Unconventional Promotional Hacks For Young Brands


Running promotions is an integral part of marketing products. All businesses need such campaigns, and young brands are no exception. In fact, you may need to go the extra mile as a newcomer in the competitive landscape. But money constraints are a reality for startups, and they can hinder promotions. However, you can think outside the box and create compelling campaigns that deliver impressive results without breaking the bank. Let us share a few unconventional promotional hacks for young brands.

Go against the grain with your content

Going against the grain with your content can make your promotions viral. Think of unique ideas for your video content, social media posts, and blog topics. You can try creating a strange commercial, posting an edgy meme, or starting a campaign with the weirdest image. Likewise, get creative even while posting informative content about your offerings. The less typical you are with your content, the more attention you can get for your new brand.

Start a movement

Buyers are more conscious than ever, and they love collaborating with socially-responsible businesses. You can use the mindset to your advantage by starting a movement, such as finding homes for animals, running a community kitchen, embracing sustainable packaging, or preventing production waste. Think of something you and your audience are passionate about. You need not spend a fortune on the initiative but ensure making a difference.

Distribute personalized merchandise

Distributing personalized merchandise is another great, yet unconventional promotional idea young businesses can rely on. Platforms like Printful offer printing services for custom apparel for men, women, and kids. You can even order accessories, home décor, and other items for printing with brand logos and messages. The good thing about distributing personalized merchandise is that it helps you spread the word about your brand without spending big. Moreover, you get a loyal fan base for the long haul.

Host a contest

You can host a contest for your target audience to unlock explosive growth for your young brand. Contests engage them with your brand and generate curiosity about your offerings. The best part is that winners have good reasons to spread the word about their experience. Consider running contests on social media, at corporate events, and in retail settings. You can even run them simultaneously to maximize your outreach.

Collaborate with other brands

Young brands are often too small to attract a large audience alone. But you can overcome the challenge and make the most of your promotional plan by partnering with other brands. The collaboration need not be in the same niche, but you must find something to relate with the other business. The good thing is that you can get creative with such partnerships and extend your following in the most unexpected ways. For example, an electronics brand can connect with candy companies if both target families.

Promoting your young brand need not be about spending big on your promotional campaigns. You can take a creative approach and think of unusual ways to reach your audience, connect with them, and build lasting relationships. Following these hacks can help you achieve these goals on a budget.

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