Top 7 Benefits A Digital Business Card Offers


Irrespective of the industry or the size of the business, enterprise digital business cards are an absolute necessity. The digital card represents your company’s brand and is the key medium to exchange information with your prospective clients. Virtual business cards also contain other essential information like contact details, website links, and other information. Besides these, digital business cards make it easier to track how many people have gone through your card using the latest analytics feature.

In this blog, we have discussed the major benefits of having digital business cards. Let us go through them one by one below.

1. Instant Information Update:

If you have to update your existing paper business card, it means printing a new one with the updated information. Unfortunately, this makes the old one out-of-date and rejected. Thus with constant changes, you have to reprint the card repeatedly, resulting in additional printing costs.

That is why switching to a digital business card is the best. Changes are unavoidable. Each day, a business acquires a new client, completes a new project, or launches a new service, and it is necessary to reflect the same on the business card. If it is a digital business card, it can be updated digitally in a few seconds instantly.

2. Interactivity:

Businesses aim to promote interactivity as well, and with a digital business card, interaction just becomes easier. No matter what information you need, you can get it in just a few clicks. For instance, you can make calls, use google maps, track the location of your employee, send messages on WhatsApp, visit website links, share contacts, enter social media groups, and whatnot.

3. Card Customization:

Businesses can customize digital business cards as per their requirements. It doesn’t take long. You can personalize your business by adding the necessary details. For instance, you can add your brand’s logo, contact details, and a photo of the founder and highlight other relevant information. You can update changes as and when required.

4. Department-wise information display:

Your business is likely to have multiple departments. It might be necessary to display information specific to each department. A digital business card makes that possible. You can categorize information separately and allow users to get the necessary information.

5. Quick and Easy Access

A digital business card allows clients to contact the business owner in just a few clicks. Unlike a traditional paper business card, your clients do not have to take the phone or dial the number to make a call. Instead, clients can make a call with a click of a digital business card.

Clients can also send an email or WhatsApp message by clicking on the option given on the digital card.

7. Cost Effective

You do not have to invest in printing when you shift to digital business cards. Especially for small businesses, the cost of printing and designing paper cards becomes very high. But, when you have digital cards, you do not have to incur printing costs. You simply have to spend on designing. So, the overall investment becomes less.

8. Have All Your Details in One Place

Digital business cards are way more useful than simply expanding your network in the business realm. Since people can add links to the card, you can add all important details to it. In addition, there is no limit to the amount of information a digital card can hold.

For instance, if you are launching a new restaurant and want people to locate it easily, you can add Google Maps links to your digital card. Then, all your clients have to do is tap on the link and analyze the map to reach your location.

You can even decide how the information will be displayed on your card. For instance, when the person zooms out, your personal details will be displayed, and when the person zooms in, other details, like the portfolio, will be shown.

With these innumerable benefits, it is time to switch to a digital business card. It is certainly more cost effective than traditional paper cards. The best part is that you can design it in an attractive manner that reflects your brand’s personality and vision. When you choose a digital business card, your creativity is unlimited.

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