What makes Calendly the best scheduling software?


Scheduling meetings can often be a headache, consuming much of your time that could be better spent elsewhere. You must check your availability and that of your invitees and ensure they receive the link well in advance to make the process easier.

One of the best options for easy, effective, and intelligent scheduling is software like Calendly, a scheduling platform that transforms online appointment scheduling. Instead of managing the entire thing manually by sending and receiving emails, it takes care of everything automatically.

How does it work, what features does it provide, and in what ways can it help you out? Continue reading to find out.

How does it work?

This scheduling platform has a straightforward working mechanism. It takes care of the essential meeting organizing processes once you let it know your availability.

For example, it also enables you to share Calendly links with your guests or embed them on your website. Once your invitee selects a time, the software automatically schedules the meeting.

It shifts the focus from the host to the recipient, enabling them to connect with you as per their preferences and convenience.

What kind of meetings can you schedule?

It enables you to organize different kinds of meetings according to your requirements. You can schedule one-to-one meetings with your clients and colleagues, giving them the option of selecting an open meeting time. You can also host group events like webinars and training sessions with several attendees.

Regardless of the size of the meetings or the number of participants, it takes care of the processes efficiently.

Benefits of using this platform

As mentioned above, this platform offers plenty of benefits, from convenience to automated reminders. Here are some ways you will find it beneficial to schedule your meetings.

It makes the entire process uncomplicated.

Sending and receiving numerous emails between you (as the host) and the recipient can be extremely time-consuming, frustrating, and inefficient. Calendly eliminates all of this.

It offers the invitees only those time slots in which you are available across your calendars or those days and time which you find convenient. Your recipients also receive the reminders timely and conveniently, without any delays.

It also allows you to select the virtual meeting platform, duration, and other crucial details related to the meeting.

Efficiently manages your workflow

A significant advantage of using this tool is the efficiency with which it manages your workflow. It automates the reminders and follow-ups while ensuring the entire meeting workflow is on autopilot, sending reminder emails, thank you notes, and other related details. You get the feeling of having an assistant even without having one!

Helps you with on-demand scheduling

You enjoy the advantage of on-demand scheduling with this platform. Your invitees can schedule a meeting even at the last minute, reducing the chances of cancellations because they can reschedule the appointment on their terms.

It has a mobile version.

You can schedule a meeting even on your mobile. It offers mobile apps that are compatible with iOS and Android and is available at the Google or Apple Play Store. It comes with all the features of its regular version like sharing links, setting one-off meetings, customizing an event type, and rescheduling.

Is it available free of cost?

The scheduling software has numerous advantages and incredible features. The scheduling software is free and provides a free trial of their premium features. For example, you must opt for a 14-days trial period of the “Team’s plan,” which qualifies you to use the product.

Using  Calendly will transform how you organize your daily meetings, making the process quick, uncomplicated, and friendly for you and the invitee. It is an intelligent way of organizing meetings online and doesn’t cost you a penny.

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