Modern Trends In Climate Control: How HVAC-R Maintenance Can Improve System Efficiency


The more demanding society becomes regarding the level of comfort at home, in the office and at work, the more complex the equipment that provides the perfect microclimate in various types of premises becomes. These are the goals of the HVAC system of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The equipment regulates the temperature and humidity in buildings of any type: from small apartments to huge corporate offices, shopping centers, warehouses, and industrial facilities. People’s comfort and business success depend on its reliability.

Professional maintenance of HVAC-R systems in Utah

Microclimate control at home and at work has long been the norm. After all, such basic indicators as humidity and air temperature affect the quality of life and human performance. To develop a project, install or repair ventilation, heating, or air conditioning systems, contact specialists who have been in the market for a long time.

No matter if it’s winter or summer in Utah, HVAC-R Services is ready to help you 24/7. The Rocky Mountain dispatch service accepts calls around the clock. Because a broken air conditioner in the heat of the day or faulty heating in the cold of the night are breakdowns that need to be addressed immediately. You won’t be left with your problems, because you have specialists who can immediately find the cause of the malfunction and fix it even faster.

Design, installation and replacement of HVAC-R systems

Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems should be taken care of at the construction stage. The type of equipment is chosen according to the needs and characteristics of the premises. Equipment that:

  • consumes a minimum amount of resources;
  • does not harm environmental safety;
  • has intelligent control;
  • guarantees high efficiency.

Modern climate control equipment is designed with these parameters in mind. If your equipment does not meet these requirements, you should plan to modernize or replace it. The costs of these works will pay off over time through increased comfort and reduced costs for gas and electricity.

Professional maintenance of climate systems is profitable

Even the highest quality equipment from the best manufacturers can fail or reach the end of its life. To continue to operate at full capacity, your furnaces, air conditioners, and other HVAC equipment need timely maintenance, and if necessary, repair and modernization.  This will have a positive impact on the following important parameters.

  • Energy efficiency. Old or damaged HVAC-R systems operate less efficiently, resulting in increased resource consumption and high energy bills. Regular repairs and modernization will reduce your bills.
  • Comfort and air quality. Properly functioning equipment provides a comfortable environment with stable temperature, humidity, and clean air.
  • Extended service life. Regular maintenance and upgrades help keep your HVAC-R systems in good condition. They last longer without a complete replacement.
  • Improperly repaired or improperly maintained HVAC equipment often creates emergencies. A gas leak or fire can occur. Turning to professionals will help to avoid this.

Advantages of Rocky Mountain, a leader in the HVAC-R industry

The company employs real specialists who have the appropriate education and are well acquainted with modern models of air conditioners, furnaces, chillers, fan coils, refrigerators, split systems. They have received the necessary approvals and work with certified equipment.

The main advantages of the company:

  • 16 years of experience – the company has a good reputation that it has earned over the years;
  • a wide range of HVAC-R services – scheduled and emergency maintenance of all types of systems is provided;
  • a contract is concluded with each customer, which specifies the scope of work and the cost of services;
  • perfect transparency of pricing – the customer always knows what he is paying for;
  • warranty for all types of work.

Provide your home or business with maximum comfort, efficiency, and convenience at any time of the year. If you need to repair, maintain, or replace your HVAC equipment, contact our specialists today.

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