from the library of process symbols to professionally designed themes.Integrations with Office® and other popular services.Use it on any devicesdesktop or mobile. All you need is an internet connection.Save or share your process map with others using Dropbox®, Google Drive™, OneDrive®, and SharePoint®.Fast, easy and powerful business process mapping software.Suitable for any size of business -from Small and Mid-Size Business to Large Enterprises, Non-Profitt Organizations, etc.Some of their customers: FedEx, Kraft, General Dynamic, Tesla, SAP, Nestle, NIH, Enerson and many more.Website:

Graham Process Mapping

Highlights and FeaturesWho is using it?
Affordable process mapping software tool for Windows.It makes easy for you to develop, improve and manage different business processes.Graham Process Maps show where information is used, where it is captured, where it moves, where it is shared, and where it is stored.Output to playscript procedures, linking between charts and to other documents.An integrity analysis report and the ability to create quick reports that list all the maps in your process map library.Capability to set up and manage a process map review schedule and more.Suitable for Small and Mid-Size Business, Large Enterprises, Non-Profitt Organizations, Public Administrations and more.Some of their customers: Mayo Clinic, Caterpillar, Campbell Soup, NorTel Networks, American InfoSource, Lexis Nexis, Metropolitan Life, Motorola Inc and much more.Website:

CWA Process & QM Suite

Highlights and FeaturesWho is using it?
BPM Software for business process management, quality management and workflow management.Enables simple modeling, optimisation, and publication of processes and documents.All of the necessary information about a process can be presented extremely easily.Web-based software.Sample processes available.Create process maps – you can very easily identify your key process management processes using process maps.Allows you to describe and publish your key processes in process maps directly in your web browser.Modelling processes.Suitable for Small and Mid-Size Business, Large Enterprises, Non-Profitt Organizations, Public Administrations and more.Some of their customers: Airbus, Berlin Linien Bus GmbH, BMW, Credit Suisse, and more.Website:


Business process mapping is much more than graphic appeal.

Even the simplest processes can turn into a mess that causes a lot of problems and complications.

That is why process mapping is so important – it allows you to find and fix the broken things and to fill important gaps. You can do it in an easy way with the help of the right tools.

Finding the best process mapping software for your business is not so difficult task because on the market today there is a good range of powerful systems and tools. Just make sure the software cover all your specific needs and requirements.

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