Time Management Tools & Apps: Best List


Which are the best time management tools and apps that can make your work and business tasks more effective? Do you need online or offline time tracking and scheduling software?

The answer depends on the type of your daily activities, goals, and current projects.

Here you will find:

  • A list of the most popular and top organization tools for time management.
  • The easiest to use premium and free apps suitable simultaneously for a wide range of purposes – small business and personal to-do lists, for employees and freelancers, teams at work and etc.
  • Project management tools and task planning systems to manage your schedule, timesheets, and deadlines.
  • Time management tips infographic in PDF for free download.

Some of the best time management tools and apps. List.

Each of the tools listed bellow have different goals for business or personal use, but all serve the purpose to save your time and make you more productive at work.

Remember the milk

remember the milk
  • One of the smartest to-do apps for busy people.
  • You no longer have to write your to-do lists on sticky notes, whiteboards, random scraps of paper, or the back of your hand.
  • It’s super fast and easy to add your tasks.
  • You can easily get reminded by IM, Twitter, email, text, or mobile apps (Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10).
  • Create as many lists as you wish.
  • Share your lists and give tasks to your colleagues to get things done faster.
  • The search wizard makes it super easy to search your tasks.
  • Remember the milk is one of the best and most popular free task and time management tools for business and team working needs. The tool also have and pro version with additional features.


  • You can easily write, find, collect, and present everything you want in a single workstation.
  • Evernote is designed for modern writing. You can use it in anywhere and anytime – From project plans to meeting notes.
  • Collaboration – whether your colleagues are, Evernote makes knowledge sharing and project collaboration easier and more effective.
  • Save articles with Web Clipper and take snapshots with Evernote to collect all of the physical and digital details for your projects in one place.
  • Powerful search that makes finding text, documents, and images lightning fast.
  • Your web clips, files, notes, and images are available whenever you need them on every computer or other device you use.
  • One of easiest to use and top time management tools for business or personal needs.


rescuetime software
  • One of the best time management software to find and maintain a work-life balance.
  • RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive.
  • This software gives you an excellent picture of how you spend your time to help you become more productive every day.
  • Accurate detailed and additional reports.
  • Weekly e-mail summary that helps you to stay informed.
  • You can set goals to help keep you on track and improve your productivity. You also can view your progress on your dashboard, in the weekly email report, and in the goals report.
  • Productivity Score – customize categories and productivity scores to meet your needs.
  • This time management software have a free and paid version.
  • Block distracting sites – just turn off the distracting parts of the Internet.
  • Track offline activity – log offline time for meetings, phone calls, or even your morning commute.
  • Notifications and daily highlights.


  • Nutcache allows you to track time, manage projects, and expenses and bill your clients.
  • One of the best all-in-one project management and collaborative systems on the market.
  • Nutcache is a great app and tool for entrepreneurs and freelancers who currently buried in invoices, timesheets, and project profitability reports.
  • Helps businesses and teams of all sizes work smarter and faster.
  • As a project management app, it gives you all the necessary tools you need to carry out the work of the project for the purpose of meeting both the project manager and client’s shared goals.
  • Track the time you spend working and bill your clients accordingly.
  • Gain control over spending and manage your expenses with ease.
  • Generate accurate invoices and bill clients on time.
  • One of the greatest time management tools for small business or a big one.


  • Teams all around the world, from small consultancies to multinational enterprises, are using Toggl to streamline their work processes and make them more productive.
  • One click time tracking – you track time in real time.
  • Toggl is ideal for teams. The staff will be set up and running in minutes. It is very easy to use tool for managing time.
  • No training required.
  • Export timesheets. E-mail (or print) professional reports directly to customers or bosses.
  • It is straightforward for managers to run reports.
  • Have an unlimited number of projects and clients.
  • Color-code your projects.
  • Add sub-projects.
  • Divide teams into user groups and much many features.

MyLifeOrganized (MLO)

  • One of the most flexible task and time management tools.
  • Easily and fast create new tasks and checklists. An elegant To-Do list.
  • Clean and simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • You can create flexible hierarchical lists and add dependencies between the tasks. Planning a business trip or your wedding is really easy to do.
  • MLO dual view empowers you to use GTD® or any task management methodology which is most suitable for you.
  • Designed to send you smart reminders when you arrive to one of your locations.
  • Sync with cloud – with cloud subscription the changes made on one of your devices will automatically appear on all others.
  • Create Tasks via E-mail.


  • Manage tasks and projects anywhere with Todoist. At home. At school. At work. Online. Offline. And across 10+ platforms.
  • You can access tasks everywhere – with apps and extensions for 10+ platforms, your tasks are always there: on mobile devices, web browsers, inboxes, and more.
  • Share your tasks with anyone you want – family, friends, colleagues, – and collaborate in real-time on shared projects and goals.
  • Distraction-free design, intuitive and beautiful to do list.
  • Get reminded via email, push notification or SMS. Also receive location-based alerts when on‑the‑go.
  • And much many features such as: notifications, sub tasks, sub projects, intuitive dates, powerful recurring dates, multiple priorities, visualize your productivity, labels and filters and more.
  • One of the best task and time management tools suitable for both individual and business needs.
  • You can use this app free or buy the premium version.


thymer 1
  • Project management and task planning for people who hate project management and task planning.
  • Great tool for managing time for individuals, teams, and small businesses.
  • Save time – add a task in seconds using the smart input bar. There are no complicated forms to fill out.
  • Get things done, on time – manage your tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities on a single page. Create a simple schedule so you know exactly what you’re going to do.
  • Communicate better – discuss, delegate tasks, and share documents with your team.
  • Easily create reports for your own records, or as an invoice for your clients.
  • Access anywhere – create reports for your own records, or as an invoice for your clients.
  • You can access Thymer right from within your web browser through an encrypted connection (SSL) from home, at the office or on the road without ever installing anything extra.

Time Doctor

  • A time tracking and productivity monitoring software that helps individuals and organizations to be more productive and finish what is important to them.
  • Time Doctor allows you to improve the speed and effectiveness of communication in organizations, and to clearly organize, communicate and delegate their daily tasks.
  • You can reduce time spent on email, and other non-work related distractions and ensure employees use their time effectively.
  • Also, you can reduce time spent on everyday tasks, including commonly generated reports.
  • Time Doctor will also help individuals to achieve a better work-life balance by facilitating work from home, and remote working arrangements.
  • The individuals can also organize their tasks and priorities, as well as manage important dates and reminders.
  • Help small businesses quickly and effectively scale their business.

1-3-5 List

  • Prioritize your day with the 1-3-5 Method.
  • Choose 1 big thing, 3 medium things, and 5 small things to accomplish.
  • Create any type of new list you want, or use the 1-3-5 list template and follow the 1-3-5 rule. It’s up to you.
  • 135 List works on any device, right in your browser. Go ahead and be productive. One of the easiest time management tools that have got you covered, no matter where you’re working.
  • Android, iPhone, tablets, Mac, Windows, and Linux are all supported.
  • You can even add 135 List to your phone’s homescreen to use like any other app, or install the Google Chrome extension to use when visiting any other website!
  • The app has a free and premium version.
  • The app is easy to use and is appropriate for creating any type of list – from to-do lists to grocery lists.

Focus Booster

focus booster
  • Use focus booster to apply the pomodoro technique, over come distractions, maintain focus, stay fresh and still finish work on time.
  • You are able to break the cycle of distraction and accomplish more.
  • Time tracking made even easier, never do a timesheet again. Record your focus booster sessions and your timesheets are created automatically.
  • This time management app provides you with a deep understanding of your work cycles and further improve productivity.
  • You have total visibility of where you spent your time.
  • Quick and easy reporting – total accountability of your time, share these reports or use them to create invoices in seconds.
  • Filter by date, client or label to analyze the work you do.
  • Export – Use a CSV export to create simple invoices and reports for clients or management.
  • The app is available in free and paid versions.


  • Nirvana is a cloud-based time and task manager that isn’t just about doing more.
  • It’s about doing what’s important when it matters most.
  • Nirvana helps you to get organized, stay organized, and get things done with a focused mind.
  • With dedicated apps for iOS, Android, and the web, Nirvana helps you get things done on all of your devices.
  • Use areas to focus on actions relevant to where you are: home, work, etc.
  • Reference lists that help you remember stuff.
  • Projects – projects help you group related actions that require multiple steps to get to completion.
  • Filter your actions based on tags, areas, contacts, energy, time required, and more.
  • Scheduled tasks – defer and schedule tasks to appear in your list of actionable items at a later time.
  • Capture and focus via mail and much more features from Nirvana.


  • Very easy to use and simple free time tracking and time management tool.
  • Track your time anywhere – CloudTimr is a cloud-based time tracker, allows you to track the time you spent on your daily activities.
  • This app is multiplatform, you can access it with all your devices!
  • Simple time tracking – super simple time tracking software, the task management is very intuitive, you can start using the application in a couple of minutes.
  • The application is in the cloud, so you don’t need to install anything!
  • #Hashtags – CloudTimr uses an innovative way to organize tasks, instead of have complex menus, you can group tasks using #hashtags.
  • Statistics –  access your data in a clear and easy to understand way.
  • Offline Tasks – Because this is a cloud application, your tasks will be running also when the application is closed or the device is turned off.
  • Other features – double click edit, create groups, todos, notifications, export.


  • Easy software for individuals and / or teams, for home or for business.
  • Automatic tracking – ManicTime automatically records your computer usage. It remembers which apps you’ve used and for how long.
  • Offline work – ManicTime is not a cloud-based service, instead, it uses a local datastore, so all recorded data will be kept on your machine.
  • Accurate timekeeping – All the data ManicTime collects will be presented in an easy to understand graphical interface.
  • Easy timesheets – Once you create the report, you can easily copy it to Excel or some other tool and create an invoice there.
  • Integrate with other systems.
  • Company wide reports.
  • Auto tagging – ManicTime captures a lot of data and you can use this data to create work activities.
  • On-premise installation
  • Easy to deploy
  • Works great with disconnected clients and more

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2
  • Easy-to-use calendar app.
  • Use natural language to quickly creating events and reminders.
  • Full time zone support, including floating time zones.
  • Set time and geofence alerts for your reminders.
  • Availability scheduling with coworkers.
  • OS X and iOS Handoff support.
  • Quick-access mini window.
  • View maps of the locations where your events occur.
  • Receive instant updates on Google and Exchange.
  • Day, week, month, and year views.
  • Use calendar sets to organize your calendars.
  • Works with iCloud, Google, Exchange, and more.
  • Enjoyable and flexible app for time management and organizing.

Nowadays in our crazy and hectic world, time management skills are among the most valuable business abilities you have to possess.

Using tasks and time management tools, apps, and software is a must if you really want to be productive and effective.

In business aspect, time management is one of the main parts of project management. If you need PM software, check our previous post – project management towols.

For better organization skills, download our helpful time management tips infographic in PDF for free.

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