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This guide contains information about flyers, online brochure makers, best and free tools, and useful templates. Here you can find useful software reviews, printing options, and business solutions.

The main sections are:

What are brochures and flyers?

Brochures and flyers are commercial informative paper documents which provide information about companies, their products, or services.

Classical brochures and flyers can be distributed by company representatives or placed in a rack in shops, bus stations, etc.

But with the rise of the internet many brochures are made and shared online. Usually, they are created as a file and can be sent via mail, downloaded, and eventually printed as the classical ones.

The main differences between brochures and flyers are in their format. Usually, the flyers are one page only, while brochures have more than one page. So paper brochures can be bi-fold, tri-fold, cross-fold, etc. And e-brochures have paging options.

In any case, each of them has some mandatory fields such as company/products/service description, pictures, contact details, and useful information.

Online brochure maker requirements

There are many ways you can make a brochure, no doubt. You can use specialized software to make them. But if you need some fast and cheap way to have nice advertisements  you can use online flyer and brochure makers.

In any case, there is a list of requirements which the online tools should support.

Templates – the best online flyer makers will provide you with tons of templates.

Shapes – it is very important to have many brochure shapes (tri-fold, bi-fold, cross-fold) supported by your online software.

Design Options – a range of design options is highly recommended. Drag-and-drop options really shine here. And options for changing pictures, backgrounds, fonts, colors are a must.

Text Editor – adding and editing text in different formats, colors and fonts are a must.

Mailing features – you will definitely need to e-mail your e-Brochure.

Save and download a feature for downloading the flyer and print it later is a must also.

Foil stamp – this effect can make a huge difference.

Import files – as logos, branding, own pictures.

Additional options – having an online brochure maker with additional options for business cards, greeting cards, poster creation is something really cool.

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Brochures and flyers online maker sites

OK, this is not the full list but I think that it provides useful information for the top online brochure maker sites.


lucidchart online brochure maker

LucidPress is an excellent online brochure maker. It has everything you need in order to create top flyers, posters, pamphlets, tri-fold & bi-fold documents, even magazines.

Where to start? This software requires no installation, it has excellent drag-and-drop, it is very easy to import files and to share your brochures online.

Shapes and design options shine – you can modify grids, borders, fills, shadows, opacity. You have an excellent text editor with all features needed.

It has tons of templates which make flyers a piece of cake.

And that is not all – LucidPress offers security encryption, user management, and robust backups.

If you need more information – visit LucidPress official website.


Well, if you really want a fast but powerful tool for making flyers or posters online, PosterMyWall is a perfect match.

The software has more than enough features as:

  • Add own photos
  • Add free photos from the PosterMyWall
  • Add standard and fancy text
  • Select backgrounds
  • Select shapes
  • Crop and Replace

You can download your flyers, save them and share them with your colleagues or clients. Of course, there are some additional paid features for even better brochures.

PosterMyWall offers tons of useful templates, options for poster and business cards creation, printing orders, and more. All of them make this site one of the best poster and brochure online makers.

If you need more information – please visit PosterMyWall site.


Canva is one of the best online brochure makers you can get. It is really intuitive and offers many drag-and-drop options. You can create a flyer in a minute. Literally!

The software offers more than 1 000 000 free and paid pictures, tons of backgrounds, a wide range of shapes, line, grids, frames, charts, and etc. The Photo Editor is a very powerful tool.

You can export your brochure in PDF and print it in very high resolution.

Of course, you can share your brochures on social media or via mail.

But brochures and flyers are not all you can get. Canva offers infographics, business cards, posters, banners, and many other. It is full of useful features.

You can find more information on the Canva official website.

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PsPrint is another excellent online brochure maker.

First you can use it to create many commercial documents:

  • Business cards and Greeting cards
  • Flyers and Brochures
  • Posters
  • Stickers
  • Calendars
  • Booklets and more

And PsPrint offers many useful templates and has all needed drag-and-drop features.

If you make brochures you can define their styles, occasions, colors, orientation, and folding options (tri-fold, bi-fold, cross-fold.

Of course, you can save and download your brochure, print it, or share it online with your customers or colleagues.

If you need more information – visit PsPrint official web-site.


FlyerForFree is a free online flyer maker. Ok, there are pros and cons.

Obvious pros – it is free of charge. It is cool.

Obvious cons – paid applications have more features.

In any case, I do not mean that FlayerForFree is not a good tool. It is.

You can make really good and useful commercial flyers.

You can use FlyersForFree templates or use your own. Of course, you can upload your own picture. And use the text editor to add titles, subtitles, descriptions, labels, etc. And finally you can download your flyer as .jpg image. It is a really fast and very easy way to have a nice brochure.

There are some additional options – you can make QR codes, business cards, calendars, etc.

So if you want to try – check on FlyersForFree website.


MyCreativeShop is another good example of an online brochure maker.

You can use this site to create your own flyers, business cards, brochures, postcard, and other commercial ads.

MyCreativeShop offers great printing abilities, thousands of templates, download in PDF, share options, and many more.

The text editor provides many useful features like text boxes with alignments, outlines, shadows, managing fonts, etc. You can add shapes, insert images, drag-and-drop icons, and use many other useful tools.

MyCreativeShop allows users to define brochure size ad defines the type of fold (tri-fold, bi-fold, cross-fold).

This tool can is really efficient, fast, and intuitive and you can make your flyers within a minute.

For more information check MyCreativeShop website.

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BrochurePrinting provides excellent online brochure maker features.

It is a fast intuitive tool that allows you to have brochures in a minute.

You can select from a wide range of free and paid templates from many industries and define the type of brochures you need – tri-fold, half-fold, etc.

After that, you can add pictures, text, shapes, logos, and other useful add-ons which make your flyer looks great.

You can change the brochure colors, save the brochure, download it or print it. The site offers professional printing services. There is an option for sending mail directly from the site and not losing any time.

More information you can get directly on


web publication offers a wide range of products and features.

You can use this software to create e-Brochure, e-Magazine, flipbooks, flyers, mobile apps, online software, and more.

web publication has many useful tools as:

  • Multi-distribution channel – e-Brochures can be sent by email, uploaded to your website, hosted, shared on your social network, saved on a hard disk, CD or a flash drive
  • Full customization – adding and editing logos, bars, icons, etc
  • Download as PDF
  • Table of content options
  • Printing
  • Slide-shows, zoom, sharing, thumbnails, HD gallery, navigation, toolbox, and many more.

You can really make great advertising material with this tool including materials for Android and iOS.

More information you can find at WebPublication official site.


Smore is maybe the easiest and the fastest way to make flyers online.

The software is free-to-use also, which is a great plus.

OK, obviously the features are kind of limited but you have the main ones. You can add text, pictures, change backgrounds, save, etc.

It is really fast and really intuitive.

All you need to do is to make an account and start using this software. Of course, there are payment options that define the number of contacts and e-mail you can have.

In any case, Smore is a very useful tool. If you need more information- visit Smore official website.

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Pub HTML5 is an excellent online brochure maker with tons of Pub HTML5options.

You can make magazines, e-book, e-Brochure, flyers, etc.

This software can be use online or to be downloaded to your PC.

You can customize your record using the text editor, embedded templates, backgrounds, shadows, and etc.

Of course, you can save your work, share it, download it and more. The software has some really powerful premium tools (Animator editor, WordPress plugin, slideshows, ECR text, etc) which turn it into a world-class software.

For more information you can visit Pub HTML5 official site.


publitas online brochure software

Publitas is a tool which can help you to create beautiful online brochures for PC, Mac, iOS & Android.

The online software is very intuitive, fast and really takes care for file resolution.

Online brochures working not only on a PC but on iOS and Android devices also. Publitas makes them look as a native smartphone application.

You can share your brochures in the social media, add search options on them or implement page flip effects.

There are upgraded versions (Silver, Gold, Enterprise) with more features which allow uploading videos, product views, shopping cards and integration with product page.

All the above features turn Publitas into one of the best online brochure makers around.

If you need more – information please check the Publitas website.

I do not pretend that this is a full list of all online brochure and flyer makers. But the above tools are really good and can help you to make your business, products or services more popular.

If you have any suggestions for other software, please add a comment or send me a message via contact form.

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