Reasons Bars Use Digital Signage


Digital signage is a transformative tool that has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers. With digital signage software platforms, business owners can now use dynamic visual communication to their advantage. With bar digital signage, you can feature high-quality images, live and interactive content, and videos with relevance. 

Benefits of Digital Signage for Bars

The following are the benefits you can expect when you invest in digital signage for your bar:

  • Branding consistency. Digital signage can help you maintain consistent branding across screens and outlets. You can scale your communication and boost the brand recall rate by using a homogenous brand template. 
  • Real-time communication. Digital signage software today is equipped with applications and features that allow bars to communicate with customers in real time. Such live content can be typical utility widgets, weather data, and engaging events such as live sports match streams, and social walls. 
  • Dynamic digital menu boards. Digital signage for bars can replace printed menus, posters, and flyers, minimizing printing and distribution costs. In turn, this eliminates the need for your staff to update such information manually, saving time and helping with real-time updates when emergencies arise. You can use digital menu boards to showcase high-quality videos and images of your food and drink items. Also, these boards can help with touchless ordering or self-ordering using QR codes.  This increases sales and improves customer loyalty

Best Practices to Use Digital Signage for Bars

Digital signage can help your bar generate significant revenue when used effectively. Below are tips that can help you make this happen:

  • Using upselling and suggestive selling strategies. For example, you can encourage your customers to make extra purchases by designing your electronic menu boards with appealing photos or premium beverages and recommending food pairings. 
  • Incorporating entertainment features. Such features encourage customers to be at your bar for a long time and spend more. For instance, QR-based mobile interactivity can be employed to order food, give rewards to customers after completing challenges, or host trivia games.
  • Encouraging social-media sharing. This can help increase brand visibility and draw new customers to your bar. A good example is displaying your social wall that showcases customer posts and photos. This encourages other people to visit your bar and share their experiences through a hashtag or pose with available props. 
  • Personalizing customer experience. This can be done by having your signage display personalized welcome messages for regular customers or by promoting loyalty programs and rewards. In addition, your digital signage can showcase upcoming performances and events, giving your customers some incentives to return to your bar in the future. 

Digital signage is changing the way bars operate. As a bar owner, you need to keep up with industry trends to stay afloat. Digital signage for bars allows you to bring in social media content and more, making it possible to make real-time updates. Because of this, more industry players are expected to embrace this technology. Thus, if you are considering an update, you should get some homework in action and get your ideas on the screen. 

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