Top Marketing Tips For Your Construction Business


Effective marketing is an important part of any business strategy, no less so for those in construction. Word of mouth has always helped businesses like yours to grow and always will. But in today’s world, online marketing is just as, if not more crucial!

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Build an online presence

Every brand should have a website as a bare minimum these days. Try not to skimp on quality. High-quality photos with descriptions of your past work will show your potential customers the evidence they need to enlist your services.

Link to your social media accounts from the website. Instagram and Facebook are particularly good ways to market to a B2C audience, while LinkedIn excels at making you visible to a B2B audience. Two of your social media marketing priorities should be:

  1. To share project updates and before-and-after photos as further proof of your capabilities.
  2. To establish yourself as a thought leader by regularly publishing some quick but insightful construction insights on your socials.

Showcase your expertise

Keeping a blog on your website is an excellent way for you to prove that your business knows how to stay current. An informative and constant stream of content can also go miles for your organic rankings. Google’s algorithms look out for “helpful content”!

Leverage local SEO

As a construction business, you may be targeting a specific area in the country. If so, familiarise yourself with the basics of good local SEO.

Use a platform such as SEMrush to do some keyword research. See what phrases people are making to Google construction services in your locale. Then, integrate these keywords into your website and blog (but steer clear of keyword stuffing!)

Create a Google My Business profile

There’s one more platform that’s an absolute must for any brick-and-mortar business – Google My Business! This can dramatically improve your chances of appearing in a search for construction businesses in your area, as it puts you on Google’s radar.

You’ll input your address, among other crucial details, and this means that you’ll start to appear on Google Maps too. It’ll also mean you will be displayed in the Google Local Pack on page one of the search results, alongside other similar businesses in the area.

Collect and showcase testimonials

Visibility is one core part of good SEO, but reputation is another! Users want to know what sets you apart from the other competitors which they can search up on Google just as easily as they found you. So tell them!

Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews on Google, Yelp, or Trustpilot. Exceptionally happy clients will often be happy too, especially if you stress that you only want one or two quick lines.

Display these reviews on your website too. You can either build in a dedicated reviews section or link to a platform such as Trustpilot from your site’s content (Super keen? Do both!). If you’re considering including it as an external link, just make sure that the majority of the reviews are glowing first!

Do some networking and forge partnerships

Don’t ever get complacent about the security of your business. Building strong connections by networking can help provide a buffer in hard times.

  • Attend networking events for local businesses and industry conferences.
  • Build relationships with other professionals who do the same thing you do. Who says everyone has to be a competitor? These relationships can lead to some amazing referrals and collaborations.
  • Use online tools such as LinkedIn to establish connections online and comment on industry insights from others in your field.

Marketing your construction business can be rewarding and fun. Even simple steps like updating your Google My Business page or uploading before-and-after photos can pay dividends.

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