Team Task Management Software: Best Collaboration SaaS


If you are searching for the best team task management software and systems for your business needs, there are 2 main points to look for : 1. task tracking and planning features and 2. capabilities of web-based team collaboration on a project.

Naturally, task management and team collaboration are complicated but vital processes for the company (no meter of you run a large or small business) and your aim is to make them simple, painless with profitable results.

This goal is absolutely achievable especially with some top task tracking & planning software and Saas tools available out there. Here we will show some of them.

But before that let me mention some of the best features every good task management software for team collaboration have to provide: task assignment, task dependencies and notifications, prioritization, security access permissions, integrations (ex. with QuickBooks, Xero and others), team chat options, reports, mobile apps, document sharing, real-time discussion module, and one place for your projects, tasks and files.

Team Task Management Software For Tracking and Collaboration. Some of the Best Solutions.


  • If you are familiar with project ant task management, I am sure you already heard about Wrike because it is among the best software in this area with multiple industry awards.
  • Wrike is a social project and task management software that has high ratings and hundreds of positive reviews on major review sites and blogs.
  • Main focuses of Write are task management and team collaboration. Team collaboration is taken to a new level. Your team members can collaborate on projects in real-time. They know exactly what to do and how their work connects to others.
  • Keeping all team members on the same page even across borders without lengthy status meetings, long email threads and spreadsheet updates.
  • Extremely flexible team task management software – suitable to manage a wide range of business activities.
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android help team members collaborate wherever they are.
  • Customizable views of the projects with tasks status, graphs, and interactive Gantt chart.
  • Real-time reporting to see the big picture of project progress with real-time updates and cross-project reports and newsfeed.
  • Real-time team collaboration with discussions, files attached to tasks, and a built-in document management editor.
  • Privacy settings – right level of access controls, creating custom user groups and selectively sharing files ensures the right people are getting the information.
  • Create Custom Workflows to match exactly how your team works.
  • Time tracking to keep track of how time is being spent by project or by a team member.
  • Integrates with pretty much everything.
  • Activity Stream, Timeline, and Reports can help managers and their teams save hours on internal meetings.
  • Excellent email integration.
  • Scalable and affordable pricing options.

Teamwork Project

  • Teamwork Project is one of the most notable feature rich project & team task management software platforms.
  • Teamwork Project  is cloud-based software (SaaS) that can be accessed from anywhere on the web. Some of their clients are giants such as EBay, Pepsi, Microsoft Studios, and Forbes Travel Guide, but they are also widely used by any size businesses worldwide.
  • This system provides one of the most powerful and simple ways to collaborate with your team! It allows you to keep every task involving your team in one place and to collaborate and work with your team in real time for real results.
  • Easy and powerful collaboration with your team & clients – your team know what, when and who needs to do it. Your team and your clients know exactly where to find and store everything they need.
  • Task management and tracking features: Task Lists, Tasks & Subtasks, Assign to Multiple People, Start and Due Dates, Task Description, Attachments on tasks, Track & log time on tasks, Task Priorities, Tasks Dependencies, Reminders and much more.
  • Available on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Google Chrome and the Web. It allows your team do their work wherever they are.
  • Get Organized & Get Stuff Done – this practical software can get you organized so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply get things done.
  • Seamless integrations with tools you and your team already such as Dropbox, Freshbooks, Xero, Quickbooks, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and much more.
  • Easy project management & team collaboration – you are able to keep all your projects, tasks and files in one place and easily collaborate with your team!
  • Time tracking and billing – you can track the time you and your staff spend on each project with an intuitive time tracking feature. You also can customize time reports, integrate with 3rd party time tracking apps and track time on the go.
  • Other Features: Milestones, Powerful Massage Features, Document and File Management, Time Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Calendars and much more.
  • Definitely, one of the best solutions when it comes to powerful team task management software tools.


  • Paymo is a modern project management app designed for medium and small business. One system for Collaboration, Timesheet Management, and Project Accounting.
  • The system perfectly combines Task and Project Management, Online Team Collaboration and Communication, Time Tracking, Timesheet, and Invoicing.
  • Accessible across any device: iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, Web-based, Mobile Web App.
  • Very easy and simple to use but amazingly powerful team task management software tool. It really can make project management and task collaboration painless and simple process.
  • Project Management that includes: inline editing; time-savers such as templates; milestones; one place for all your files (documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images or other files).
  • Team Collaboration with discussions module to keep everyone involved in a project up to date and secure file sharing to share knowledge, documents.
  • Very Accurate Time Tracking with web timer, a desktop timer app, PaymoPlus for automatic time tracking and timesheets.
  • Reports – one of the most robust timesheet reporting systems in the industry. You have powerful timesheet reports for teams and customizing reports.
  • Project Accounting – the software offers fast online invoicing, estimates and expense tracking in a single app.
  • Adaptable Dashboard to have an overview of your work.
  • Team management to keep your organization under control. Main features here are: User Types (control what different users can see, and what functions they can perform), task assignments, user performance & stats, and more.
  • If you aim to find a simple but powerful team task management software tool, Paymo is definitely one that can cover these your needs.


  • ProWorkflow is a web-based project and task management software with great team collaboration opportunities.
  • The software focuses on the ability to achieve better communication and increase efficiency in daily business operations. The system has it all you need to process complex projects easily and to save your time.
  • An intuitive cloud-based system that allows team members regardless of their location to be up-to-date with all task and milestone requirements.
  • Project Management Dashboard – a friendly Dashboard showing a graphical summary of your current stats for active, completed and upcoming work.
  • Project Timeline – you can view projects and tasks on an easy to use Gantt Style Timeline. You can reschedule work easily with Drag & drop function.
  • Task Management – simple, easy online task management for the team. Key features here: powerful user-friendly task editor to quickly create & delegate tasks; flexible simple control, powerful sub-task and dependency features, track time from anywhere in the app, assign work to clients and contractors, customized templates for common workflows.
  • Team collaboration on a project – To keep your team & clients informed you have message notification alerts, ability to reply to messages via email, public/private messages, WYSIWYG editor, upload files with messages, threaded discussions, and others.
  • Mobile to work great on your touchscreen smartphone or tablet.
  • Timesheets. Easy to use, fast and clear timesheets that make the tool a perfect online software for employees.
  • Projects – everything you need for your project on one page. Features: One page project dashboard, Flexible, easy task control, Easy task and time management, Centralized messaging & collaboration, File sharing, Client access, and request ability.
  • Workflow – professional online workflow management tools.
  • Contact management for your team with One place for all of your contacts, View current Projects & Tasks options, Date-stamped contact notes, Bulk email feature, Store social networking information, Integrated Google Maps and more.
  • Other features: Powerful API, Powerful Reporting, Resource Management, Templates, Invoices Manager, Quotes Management, Document & File Sharing and more.


  • If you aim to find a very simple style and easy to use online project and team task management software, surely Planio is worth to consider. This Redmine hosting solution combines several features to facilitate the task of planning and project collaboration.
  • You and your staff can work on projects wherever you/they are. The system allows productive collaboration between team members anywhere in the world, to achieve their goals with high results.
  • Suitable for many purposes – for personal use, small business, and large companies.
  • Task management and workflows – facilitates easy task management with features from powerful role-based permissions system to Project Manager-friendly planning tools (workflows, roadmaps, and milestones).
  • Agile and traditional project management – Agile projects with Scrum and Kanban or sequential planning using the Waterfall Model.
  • Collaborative File Management – you can share files with your colleagues using the Documents management interface. Your team is able to access the latest contents and make real-time changes. Planio’s innovative E-mail Drop Box feature allows you to just compose an e-mail and send it to your project’s drop box address!
  • Communication features to keep all channels open. Allows your business to maintain the information flow via 3 main communication tools: a project blog, message forums, and intra-function commenting!
  • Repository Hosting – Planio account comes with unlimited hosted SVN and Git repositories.
  • Time tracking – Built-in time tracking that let you to keep a close eye on issue progress and to perform key cost comparison analysis.
  • Team Chat on the go. Your team can communicate instantly and on the go. This is very useful when you want to get fast decisions in real time. No matter if your team is next office door or somewhere around the world.
  • Other features: integration of your project infrastructure with a robust CRM app, Knowledge management Unleashing the Power of Wiki.
  • Definitely, one of the simple but very powerful project and team task management software solutions.
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