NoBroker Cleaning Services in Mumbai Review – Worth the Money?


Mumbai is a city filled with constant bustling traffic, making it impossible to have time to keep the house clean while maintaining a full-time job. Thus, I booked NoBroker home cleaning services in Mumbai, which exceeded my expectations. Their team of professionals provided quality service and a sparkling clean house. I’ve listed the NoBroker Cleaning Services Review below based on my experience with them. Although if I had to sum up my experience, I would say it was highly positive and satisfactory.

Pros of Booking NoBroker Cleaning Service

Quick and Easy Booking: I only took a few minutes to book the services I needed by visiting the NoBroker website.

Customization: What I liked about NoBroker home cleaning services is their easy customization. It allowed me to choose the required services and eliminate the ones I didn’t


Highly Experienced Team: The team assigned to me was highly professional and skilled. They finished the work seamlessly without letting a minute go to waste. The quality of work displayed their experience as professionals.

No Additional Pricing: Considering the quality of the services, no additional costs were added after finishing the cleaning services.

Free Rescheduling and Cancellation: One of the best parts about NoBroker cleaning services is their flexibility; I could reschedule free of cost.


Booking Availability: NoBroker Cleaning Services are pretty easy to book, and in my experience, the scheduling process is always smooth. However, I did find them fully booked frequently, which goes on to prove their credibility and popularity.

These are a few of the pros and cons of my NoBroker paid services review based on my personal experience.

Home Cleaning Services Cost

Trusted home cleaning services in Mumbai are pretty expensive; however, with NoBroker, I could avail high-quality cleaning services at an affordable rate. Since I live a busy day-to-day life as an office worker, I can’t keep my house clean daily since it’s time-consuming.

Therefore, I decided to book cleaning services to remove the stubborn stains and dust in my 2-BHK flat. It cost me around 5,249 rupees as I selected the deep cleaning services.

NoBroker Cleaning Services are not only reliable but of high quality as well. I came across NoBroker services through a close friend who assured me of the quality, and I can say that I’m delighted with the outcome.

Steps to Book NoBroker Cleaning Services in Mumbai Online

Before opting for the NoBroker cleaning services, I researched thoroughly to ensure that there weren’t any NoBroker scam activities to be found. After that, I decided to book the services, which were easy and fast due to their website. I’ll list out the steps that I followed to book their services.

  1. Visit the website or download the mobile application and search for the Cleaning Service.
  2. Choose the services you need; for example, I selected the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and general cleaning.
  3. To add the cleaning services you need, click on the “Add” button displayed on the next page to your cart. Fill in the extra options and click the “Proceed” button.
  4. Fill in your address, time, and date. Then, click on the “proceed” button again.
  5. Finally, check your summary and pay by clicking the “Pay Now” button.
  6. There are various payment methods to select from.
  7. After you’ve completed the payment, you will get a confirmation notification of the booking.

These are the steps that I followed to book my cleaning services. It was pretty easy and hassle-free. After using their services, I found out that NoBroker scam or fraud can’t occur due to the high safety of their website, along with the credibility and verified nature of the services offered.

My Experience with NoBroker Home Cleaning Vendor

The NoBroker’s cleaning team arrived exactly on the time and date as selected by me. Although I had initially read some NoBroker complaints through numerous NoBroker customer reviews, my personal experience proved utterly positive.

The NoBroker cleaning experts arrived with proper tools and safe and eco-friendly cleaning products. Firstly, the professionals examined the place and then cleaned it thoroughly, step by step. As proclaimed, they provide some of Mumbai’s best and most trusted home cleaning services

I was amazed by their efficiency and speed at completing the tasks. They started with dusting and vacuuming to deep cleaning surfaces without leaving behind a corner. The vendors showed utmost professionalism and worked without any breaks and hesitation to fulfill all the cleaning services I booked.

4 Benefits of Hiring Cleaning Experts via NoBroker

As I mentioned above, due to my busy schedule, my house remained a dirty mess for several months since I never had the time to clean it. Therefore, I decided to hire cleaning experts via NoBroker.

This allowed me to save time and keep my house clean of germs or dirt within my budget. I could relax and enjoy my free time by leaving the house cleaning work up to the professionals. These benefits outweigh any 0

  1. NoBroker ensures that the experts provided are highly trained and verified.
  2. The services offered are customized according to our needs. You can choose the services you require and eliminate the ones you don’t need.
  3. The supplies used are safe, government-approved, and environmentally friendly.
  4. The cleaning experts are dependable as you can rely on them to clean your house thoroughly even in your absence.


To conclude my NoBroker paid services review, I can say that I have had a positive and satisfactory experience with the cleaning experts that I hired through NoBroker. The customer reviews about the top-notch quality of the services turned out to be accurate, as per my experience. NoBroker cleaning services are reliable and customizable, making them perfect for anyone struggling with keeping their homes clean.

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